Maintenance Spankings

So most of you probably know what maintenance spankings are. For those of you that don’t. It is simply where the spanker, spanks the spankee periodically (usually weekly), at usually a set day. Normally they are not a full blown punishment spankings, but just enough of a spanking to convey the point of who is in charge and to remind the spankee, why they should continue to behave. Of course there are all sorts of variations to this and again, we maintain the position that, whatever works for each couple, is the way to go. But thought we’d provide this brief description to give the uninitiated a quick insight.

leather spanking implements


Joey and I had been talking about maintenance spankings for a little while now. Actually since the end of last year. In fact, we had all but decided that after his last trip to the woodshed (First Woodshed Whuppin’ of 2021), we’d give it about a month or so (after the effects from the trip to the woodshed started wearing off), and then switch over to doing maintenance spankings about a month or so to test it out.

on her lapThe thought being that when he gets taken to the woodshed for a whoopin’, it is a significant spanking. Usually in the area of 80 to 100 swats or lashes. And those woodshed whuppin’s keep him in check for a month to a month and a half afterward. So the original idea was that, if he were to get 20 “maintenance” swats/spanking every week, then over the course of a normal month, he’d get 4 spankings for an accumulative total of 80 swats. BUT…the 80 swats would be spread out weekly, less severe and with less severe implements, that it would be something that benefited HIM.

But the main sticking point we both kept coming to, was that I would be spanking him for doing “nothing”. I don’t really like the thought of that. I don’t WANT to bring him pain for no reason.

Now I DO like giving him any needed discipline that he’s earned. I DO enjoy spanking the arrogance and attitude out of his backside when he’s been a brat. I DO like feeling justice is being or has been served. But I like all those things WHEN he’s done something (or things) to actually earn the spanking.

When he’s being good, the last thing I think about is giving him a discipline spanking. I don’t like the idea of hurting him for no reason. And after talking about it, he too mentioned that he doesn’t like the possibility of, after a week of being helpful, productive, and not a brat, that he’d get spanked at the end of the week anyway.

Another potential pitfall for us is that oftentimes, when Joey has earned a woodshed whoopin’, he’ll just continue down the road of being bad as he knows he’s going to get it anyway and might as well go out in a “blaze of glory”. So I could see him, knowing that he’s going to get it later in the day, just being a brat because he knows he’s going to get spanked anyway. OR…perhaps he’d act up so he actually felt like he did something to be spanked for? Hmmm…

The other thing that occurred to me was the thought that it could become like a chore. Time to take out the garbage, time to wash the car, time to vacuum the dining room, time to spank my husband. LOL.

So, for US…we’ve decided to not go forward with the maintenance spanking test. We’re going to keep on doing what we do. Eventually he’ll start slipping…In fact, as of this post, he’s already slipping from the last whuppin’, which I am downgrading to just “an attitude adjustment”. So I’ll be taking care of that very soon. And then after that, I’ll probably get the usual month to month and a half of good behavior until, he earns himself an attitude adjustment or another trip to the woodshed like this one.

I think the most important takeaway here however, is that we approached a concept regarding consensual spanking, discussed it at great length, and then both decided we didn’t want to go that route for reasons important to us. And that’s really key for any couple in any type of spanking relationship. Even when doing “fun spankings”, communication and setting expectations will go a long way towards keeping it fun.

Again, we’re not rippin’ on maintenance spankings. We understand that some couples employ and enjoy them for a variety of reasons, and we respect that. We like the position of, “To Each Their Own”.

So…what are YOUR thoughts about Maintenance Spanking? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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Dear Queen

Great that you are raising this subject.
I really wonder what other Ladies may think about this…

