DD Spanking Update From The Wicked Queen

woman holding a beltHello everyone! On behalf of Joey and myself, we want to apologize for not putting up any new content in over a month. The reason for that is that Joey and I recently sold our house and bought a new one! And with that, we have been very busy with cleaning, packing and moving these past several weeks. But…it is all good! 🙂

Now…onto the MAIN update you all are waiting for…Joey’s trip to the woodshed! So, as you know there is a Reader’s Choice spanking now fully due for Joey. Many of you have voted for the implements for me to tan his hide with and those ARE locked in as shown in the updated blog post, complete with results of the voting.

Initially after the voting was closed and the results were in, I think reality set in for Joey as he quickly turned his course around and stated behaving himself for a spell. But since then, he has gone back off course in a major way and is currently enjoying himself in the in the sea of arrogant, bad boy waters. I am SO looking forward to teaching him a much deserved lesson as soon as I can. His mischief and misconduct WILL be severely addressed. I assure you.

wicked queen moving truck

Unfortunately it will likely be a couple of weeks still as we are finishing our move. If we weren’t doing the video, I would’ve beat his ass already. But I will wait until we have the set up we need to video record it for your viewing pleasure 😉 . However I WILL go on record and say that this is going to be one of the WORST spankings of his life, AND…THE worst spanking we’ll have captured on video to date!

In the meantime, I’m going to take an hour or two this weekend to try and finish one of the many blog posts I’ve started and are just sitting in drafts. That way we can post something until then. And I’ve instructed Joey to do the same.

As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Love and lashes…

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After the stress of moving house , a good spanking session should be a great release for both of you and it’s great that you will be sharing it with us.
One of the things I loved from the last video was the pre , during and post spanking dialogue between the two of you.
Would love to see more of that.
My favourites from you last video were when you seemed to surprise Joey by asking him ‘who is in charge before laying into him with the strap , and telling him that you were ‘not done ‘ as you changed sandals.
You can tell by Joe’s laboured responses that the spanking is really having an effect.
Looking forward to the end result, although I’m sure Josey isn’t!


Hi again a few point of view videos would be great!


Congrats on move. Moving to bigger house or downsizing? My GF just moved in with me, so I can empathize with the stress of moving et al. Good luck on move, and for selfish interest sake, I hope there is a Red Room (Shed in your case) with sound proof walls for future videos!


The suspense is too much! When’s the new wood shed vid coming! I’m assuming Joey has already suffered the spanking.


Given the length of time that has passed I am sure it was a good one. I know I only make it 4 or 5 weeks before I need a reminder.

I love your site. Are you not posting anymore?

Patiently waiting.


Wicked Queen, Do you punish Joey in any other manner, beside spanking him?


My wife broke her strong tennis & potent spanking ARM in a fall. It took six months for her to heal. During that time my punishments from my beautiful “boss”, were for me to write thousands of lines, & stand for many, many hours in my corner. These punishments lasted many days, during which I had to service her daily, but there was ZERO RECIPROCITY! 🙄 Usually after showering, she’d sit on her throne, & sometimes her phone would ring & she’d talk with a friend but then casually, with a smile, snap her fingers and give a slight nod, for me to quickly get to work servicing her! Now lines and corner times follow “ALL SPANKINGS” What’s the longest time that Joey went without you blistering his bottom?


Dad scared me with the belt but never ever really hurt me thanks to corduroy trousers. But at 6 to 8 or 9 years old, my mom would wait til I got out of the shower and using only her hand, she would swat me really hard 2 or 3 times on the backs of my thighs causing me to yelp! Now when my better half spanks me otk with her mean hairbrush, if I break her cardinal rule of not wiggling while she scorches my butt, that hairbrush lands with precision below my bottom’s sweet spot, causing me to scream in extreme pain! I know better than to wiggle during a PS! Hmm life hasn’t changed much since I was 8 or 9 years old! Yah think? 🙄


WQ , when my lady orders me to do a chore quickly, her words usually end with, “Or else!” Do you ever use those words on Joey?


i answered my wife gruffly in a paint store in front the the paint lady! So later At home i received a quickee 50 of the best with her meanest bath brush. Then I had to write on one of the walls, using a 1/2 inch tiny paint brush, the following: I will not embarrass my wonderful wife in public, ever again. A TOTAL 25 times …FROM JUST BELOW THE CEILING TO ABOVE THE BASEBOARD !! The color was an orange red. The other walls were an off white. The worst part is, that those 25 lines have been in that room for over 15 years! Our children chuckle about it when they sleep over, not knowing that my bottom was scorched before writing that! Guests joke about it and call me bad boy.

Roy Wells

My wife’s sister came over from Austria to visit us and my wife caught me openly flirting with her. I didn’t understand most of what they said because they spoke in German, but I think it was about my maintenance spankings which I received each week and my wife enjoyed administering to my bare behind with her leather strap. So since we all were in the living room I was ordered to take down my pants in front of her sister and I was bent over the sofa to receive 10 strokes of the strap with two extra for wiggling out of position. Her sister was given the strap to administer the extras I had earned, and I got to say her sister could really apply that strap with extra force. I screamed after both of the extra lashes blistered my bare skin. Her sister really loved to take that strap off it’s hook and smile at me while holding it.

Roy Wells

Our new wooden paddle (with holes) was just lying there on the sofa and cooling off after its work on my bare behind when my sister-in-law picked it up and held it while giving me a big smile. Next time, next time my dear, she said to me. I wonder what she meant?


More than once I’ve received a text from my queen saying, “I’m on my way home. Go to our room and ASSUME THE POSITION. I’ll explain why when I get there.” On one occasion afterwards we attended a dinner party and she smiled & blew me a kiss as she saw me squirming in pain in my chair at the dinner table.


Punishment spankings are NEVER REWARDED with J giving me her “bedroom privileges “for at least 4 days . Though sometimes she demands that I give tongue service & without me releasing . Her reason is simple : She doesn’t want me misbehaving to get a spanking & end with sex. No rewards for being a bad boy at all. In those 4 days I “quickly “ do whatever she demands . As further punishment for me she wears very sexy sheer robes at home and short dresses that compliment her long beautiful legs. She really e joys my pleading looks and lols Does Joey get hmmm privileges after a woodshed spanking? Disgraziato

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