Spang King – Do YOU Want One?

Hey all! I mentioned in my last post about the shirt Jess was wearing during my last woodshed whuppin’ and how we were working with the company to try and get free shipping. For all us spankos out there, these shirts are right up our alley! The shirt has a play on words for “Spanking” –  it has a logo with a crown and the words “Spang King” under the crown, and then on the back or front of the shirt (depending on which shirt), it asks, “Do YOU Want One?” Kind of a cool subtle hint that we thought was fun.spang king t shirts

We were actually trying to work out a deal with them previously and even placed an ad on our site for them for a very brief time, but there were some details we needed to iron out before we could continue to work with them. But I’m happy to say that we are now being sponsored by Spang King, T Shirt Co.

And if you use the coupon code: FREESHIP-DD – You’ll get FREE SHIPPING within the US on your t-shirt order!

Anyway, we’re working to have their spokes-girl in the picture above, fly out to give a good spanking to all those who purchase a shirt! Ok…obviously I’m just kidding. 😉 And in looking at that paddle she’s holding, I’m not sure you’d want a spanking with that anyway.

I’ve talked with both owners and they are looking to expand their product offering into hats as well as other designs. We’ll keep you posted but until then, Jess wants to know…Do YOU Want One?

fm belt spanking

And I remember specifically telling her NO! LOL


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Madame Francine

Very good idea of yours, personalized shirts, about correction instruments, we made some here in leather and wood, they were very good! Good luck investing there, we are looking for how to make sales of our videos here! Can you help us?

20190603_102811.mp4 - MPC-BE x64 1.5.7.jpg
The Wicked Queen

Well it’s not OUR idea, but a very cool one indeed! Anyway, would be glad to talk/help out with selling videos. I’ll send you an email privately to discuss. 🙂

Roy Wells

I would take anything that spokes-girl gives.

The Wicked Queen

I bet most would. LOL

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