Eye Opening Spanking

leather sandals on pretty feetSo as my Queen mentioned in her update post last week, I was going to get 25 swats with her leather sandal for paying a bill late and getting a late fee. Then 5 swats with her Spencer Paddle for not turning in my ATS. Well she made good on that Saturday morning. She had told me it was coming, and to be honest, while I obviously wasn’t looking forward to it, I was feeling pretty good about being able to take it in stride. I mean I had just gotten almost 60 with the same leather sandal she was going to use, and 30 with the long paddle with holes, not to mention over 50 with her wicked leather belt.

So I was to be afraid of a 30 swat spanking? Please…I’m Joey the great! Cakewalk I thought. Part of what fueled my confidence, were the comments we received regarding how I have an iron butt, butt like an elephant hide, etc. And how well I was able to withstand harsh spankings. Like the Reader’s Choice Spanking I had received a month and a half ago.

So as Saturday morning came, so did the time for my spanking. Jess made ME go get the implements for my own spanking. Nice touch I thought. Akin to one having to go cut and bring back a switch for their own spanking. But let’s not talk about switches [shudders].

Anyway, so when I go into our closet and pick up her leather sandal, and the Spencer Paddle…I DID have that “tinge of fear” thing happening in the pit of my stomach, but it wasn’t as severe like it is, when I’m in for a full on woodshed whuppin’. So I took a breath and brought them out and laid them on the bed. She came out of the master bath area and said, “Ok, let’s take care of you. What should I do first?” It was a question, but it sounded more like she was pondering to herself. But I figured I would rather start off getting it with the sandal, then finish off with the even more sting-y paddle. So I took a chance and calmly said, “Could we start with the sandal to get that 25 over with?” To my relief she simply said, “Sure.” and picked up the little leather menace. Then she said, “Bend over.” and pointed to the end of the bed.

spencer paddle and tan sandals

I figured she probably would just spank me bent over the bend, instead of putting me over her knee like last time. She has told me before, that she likes standing to spank, because she can get more “ooph” on her swats, than when I’m over her knee.

holding leather sandal for spankingSo another deep breath and I dropped my shorts and underwear and bend over the end of the bed, awaiting the first swat. Thinking, ok…it’s only 25 and will be over quickly. Then I she said, “I know $25 isn’t a lot of money for us, but it IS to some people. And to just waste it is disrespectful. You KNOW how I despise late fees. We had a talk about this a long time ago. I guess we need to revisit that discussion.”

And just like that…SMACK that sandal came down on my butt and OMG, the sting of a million wasps came with it! My mind was almost in shock as to how bad it stung, when SMACK the second one landed with equal fury. Without realizing I was doing it, I was moving…significantly, and she called out, “Quit moving!” SMACK! the third landed, again bringing screaming pain. I heard myself crying out, “I’m trying.” My mind was racing as the math was easy to know there were 22 more of these coming. I did my best to hang on and try to get through this, almost crying somewhere around the 10th swat or so, I actually don’t know because I lost count as it was all I could do to try and not get any penalty swats AFTER the spanking. After what seemed like an eternity, the 25 sandal spanking was over.

And my mind was reeling with surprise as to how bad that hurt. And then…the realization that the Spencer Paddle was already in her hand, and knowing that traditionally, that paddle stings worse than the sandal. I was terrified of how bad this was going to be. Part of my brain was like, OK…5 more…FOCUS…only 5 more.

She said, “This is for not turning in your Accountability Task Sheet.” And the first swat made me cry out like I haven’t since the Wicked Strap. I actually started begging, “Please…”, SMACK came swat #2. Again, unknowingly moving, and hearing her state, “If I have to tell you again, to stop moving, we’re going to start over.” And again, hearing my voice in almost a cry, “I’m trying my Queen.”

dd fm paddle spanking

Note: Above stills from a different spanking. We didn’t video record this spanking.