You, dear Queen, and me, we had sort of a “privy” mail-exchange a while ago on that very topic when I was considering to introduce maintenance spankings and asked you about your feelings (and as you know I always greatly appreciate your opinion).
In your present script you are fully confirming what you had expressed at the time. I considered your arguments well, and I decided not to introduce “mainties” although I was favoring the idea very much:
The main reason is that Stef’s whole behavior tends to get sluggish when his last correction was administered too long ago. The frustrating thing is that in such times I mostly cannot pinpoint exactly an infraction that would earn him a good slippering or caning. That’s the time where I wished to just fetch the cane to remind him that it is just a grasp away and waiting for him. Maintenance spankings were an option here.
The main reason not to introduce “mainties” was that I did not want to have to introduce a “schedule” like Friday night at 7 p.m. or so that would have locked us in, thus preventing us from planning other things like seeing friends.
So in the end I decided to do infrequent “razzias” in the house when Stef starts to get feisty. He is not the most tidy person, so I always will find messy things in the office at home, open toilet-sets, a sink with beard-stubble and tooth-paste stains, socks or panties lying around somewhere etc. etc. etc.

In fact this IS maintenance spanking, but without a fixed time-frame. I do these “razzias” whenever I feel that Stef’s attidude becomes wanting..

I love thoses “razzias” as much as Stef hates them. No wonder. They always result in a very sore bottom..


I get “reminder spankings!” It’s really a delayed well deserved spanking from a previous party when I drank too much and made a fool of myself and her. At the time She had been too tired to wreck my bottom after the party when we got home. But on the night of the next party, a hair brushing, then a frat paddling, & finally 21 of the best with the cane, reminds me to behave that night or else! Before one such party, she picked up her hairbrush and smiled and said, “Honey it’s party time!”

Karl Lem

Hi Wicked Queen,

I discovered your blog here recently. I could tell our story another time if anyone wants to hear it. But for now, know that I am a spanked husband for context.

I don’t understand why, but when I feel deferential (don’t like the word submissive) to my wife because she has assumed the dominant role, I am very happy.

While I love the idea of being spanked and feeling her authority, like most of us who get spanked, it really does hurt. The moment I am bent over it becomes real, it hurts and I want it to stop. She is learning to spank me harder and harder. She has not come close to my limits yet as she tends to stop because she does not want to really hurt me. That said, I have had some good hard tannings (bruising and light welts).

As for maintenance spankings, I am a proponent. If I knew they were coming every week, I would not get any ideas about misbehaving to get a spanking. Honestly, now that she has grown into the “mistress” role and is expecting to be obeyed I have become obedient. I actually have to try to misbehave to give her a reason to spank me. I don’t like to disappoint her and now my mind is literally trained to serve her. I think though, that she likes to have a reason, similar to your take.

I am a successful business man and alpha out there in the real world (more independent than bossy). So coming home to my strict Goddess is extremely satisfying. We have become closer over the last few months as she has grown into her role.

Well, I guess I just told our story (part of it). The bottom line is, maintenance spanking would maintain order and satisfy my need to feel her authority without provoking it. But if the spanker wants a reason to spank to spank, then carry on without them. If she wants to maintain order and be consistently obeyed then a firm maintenance spanking is suitable.

Karl Lem

Yes I have. Over the years she has been off and on on the whole thing (FLR or whatever you want to call it). Lately more on, but she waivers. She likes being obeyed and she does like to spank – she has said as much, but it is not sexual for her.

Simply put, I gave her some tools that she never would have thought of (spanking, orgasm control/chastity, etc) to gain more control, be served and obeyed and she is no dummy.

We have always had a good relationship and married young 28 years ago. However, we have never been super close with a strong heart connection (i.e. soul mates joined at the hip). But we are happily married and love each other.

So here are some thoughts, would love some feedback:

I feel super close and more in love than ever when my wife is my mistress/queen/goddess. However, for her to maintain that status in my mind she needs to be somewhat consistent with spankings or other methods that are sexually dominant (lets say couple of times a month along with little reminders more often). If she is really on it, I can go into the most pleasant place a man can be and feel really connected to her. Perhaps that is a form of “subspace”, maybe it is a chemical thing (endorphins)? I don’t know, but that is where I want to be, and I feel very in love with her when I feel like she is my queen, wants to be, and enjoys it.

From her perspective, she has said it is a mind fuck for her sometimes. I think she feels like it is weird and that she has to indulge my fetish to fully connect with me. Well, that is true. I don’t really think of it as a fetish and really don’t like that word, I just feel very in love with my wife when she is dominant in a sexual way.

