Spanking Assignments by The Wicked Queen

Well, well, well…

I’ve finally agreed to assign some spankings to certain errant behinds, in need of it!

We’ve both been asked quite often, about if I would spank someone other than Joey…and the answer remains the same. No. But, Joey has talked me into assigning some spankings for those in need of correction.

While I’m not “mean” ordinarily, most of you know that when it is time to address transgressions and mete out discipline, I become very strict and harsh, as I take punishment spankings very seriously…

animated belt spanking

You still SURE you want to subject yourself to one of my punishments?

self spanking with bath brushOK, I won’t ACTUALLY be the one spanking you, (lucky for you), but here are the ways I think it can go down.

Self-spanking – In many cases, you will need to mete out your own spanking. But…I will ask that you do your absolute best to give yourself a real spanking as if ~I~ were the one administering it.

You will submit an inventory of the spanking implements you have on hand, or ones you have access to, and rate how painful they are of 1-5 (more on that below).

Then I will determine which implement to use. If you’ve seen any of our spanking videos, you’ll realize that it will likely be several implements, just as I do when I spank Joey. That’s just how I like to spank.

Spanking machine – Many of you have bought a spanking machine from us. So if you have access to one of those, I would assign an implement and either a number of lashes or amount of time to be spanked.

spanking machine using the lexan cane

spanking machine using the lexan cane

Partner – If you have a capable and experienced partner who is open to spanking you, they can carry out your spanking, as assigned by me.

fm belt and paddle spanking

How it will work…

Those that want or feel they need/deserve this, will buy a “Punishment From Jess” product from me.

After you do, you’ll receive an automated email with a link to a questionnaire form, (created by yours truly), along with initial instructions.

You’ll answer the following questions…

What have you done to earn a spanking?

What spanking implements do you have available to you?

Rate each spanking implement you have, from 1 – 5 (with 1 being the least painful and 5 being the most)

On a scale of 1-5, what is your pain threshold? (with 1 being not a high pain threshold and 5 being Joey-like)

Do you wish to be scolded? (Note: within the punishment citation email).

Do you wish to be humiliated? (Note: within the punishment citation email).

Are you open to corner time?

Are you open to writing lines?

How do you wish to be addressed? (within the punishment citation email).

There may be some additional questions, and you’ll answer them to the best of your ability, and submit the answers to me. I will channel my inner Wicked Queen to personally review your transgression(s), and your answers. After my review of all the information, I will hand down your sentence/punishment in a personalized form aka Punishment Citation, along with instructions on how I suggest you carry out your spanking.

NOTE: Because I am going to personally review, respond, and assign a spanking unique to each case…there are only going to be a small number of these available initially, until I figure out how many of these I can commit to each month. IF I decide to continue doing them at all. This may very well be a one time thing.

RESTRICTIONS: This is not a sexual thing for me. When filling out the “Spanking Assignment Form”, ANY mention, suggestion or request for me to talk about ANYTHING sexual, will immediately guarantee that I won’t provide the spanking assignment. NO WARNINGS. You’re order will be immediately cancelled.

Last but not least…I will not entertain or speak about diapers, diapering, making you wear any specific clothing or undergarments. No judgement from me, but I’m not into it and therefore will not talk about it or include that in the spanking assignment.

My response and spanking assignment will be sent to you via email. The actual “Spanking Assignment will be in PDF format so you can print it out if you like and keep it for reference, a souvenir…or as a reminder of what happens when you’re bad.

So…let the games begin…

f/m paddle spanking progression

Click on this to get your custom Spanking Assignment started: Spanking Assignment by The Wicked Queen

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A very intriguing idea, Jess! Thank You (and to Joey, too!) for coming up with it and offering it. If i order it now, how soon does the self-spanking punishment have to be carried out? As we are starting to get into a very busy time of year, i will have to look at the calendar closely for “alone-time” dates when i can carry out my punishment spanking.Thanks!


I was having dinner with the guys (boys night out) and J had just arrived at our home from her job. She must have checked the mail and texted me. “$400 for one golf club? Without my Ok? This has happened too often!!! Well, tonight your ass is grass and I’m going to be the lawn mower. I guarantee that tonight you’ll also be sleeping on your stomach! Plus you are taking the golf club back for a refund! Hurry home dear!❤️ Long story short…three days later and sitting is still very painful.


We were in Vegas gambling and I lost my limit shooting craps. J won about $200 on the slots, so she gave me $100 to continue gambling but warned me not to use my credit card to gamble any further or ELSE! Well later I confessed that I lost another $500 using “OUR SHARED CARD”! Well long story short, she used her “traveling canes” on my bottom to the tune of 100 strokes leaving many welts up & down my bottom. Does Joey get “VACA” spankings?

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