As there were “only” 5 swats to contend with, the count was easier to follow on this one. After the fifth swat, a huge sense of relief came over me as it was finally over. My mind still blown away with how bad that hurt. When she said, “Now…here’s 5 more for your general being bad as of late.” My heart sunk and fear of the pain coming, almost wanted me to tap out. I pleaded, “My Queen…please give me another chance.” To which she just said, “Do you want me to add ANOTHER 10 after this 5?” Just that thought, struck fear in me and I turned to fully bend over again. And sure enough, here they came. After a couple more swats I was crying. Then FINALLY. The last swat landed with the same fury as its predecessors.

pretty foot in sandalI looked over my shoulder and she said softly, “Come here…” and pointed her right foot and sandal out in front of her. I quickly and eagerly got to my knees to kiss her foot (per our normal protocol), when she said sternly, “Wait a minute. Remember when you told me earlier in the week, that your were going to bite my foot? Do you remember that?”

And the flashback of me telling her how I might just latch onto her big toe like a gila monster next time she told me to kiss it, came to mind. I almost felt sick to my stomack. “Get up and bend over.” she said. I was still on my knees and starting begging, “Oh please my Queen, I’m so sorry. I was just joking.” She quickly responded with, “This is one of our intimate little protocols. You don’t joke about that. You’re about to learn that right now.” And then with much more sternness in her voice, she said, “Now get up, and bend over.” Getting up felt like I had sandbags all over me. But I got up, and already partially crying, bent over. SMACK. I cried out and the second one landed SMACK! My knee buckling a little from the pain but I managed to stay in position as best as I could. SMACK. SMACK…and then it was over. “NOW…you may kiss my foot.”

I couldn’t get down there fast enough, and was eagerly kissing her foot and SO grateful that the spanking was over. When I was done kissing both of her feet, she said, “Come take a look at your bottom.” I went into our master bathroom area which has big mirrors above the vanities and could see the sandal prints on my butt in several places, along with as chafe marks from the paddle, along with the appropriate redness the comes with it.

spanked butt
Immediately After Spanking
spanked butt
Next Day Right Side
spanked butt
Next Day Left Side

As I was calming down, again I could not believe how this spanking was more painful than the woodshed whuppin’ I had gotten a month an a half ago? Crazy Right?

I have a couple of theories…

One is that Jess was right about being able to swing harder while standing up, then OTK. I have a new fondness for OTK spanking now. LOL

Two is…you know how sometimes in the morning when you turn on the TV or get in the car and the sound seems super loud? It is just that your ears are much more sensitive to the sound first thing in the morning. I wonder if the nerve ending in my butt are more sensitive first thing in the morning?

All I know, was that this “little” spanking, ended up being quite the ordeal. After reading her last post, I know she mentioned about wanting to take me to the woodshed with my own belt, and with a water soaked cane, next time around. I think she just said “caning”, but around here, all spanking with the cane are with water soaked canes, unless it is the Lexan cane. Of course I am going to try to remain on the right track for as long as possible, as a domestic discipline spanking with those implements, is not something that one wants to encounter.

Anyway, there are no thoughts of being bad, or not being good, or overly teasing, or anything of the sort. As I’ve said before, REAL spankings hurt.

I wished I had set up a camera to record this spanking, but again…I thought it was going to be a quick one, and not much to it. But…leave it to my Queen. Jess easily reminded me that she is a force to be reckoned with, no matter the number of swats she is giving. In the future and if possible, I’ll try to record ANY spanking that I’m getting, in hopes to be able to share it with you all. Although I think I would’ve been a little embarrassed at this last one. 🤔

Has anyone else on the spanking end, ever have a spanking that just seemed to hurt more than normal?

