Boys Will Be Boys

Like a lot of people, my husband and I enjoy watching videos on TikTok. Even if you don’t have the app, chances are you’ve seen some of the videos as they tend to make their way on to Facebook and Instagram. Of course, they’re not all great but there are quite a few that make us laugh. What’s interesting is the trend (for lack of a better word) of men recording their unsuspecting, significant other’s reaction to being swatted on the behind.

They record it and then upload it to the app. The females’ reactions vary…sometimes it’s a gasp, sometimes it’s a giggle, sometimes it’s a grumble, sometimes it’s a lot of yelling and cussing! I honestly don’t know why men feel the need to slap our butts but it seems to be a “thing” with them. I don’t know if it is an American thing or if men everywhere feel compelled to walk up behind you when you least expect it and smack your butt. But I can tell you it’s been a thing long before there was TikTok to put it on display. I kind of chalk it up to the old adage, “Boys will be boys!”

thinkingAll throughout our long relationship, it has not been uncommon for Joey to smack my ass. So, you might be asking yourself, “How the hell does he get away with THAT in a FLR DD relationship? Much less, with the Wicked Queen?!?” Right?

zero days t shirtI can’t say I “love” it but I don’t hate it enough to make an issue out of it. It’s mildly annoying, mostly. I’ve come to pretty much expect it just about anytime I bend over in front of him (anywhere, anytime, around anyone, mind you). It’s usually with his hand and not too hard. I’d say his swats are somewhere between a pat and a smack. For the most part there are two instances when it really chaps my hide though (no pun intended). One of those times is if I am deep in thought or super busy and he startles me when he does it. Then he will get an earful as I turn around swinging! He gets smacked with either my hand, sandal or whatever is in reach at the time. As far as the second instance where I really can’t stand it…this is where the FLR DD aspect enters into the picture…

wife taking belt offAs we’ve stated before, “this thing of ours” has, over time, manifested into sort of a hybrid FLR arrangement. We are, by most people’s assessment, a typical affectionate and playful couple. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you already know that Joey is not only “all guy” but he can be ornery, naughty, and mischievous. And that’s even when he’s behaving! Our family and friends are well aware of what a brat he is so it surprises no one if he has whacked me on the rear and I end up chasing him through the house with my belt or sandal. It’s actually quite comical to hear people chuckle and shake their heads as they tell him, “You’re poking the bear,” or “you like living dangerously.” Little do they know!

I’d venture to state, that the typical spankee does not go from model citizen to prime candidate for a woodshed whuppin’ overnight. Joey usually exhibits a pattern when he is on his way to a spanking. He will sneak up to and then straddle that line for as long as he can get away with it. He will become less and less anticipatory of my needs. He will start to commit little acts of disobedience and rule bending. Then he’ll start to engage in behaviors that let me know he has officially crossed the line from needing an attitude adjustment spanking, to needing a full-fledged “trip to the woodshed” spanking. bent over showing beltOne of those things is when he gets what my mother used to call “mouthy”. And of course…wait for it…you know it’s coming…then he starts swatting my ass just about every chance he gets! Like, he will go out of his way to swat my ass whether I’m bent over or not. Granted, he will try to tell me it was a love tap or that he thought he saw a fly there or some other bit of ridiculousness. He says it with what I know he hopes is a cute smile on his face. When we get to this point I know that if I don’t bring him back in line with a much deserved spanking, his attitude and behavior will continue to spiral downward, eventually becoming unbearable.

woman holding a beltThere was a time, several months ago, that Joey needed a good, hard spanking. I intended to give him a spanking that was more severe than an attitude adjustment spanking, but not quite a woodshed whuppin’. He had been tiptoeing over the line and then back pedaling like crazy. I told him that he had a spanking coming that was for his own good. I told him that me spanking him now would circumvent the path he was on, which was straight to the woodshed. His spanking was to take place the next day but due to circumstances beyond my control, that window of opportunity closed. When Joey figured this out, the smirk on his face left little doubt that he would indeed be earning his trip to the woodshed after all.

The next several days were full of lots of solid and frequent smacks to my backside, usually followed with comments like, “I was just dusting your pants off.” Or worse, “Hey behave.” Not to worry. I didn’t take this lying down. I did administer impromptu swats and lashes with various items, (which may be a future blog post) but he was too far gone for those to have a long-lasting effect. So I knew what needed to happen.