I have done a lot of soul searching over the years on this topic. Is there something wrong with me? Do I have mommy issues? My conclusion is I don’t know why I am the way I am, but I accept it and am done questioning myself. What if in some alternate universe it was normal for the woman to be in charge and spankings, etc. was the norm? It would not be a fetish anymore and men would be better behaved. In fact the world would probably be a better place. So is there really anything wrong or kinky about me? No, it is just that our culture is not that way.

In conclusion, I wrote this because my wife sometimes struggles with it and feels like it is a mind fuck at times. That makes me feel bad because I know I am not a typical man and I want to be a great husband.

If she just let it all go and embraced it fully, we would connect at the next level. But that may never happen, she is who she is, just like I am who I am. Perhaps if she “went all the way”, hindsight might say I should have been careful what I asked for!

Anyhow, thanks for the blog, I enjoy it and I think you give people good information in a sane way that is helpful.


I think it is just a reminder of who is in charge and a small taste of what a real spanking will be like if there is a slip up. It I understand that it may start to feel like a chore to be done. But maybe the reward of ongoing good behavior will make it worth the effort.


Couldn’t agree more, Steve.

That’s just what I also felt: it’s a constant reminder of who is in charge.

The only thing that kept me from introducing “mainties” is the point that you have to introduce a fixed time. You cannot possibly introduce “mainties” to be given at any given time when I feel upset and think it would be great to beat him up…
I just cannot spank my hubby at whim only because I feel like doing so or since I do not like the general development of his overall behavior….
You would have to introduce fixed hours, and that’s the point where “mainties” do not fit into my overall considerations.

I am just too happy if somebody gives a better reasoning here..

Naughty Boy

I think it comes down to personal choice. I correspond with a very strict wife who swears by maintenance sessions.He gets a session every Sunday that is not connected to the punishments. She believes that this is reduced the need for as many punishment sessions. However, he has received an extraordinary number of punishments last year. So I would hate to think what he would get if it weren’t for maintenance sessions.


I agree (and just saw this discussion on maintenance spankings). Despite having a FLR approach for a long time, I just started maintenance spankings during the pandemic. My husband was surprised how soundly I spanked when it was “just a maintenance spanking.” He learned quickly who was in charge and who makes such decisions. I do think it kept him more in line when we spent so much time together, making that time even more special.


Wicked Queen, We have used maintenance spankings on our relationship for many years now. In agreement with the reasons you and others have posted, our 3 reasons for maintenance are similar and are as follows:
1. To reinforce who is in charge and my role as submissive in the relationship.
2. To serve as a constant reminder to me of what lies in store for poor behavior.
3.To act as a catch all for minor infractions which may not have warranted a discipline spanking at the time.

We schedule them randomly by tossing dice at the end of each maintenance session. They have become the backbone of our lifestyle and are long and hard enough to be effective.


I believe there is only one way to use spankings in a DD relationship, and that one way is whatever works for you. What works is whatever partners agree they want. With many people, spankings are wanted or needed regardless of circumstances. When you’re too damn good, no spankings is a problem. Solution: spank for maintenance, and then you can be good and get your spankings too. And for people with poor memories, it can be a reminder of who’s in charge. If the memory is fine, then it’s a display of who’s in charge, which is part of wanting spankings. If the end result (pun intended) is happiness and fulfillment, then why would anyone question the practice?

Now I’m talking about spankings that hurt, not erotic ones. If you don’t like painful spankings, and I mean really don’t need them, then I can relate. I’m just fine without them. To me maintenance is a solution looking for a problem. I learned about spanking growing up, and the idea of it has never changed for me. If my parents had spanked for maintenance, I believe I would have every right to say they weren’t good parents. The whole idea of discipline falls apart for me if some spankings are more severe punishment for failure, and other spankings are less severe punishment for success. That’s a lose-lose for me, and the message has been totally garbled. Painful spanking must not be confused with anything other than punishment. When I get punished, I know I earned it. That’s the only way punishment makes sense. Spanking isn’t just about a burning behind, it’s about the shame of failure, as in misbehavior, irresponsibility, disrespect… where correction is needed. Nothing to correct, no point. When correction isn’t needed, that’s a very good thing, and success is helped along by the threat of a spanking truly not wanted. If I wanted a spanking, I’d just ask for it, which is a kind of maintenance but not for me.