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Don Edwards

Joey, Joey Joey! What can I say? Yes I’ve had a strapping that I just couldn’t believe the intensity. That was a few years ago. Recently I think I’ve blabbed just a bit TOO much about your site, and my partner has dispensed with the warm up spanking and gone right to the paddle and then the belt. Without the warm up it is more painful and intense than I’ve had in 2o years or so. Joey…..Be GOOD!
Cheers, Don

The Wicked Queen

In MY book, that is what a real spanking is…NO WARM UP. Definitely makes a better point! 🙂

Don Edwards

It also makes for a hoarse voice and a very sore rear end for a few days


i read this in a spanking magazine a LONG time ago, and years ago (when my wife did try to spank me at times to fulfill my need to be punished by spanking), I got to experience what the magazine said: If you get spanked good and hard very soon after you have had an orgasm, the pain from the spanking is MUCH more intense than usual. So naughty boys with Spanking Partners might want to keep that in mind if they need as painful a spanking as possible delivered to them!

The Wicked Queen

I did that to Joey a long time ago. But haven’t incorporated it since. Even though we keep punishments and sexual activity separate, there are times when I would like to engage with him post spanking.


Maybe Jess swings harder in the morning if that is possible. My unscientific guess would be your skin is tighter in the morning. Here is what happened to me about a week ago. I was over the bed taking a pretty good paddling and strapping, then she stopped. I thought she was done but sadly for me that was not the case. She went to our closet and bought out the 14” wedge pillow and put on the bed. Going over the pillow raised the pain from the paddle and strap to a whole new level.

The Wicked Queen

Yes, I think we both have come to the determination that in the morning, before a day’s activity, his butt was more sensitive. And yes, getting bent over something where the skin is nice and taut, does amplify the spanking intensity. No doubt.


I think a lot of this is down to what goes on is in your head, rather than physical. I’ve had similar experiences, when I’ve been very naughty and I’m getting the hairbrush and I know it’s going to be hard and hurt like hell, I think your subconscious adjusts and that helps you cope…. Still hurts of course but maybe not as bad you thought. I’ve had times when I’m “just” getting the sandal. If I go in thinking, “this is just a bottom warming, I’ll be fine” it always seems much worse that I thought. Same idea applies if you are getting a set number, you adjust to get to 60 and you do, if you decide 30 is no big deal, you will regret it. I have, lots of times

Look on the bright side, you really felt it, so (1) Queen will be pleased because she got a good reaction, (2) you learnt a better lesson. It’s all for you your own good! R

Don Edwards

I used to do what I called “Spock-ing it) Where I would try and control my responses like Mr. Spock would do and it did work……up to a point. These days I’m too busy yelling and protesting to even try that control.

The Wicked Queen

Yeah, part of it is mentally letting yourself go, and being vocal, but I assure you, there are things in my arsenal that would break down just about any man, even if he didn’t want to.

Don Edwards

Oh my dear WQ I believe you implicitly. There was me, once upon a time that felt that a woman could never take me over the top. I was cocky about it and friends tried many times to get me over a spanker lady’s knee. I consistantly got out of it till one time!! So, after that session and watching your videos I am positively certainly sure that you would have me whaling my guts out and sure to stand for days afterward. Spocking or no Spocking. I just found something that I think I am crazy to give to my partner to add to his arsenal. I shall take a picture and let Joey decide my fate. Cheers Don

Don Edwards

I just had a look at the pictures that are posted above. I just noticed something that I hadn’t seen before. WQ has a death grip on that sandal. That’s either funny or terrifying. Depends on your perspective I guess.

Don Edwards

It’s a little strange around my place these days. Either I’ve been a very good boy, or my partner is just too tired…..until last night.
Being tired I got into bed earlier than usual. We watch War of the Worlds and we were reclining and enjoying. Then my partner got up and placed the spanking chair right in front of the tv. My eyes became huge circles and my heart rate went sky high. Nothing was said. My eyes were fixed on the tv but my mind was fixated on that chair. Nothing special about it, but it’s much lower than usual. It allows me to brace myself with my hands and my rear still pointing skywards.
Program over, into the news and nothing. Then my partner turned off his light and went to sleep. This morning I asked him, “what’s with the spanking chair?”. His reply: ” you were heading for a woodshed whuppin, but I was too tired!’. OMG He’s been looking in at this website. Nothing more this morning, and I’m left with sinking feeling, and searching my memory banks for what I’ve done to deserve this.