As I think Joey has mentioned in a previous blog post, he has this little piece of flawed logic that he uses. It goes something like, “Well, I’m going to get it anyway so I may as well go down in a blaze of glory.” I’m literally shaking my head as I type this. Are you shaking your head as you read it? It took a few days for another opportunity to present itself for he and I to have some quality alone time. I can assure you; that bravado diminished significantly as soon as he realized, oh yes, this is happening. And then ALL of it went out the window at the very first swat!

So trust me, our marriage is not immune to this male predilection of butt smacking. It’s one thing for him to playfully swat me because…well, I still don’t know why he does it but I allow it, chalking it up to him just being a dude. But it’s quite another when he is being insolent and challenging me. I will punish him for his insolence and meet his challenge EVERY time.

And my happy ending to this story, is that after a good old fashioned butt whuppin’, he doesn’t even THINK about swatting my butt for well over a month.

So, to my spanking ladies out there…I’m genuinely curious…does your significant other smack your behind in passing like on the TikTok videos? Do allow it? Do you like it? Do you hate it? And what about you smack-ers out there? What kind of reaction do YOU get and are there any consequences?

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It really is very difficult for us to resist slapping a beautifully presented , shapely female bottom , especially when it is enhanced by a pair of tight jeans , leggings or yoga pants so , like Joey , I have to plead guilty to that jobs.
Actually my wife quite enjoys it most of the time, unless it occurs when she is in the middle of doing something.
I always make sure that it is a mild , playful slap though…..I’m not crazy!
She knows She will have ample opportunity to get her revenge by catching me with an unexpected WHACK of her own.


Thanks Glenmore! See my Queen? It IS very difficult. 🍑✋ LOL


In Joey’s defense I think its primal.


Thanks Hank!


Yes, I have heard this before too. Reason we like to look at them so much too. Something about the urge for men to “spread their seed” and attractive-looking backsides equal good child-bearing hips in our minds. Explains why we enjoy staring at breasts too. The better they look, the better fed our offspring could be. Think I heard that on Discovery channel or something.


My husband is obsessed; “I am an ass man”. He can probably write a dissertation about how and why. Even after he is on the receiving end of some punishment he goes straight for mine, it’s amusing. No idea why but I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t actually love it 😂


Come on WQ ….admit you love it !


😂😂😂😂😂 i always take it as a compliment or an attempt at payback 🤣😳🤣

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If only you ladies knew how delectible your derrierres look when bending over in tight jeans…….or do You? Hmmm….


It is a universal thing for men to slap women’s butt.
The lady in the clip seems to be experienced in slipper spanking judging by the way she removed her slipper and used it to hit the guy.


Chalk me up as one who is also “guilty” of smacking my wife’s beautiful bottom. She actually posted on Facebook once that it was nice to still be at an age where her husband still liked to “pat” her bottom (though some of my pats are actually a bit firmer!). But her reactions don’t extend to chasing me and spanking me, sadly. She is vanilla, and if it could be classified as such, a submissive vanilla. She understands my need to be spanked, but it’s just not in her. i admit that i am envious of Joey getting chased around and spanked after swatting Your bottom, as well as when he’s gone too far with it and earned a spanking that makes it clear to him that he deserved it.
It’s been said that a submissive needs rules to keep the submissive feeling safe and secure with the boundaries to stay within, while the brat needs rules to see how much they can be pushed before earning punishment, which also lets the brat know that there really IS someone there to tend to them, and later leads to more pushing the boundaries to reinforce that. joey, like me, is clearly a brat, and even when he does not consciously know it, i’m sure he is swatting Your bottom and smirking and otherwise being naughty to not only show in his “boys will be boys” way that he cares for You, but that he needs You to be in charge and tend to him for being a “boy being a boy”. Keep on whupping that brat!


i agree completely that each person is unique with his/Her own combination of elements that are part of domestic discipline, spanking in general, and pretty much anything else in life. It can really make it tough to fit labels sometimes,which the world so often wants us all to fit under. A bit necessary to at least orient people towards what our special combination of traits is as we start out, and then clearer communication to make sure we find the ones that fit right for each other. You and joey clearly were very fortunate to have that communication to confirm that the two of you are a great fit! i can also understand the special feeling each can get when they know that the other is THE one who tends to them how they wish or need. That bond is extremely special.


My wife likes her butt slapped. It’s playful to her. It’s mostly an attitude or getting mouthy that gets me in trouble

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