You might ask, why enter into a DD relationship if I truly don’t want to spank or be spanked. I’m not sure of deeper answers, but the idea of spanking is erotic when used for real punishment. To live the idea is fulfilling, to avoid the punishment is the genuine goal.


We are in line with this as well. We do not implement maintenance spankings. Spankings are always in response to a bad attitude or behavior and are administered the day of the incident or sometimes the next day


We started domestic discipline a few weeks ago, my wife as the Head of Household. I love what it’s done for my wife so far. Her confidence and ownership of our relationship has really opened up. She feels so much more confident to let me know things that are bothering her, and her skills at a stern lecture are, shall we say, getting good.

Still, her comfort level with spanking is still a work in progress, and that is why we elected to start with maintenance spankings at least once per week both to get her into a stronger mindset around administering discipline to me, but to also make me physically understand who is in charge in the house. It has been a good thing so far, and I think critical for our beginning, but I expect at some point the maintenance will decrease once spanking is a stronger part of our relationship dynamic.

Before I post this, I just wanted to say thank you for this blog. When I first discovered it, I felt an immediate sense of calm, knowing that I found a process for us that could help keep me accountable both in the household and the business. Our communication had an immediate improvement, and I have a much more clear understanding of her feelings, how she needs help with the kids and the house in general, and I am held accountable for my actions, attitudes, and behaviors. For the first time, I feel like I have real accountability, not just an accountability buddy that asks me questions every day and I can blow off with a moments notice. I have actual, physical consequences, and it feels weird to say that I love it. Certainly a challenging transition, but I am so grateful that we have it now.


Thank you! We both totally agree that both of us are in this for the long haul, so slowly is exactly how we are approaching it. Personally, I’m really glad that it’s going slow. I’d be in for some serious trouble if she embraced this to the nth degree from the get go. Your article: “Can You Spank your Husband Without Feeling Bad?” is actually what got us started down this path. It was incredibly helpful. Happy to be a part of your community here!


Hey Justin, glad you guys found us and it sounds like you guys are already experiencing some awesome benefits regarding communication and accountability. Speaking of which, you hit the nail on the head regarding having “real” accountability. Certainly more effective than a late fee or an accountability buddy. Take care man!


Dear Queen,

I agree with all of the previous posts. However the mere word, “maintenance” defines it.
Maintain, If you have a baseline established, you use that to determine if and when a SPANKING is
needed to bring the behavior back to the baseline. This is like the LAW and the Spirit of the Law.
The LAW would be breaking agreed upon rules. The Spirit of the Law would be anything that is under
a rule, that bothers you. The second thought is if you are in charge, you and only you determine the time
and place and type of spanking that will commence. So its either a reason/no reason, maintenance,
discipline, or punishment spanking that you determine the level to be executed.
Just my two cents. If you truly are spanking out of LOVE and concern to make him a better man, then
hassle or no hassle doesn’t matter, it is your duty to make sure your charge remains in any and all
parameters that you set, and judgement falls quickly.


I agree with your take on maintenance spankings. I think that if you use them, it should be at the start of the relationship to get him educated as to what to expect and give her more experience and confidence administering one. It should be discontinued after each partner learns their respective roles.


Curious about this: When Joey’s bottom is bared for whatever kind of spanking. is sexual arousal on his part observable?


This is an interesting topic. My GF has weekly maintenance sessions and they’ve ebbed and flowed in effectiveness since we began. This is most likely due to fact we don’t live together and there are kids in both houses, thus alone time is minimal. I think the overwhelming consensus from the conversation is right though–whatever works for you as a couple is the right thing.


