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So, I recently started a Facebook group. I belong to a few spanking groups and they are pretty good. But I wanted to create a group that encompasses the whole topic of spanking. The only caveat is that the topics have to be about consensual spanking adults. In fact, I named it very similarly…

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It is a private group. For those interested in joining, here’s the link: Consensual Adult Spanking

Even though Joey and I do our DD thing, I wanted to reach more about all the topics of spanking.

Fun spankings, Funishment, Being a Switch, Spanking Games, Safewords, Role Playing with Spanking, Spanking Techniques, Spanking Implements, Maintenance Spankings, Spanking tips and tricks, What else?

I know we’ve written about some of these topics in the past, and we’ll continue to do so, but just thought it would be good to reach more spankers who otherwise might not find or see/visit our site. Plus, when talking about spanking with others, you’re bound to learn new things.

The bulk of content will likely live on our site, but I’ll be posting thoughts and images on my Facebook group as well. Also, those in my FB group will get insider info before others about product/video releases and coupons before anyone else. So, if you’re open to FB groups. Go join my and my growing spanking army!

Love and Lashes…

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New to DD

Wicked Queen,

Thank you kindly for starting the Facebook Group. I look forward to the opportunity of being an active participant.

I suppose I’ve been pretty damn good here recently. My Queen B hasn’t met me betwixt the smokehouse and for almost a month now. I don’t know what to think.


Should I find some way to screw the pooch, or just keep on keeping her pleased? Negative as it might seem, I sure do miss the attention… especially the aftercare.

All the best,

New to DD


LOL, that’s funny. I went through the same thing, where I would let myself slide into being bad to re-up my blistered backside and attitude correction, but the more trips to the woodshed, the less eager I am to misbehave. But yeah, something cool and special about aftercare. A very unique and intimate moment, experienced by only a few. My two bits…keep on keeping on, and let us know how it goes. 😉

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