Instant Pot Cord? Yikes. What my GF generally resorts to is either kneeing my in the groin once or twice when kids are out of the room or earshot, or cupping my groin and squeezing until I wince. Then she makes a comment in my ear…”add 5/10/20 (etc) for this week. I’m disappointed in you.” That usually straightens me out pretty quick. We have discussed this and will be incorporating something she refers to as 2 minute discipline. While we haven’t done it yet (we don’t live with each other yet–that is happening this summer,) I am to go upstairs, go into walk-in closet and prepare for her to come up. While kids are occupied, she will then deliver the discipline where I am to remain quiet and take it.


Tell Joey that I’m sorry I put the thought in your head…:). To be honest, when a woman is standing in front of a man with his balls in her hand, he is definitely paying attention. She owns him at that moment and he is totally at her mercy. He will likely do anything she asks, and if he doesn’t…well she literally has the remedy in her hands and all she needs to do is begin squeezing and build the intensity until he relents. Flip side is being kneed in the balls–it is not expected, but shows who is boss immediately. With that image in back of mind, one might re-think misbehaving outside of formal discipline sessions.


Not disagreeing with it’s effectiveness (or your guy’s right to do so), but no kick or pressure to the pills for me. 🙂




Like you already mentioned it is “each their own”. There is no right way. There are only two rules: “1. It has to work!” and “2. If it does not work out, change it so it does work out!”.
That said i do like the idea of maintenance spanking. For the spankee it often is almost therapeutical. It does not feel like a punishment, but more like an act of love and understanding. Moreover it is a good opportunity to get piled up emotions out of the system.


Hi Chris and that is a good point. Spankings can certainly be therapeutic and provide a good release of emotions. Thanks for your comment!


We tried maintenance spankings several years ago.  They would generally happen on Wed. evening around 8:30 PM. The first one was somewhere around 10 moderate swats with the paddle, I still screwed up later that week and received a full-blown punishment spanking Sat. evening. So, the next maint. spanking happened on the following Wed. she decided to make the swats harder. She gave me somewhere around 12 to 15 full blown swats. I hate to say it, but I was starting to feel some resentment over the maint. spankings. After about 3 weeks we decided against them.


Hey Hank! Thanks for sharing your experience and viewpoint. I can understand how getting spanked hard like that when it wasn’t ~fully~ earned, could cause those feelings of resentment. Nothing to apologize for. I think that is just a normal reaction. 🙂


i am kept as a house husband and servant to my Wife, who has a busy career. We base our relationship on a mutual belief in Female Superiority, and as time passes, we both have come to enjoy the notion that i am really a slave and She is my Owner. We have evolved now into regular maintenance spankings, usually one in the morning before She leaves the house and another in the evening. These are usually just a few quick swats with a wooden spoon or a small wooden ruler (i am kept naked) with no drama other than the requirement that i kiss Her feet and thank Her. Sometimes She doesn’t bother to do it at all, but usually She does, if She has time. It really doesn’t hurt very much, but it has a special power because it reinforces feelings of my inferiority and Her superiority as a Female, and it helps me focus on my duties as a housekeeper. i am punished with a heavy paddle and a cane if i have been disobedient, and that’s an entirely different thing. Punishments leave welts and bruises, so if i have been punished recently,my maintenance spankings actually are quite painful.


We recently moved to a weekly schedule for punishment spankings not maintenance. My wife now keeps a score of offenses and it is 5 strokes per score. We find this to be working well as we were finding it hard to always have the time and privacy to address things immediately. Many weeks there is nothing to address but we keep the time slot open in both our schedules


So far it has only been 10 strokes but my wife uses a cane for all punishment spankings and she does not hold back.


My Wife started having a weekly review of my attitude and performance where she will decide if I get unlocked from chastity. She requires me to be naked and kneeling at her bedside. She seems to almost always come up with reasons to not unlock me and I must put my head to the floor and submit to her decided number of swats. After that she often has me orally serve her. I try to do the chores on her list, but never seem to have enough to counter her demerits. Months go by and my longest is four months kept locked. I just continue to obey her.


Yes consensual. About five months after we were married I failed to get hard for her, she knew I had relieved myself. She sternly ordered me to put on the chastity device I had given her as a gag gift for the Xmas prior. Ever since then she’s been very demanding about me always being locked. That was twenty years ago! I’m lucky if I pass her review and get unlocked in about 2-4 months.

Don Edwards

Hi WQ. Until I read the above I was a proponent of maintenance spankings. You made some interesting points. I would like my partner to read that and make a decision. I think my motivation was to get some kind of reminder on a regular basis, and that I have for the last 30 years been an avid spankee, whenever I could get it. So I am now wondering. I shall wait for Him to read it and then hopefully we can discuss or do a few weeks trial. thanks, Don


I was just surfing for sites like this. This seems to be one of the biggest.


I am very familiar with maintenance spankings. My wife put me on a domestic discipline program starting a few years ago which includes regular maintenance. When I originally got in trouble and she started the program, maintenance was weekly on Saturday. Then after the first few weeks she changed to bi-monthly and soon after to once a month where it stayed for the next 3 years. Now it is “as needed” but no more than 2 months apart. I usually know at least one day before I will get it unlike punishment which is on the spot.
Maintenance starts with a lecture which usually revisits why I deserve discipline and she goes over my rules and any recent minor incidents since the last time. Then, the spanking is given.
I used to feel that maintenance was unfair because I really try hard to avoid any punishment at all. There was a point in time when I had got the nerve to ask if we could stop doing maintenance and my wife surprisingly agreed but I soon found that I was getting more frequent punishments and I was getting frequent warnings about my attitude and shortcomings. This didn’t last long before she started back with the maintenance. I realize now that maintenance does seem to keep me more focused so I try to keep an open mind. So far this year (2022) I’ve kept it at the minimum-every 2 months.

Roy Wells

Dear Mistress WQ, I received the promised test spanking on my freshly shaved rear end and it hurt like the dickens, but I did not cry, I did not plead for no more, and I did not jump out of proper spanking position. I took it like a man. Afterward I even kissed her paddle.
I want to thank you and your site for helping me to accept the discipline I needed to make my life better and happier.

Roy Wells

My maintenance or preventive spankings are now given on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons with my behind totally bare, bent over the bed and Gloria applying 30 strokes of her leather strap. My behavior has improved greatly and if I do get out of line I am immediately taken to the bedroom for a quick refresher of 10 strokes from her strap. She always hugs and kisses me afterward while saying, “I’m sorry I had to do that.”

Roy Wells

When I was in a m-m domestic relationship my partner would build up internal tensions which I was glad to help him relieve and as a result my weekly maintenance spankings were always quick and light. I learned that by helping him I was also helping myself. My situation has changed but my spankings are still light and quick.

Roy Wells

I recently discovered something different than a pants down bare-ass spanking. It’s a bare-foot caning to the bottom of my bare feet. If you don’t think this hurts like blazes, just try it. Having a cane stroke across the bottom of the bare feet is something awesome. The woman applying the cane this way does not have to use too much force and trust me you’ll be screaming just like I was and begging and pleading that I’ll be good. Sorry to mention this guys, but your woman (or man) will hear about it just like mine did.

Roy Wells

We have instituted a new rule into our maintenance spanking routine. If the spanking schedule cannot proceed as agreed due to a fault of mine, either on purpose or by accident, I will receive two sessions to make up for the missed one. She said that this was the only way we could proceed. I disagreed and was promised 10 extra leather strap strokes for my very bad attitude toward my spankings. Either accept, or take punishment instead of regular maintenance type spanking.

Roy Wells

Dear Mistress WQ: My wonderful and beautiful domestic partner Gloria has made a very slight change in our maintenance spanking routine. Now that we have this Wicked Wooden Paddle which you sent (and I loved the note included) we are going to switch from her leather strap to that wooden paddle for my weekly maintenance. I can’t really say which is more effective on my bare rear end, but after 20 strokes, and two extra for each out of position penalty, it all hurts the same to me. Gloria wants me to thank you again for providing that Wicked Wooden Paddle. She is still deciding whether I should be over her knees or bent over the couch. In either case my pants and underwear will be pulled down baring my behind. She is also considering to increase my maintenance to twice a week since my behavior has been so bad and disrespectful especially towards her sister.

Roy Wells

My rear-end is still buzzing and burning from the spanking I received from my sister-in-law using the Wicked Queen wooden paddle. She had asked Hermie (my wife) if she could deliver my first maintenance spanking of the week. I get two maintenances per week now because of my rotten attitude. I just can’t seem to change but that paddle spanking my bare rear is slowly changing me. I know that Margit really enjoys spanking me. She even said so. She paddles very hard and has no set number of strokes she delivers. I really beg her to please stop, please no more, but she continues. Hermie watches the spanking and she holds my head while I’m over Margit’s lap and whispers to hold still, just a little more, until my spanking finally ends. I feel her spanking for several days and am much less likely to act stupidly. To be honest I think her spankings help me, but oh, do they sting.


Neither my wife or I believe in the idea of a maintenance spanking though I get spanked weekly. We both think it’s important to link the spanking to things I did wrong or just didn’t do. I don’t want to get punished just for the sake of being punished and she’s a perfectionist so she finds fault in all aspects of her life including my conduct. There is always something that could have been done better or which shouldn’t have happened at all. If it’s been a particularly good week, the spanking will be for a minor mistake or two and relatively short and not as severe and I might get 5 minutes in the corner. The downside is if she thinks I need major correction, that’s what I get and it involves a lecture, some severe scolding, a long trip over her knee and many swats of her hairbrush, significant corner time and real tears. Usually it’s somewhere in between.


Maintenance spankings can happen several times a month or more than once a week. My wife has canes strategically placed in just about every corner in the house. If I make one too many sarcastic remarks, I very quickly receive 12 of the best on my bare bottom in any room in the house. It’s really a very painful Quickee! Quickees usually happen when I stupidly piss her off, and she is not accurate with the cane and hits my thighs so I have many welts and I must put long pants on til the marks disappear. That can take weeks. Wicked Queen were you ever sooo “POed “‘that you hit spots on Joey that you wish you hadn’t?

New to DD

Wicked Queen/Joey—

Penny for your thoughts…

Are there times when you (i.e., Joey) request to be spanked? Kind of like a pre-emptive strike? You know that you’re been a shit and an ass whuppin’ is coming, but you haven’t made it past the clubhouse turn. Is it fair to ask the Wicked Queen, or in my case, Queen B to spank me in effort(s) to get some of the piss and vinegar out?

A trip to the woodshed, or as we call it, meeting betwixt the smokehouse and the kitchen is never a pleasant experience; at least not for me. In my pea-brain, a pre-emptive half ass beating is a lot less wear and tear on my glutes.

Is my head screwed on straight?

All the best!


Haha, yes! That’s just being smart and thinking moves ahead. I have on occasion asked for a trip to the woodshed, because I know at the rate I’m going, I’m going to go from a “normal” woodshed whuppin’ to one with added implements like the water-soaked cane or even the Wicked Switch. So it’s easy math. Also, it is kinda’ nice to just get it over with, instead of it looming over you. Smart man, and good luck! 🙂

New to DD

It’s the same as a game of chess, but different. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

All the best!

New to DD

Wicked Queen/Joey—

New question for you… not sure if this is in full alignment with “Maintenance Spankings”, but this discussion seemed more relative than others.

Is it common for a wife to discipline her husband on the spot? E.g., husband gets shitty/disrespectful; wife has husband drop britches and administers 10-20 swats.

Queen be carries a hairbrush with her at all times. I’ve had my bare ass busted in the parking lot of HEB on multiple occasions.

Is this normal, or do you guys let it build up prior to heading to the woodshed?

Words of Wisdom… please.

Thanks, and all the best!

New to DD

New to DD

Wicked Queen—

As always, thanks for your words of wisdom.

I realize that the impromptu spankings that I receive are just a precursor of what’s to follow. Nonetheless, these quick “attitude adjustments” administered by my QB do seem to get me back on track in three shakes of a puppy dog’s tail, or in my case, 10 whacks across my bare tail.

All the best!


I believe there should be a mixture between impromptu spankings and punishments, where you have to face the charges, if possible admit that you violated the rules and face the consequences by being informed that are guilty or not guilty. If your are guilty, then the sentence is being handed out. I would suggest that you have to spend some corner-time before being taken to the place where the punishment is being administered.

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