The Wicked Queen

I often use subtle and not so subtle cues to let Joey know “he had better right the ship”. Subtle cues, could be clicking the sandal on my foot, or like this…placing something in plain sight, to send a warning. Then he gets what he gets. Not subtle cues are when I come down into the room with a doubled over belt, or other implement, and place it on the coffee table. LOL
Oh, and let your partner know, that it only takes a few minutes to give a real spanking, and it is usually worth taking care of it, before attitude and/or behavior continue on its downward trend.

Don Edwards

HI WQ. I agree that it’s a case of sooner the better. However I’m on pins and needles today because the chair is still as it was in the pix. I dare not move it. BTW I’m being extra nice today…if it helps my case

Don Edwards

HI WQ and Joey; I have a story to share, that happened a long long time ago. It’s kind of long so I’ve broken it down to 3 parts. I’ll post the first part now. I hope this doesn’t breach any restrictions or protocals.

Don Edwards

Yielding to a Domme.
This piece goes back about 35 years ago. When I discovered B/D & DD and more kink I dove right into the deep end. It was the most exciting time in my life. I quickly became aware that I wanted bottom role. I’d confront anyone I thought was capable of giving me a good thrashing. It’s a wonder I survived those times. I would go anywhere with anyone who would give me a wonderful painful time. I don’t know how and why I was never found murdered in some back street ditch. Most guys were into S & M (stand and model). I wanted the real thing.
Then I met Bruce. He was short, sneaker wearing and Australian. I was told he was the  toughest guy with the paddle or strap. I met him, confronted him in his own living room and challenged him to break me. Since there were about 6 of us there, it was done over my jeans, and I easily tolerated it. We began a sort of challenge relationship. He had parties about every 2nd or 3rd weekend. I attended most.
When Bruce saw me I was lead upstairs to his bedroom to meet a new friend of his. That friend would be a new “weapon of ass destruction”. He was an upholsterer and would make these things out of upholstery webbing folded over and clamped to a handle. Those things were effective, and they stung like fire. I would drop my jeans and undies and lay over a padded bench at the end of his bed. My arms and legs would be tied to the legs of the bench, which would render me immobile. He would give me a good whuppin’ and it was difficult to take, but instead of him breaking me, I would roll over taking the bench with me, and my back would end up on the floor and the bench legs would be pointing up and there was no way the whuppin’ could continue. When I wasn’t hollering on each stroke we both were laughing. It was weird that between painful strokes we both would giggle like kids. He never broke me because I wouldn’t let him. Yes, I was cheating.

Don Edwards

Yield/ PT2
One weekend the bar and Bruce’s house were buzzing with activity. I think it was an American long weekend, because I saw guys from Buffalo and Rochester. Again I was summoned upstairs. As I entered the almost dark bedroom, I saw another guy standing. I didn’t know if he was there to suffer the same fate as me or just a witness. I said hello and that was it. As usual I dropped jeans and laid over the bench. I was fastened securely, and I waited. No conversation at all. Then I saw the door open and because I was tied face down I couldn’t see much. Then I saw a pair of black high heels and black slacks coming towards me. I thought “oh Gawd, I never signed up for a woman to paddle me. (after 35 years my memory is very shaky on dialogue so I have filled in hopefully good enough). I began to protest, “Bruce, what’s going on, I really don’t want this. No women!”
I felt more than saw movement on my left. Almost immediately I felt a brutal stroke of a hard wooden paddle. It felt very much different than Bruce’s armament. I cried out, “holy s**t! That hurt!” I felt a breath at my left ear.
“Boy you will be quiet or things will be getting very bad for your rear end”
I ignored her, and tried to turn towards where I thought Bruce was. “C’mon Bruce, knock it off, let me up.” Things were quiet for about 3 seconds. Then I felt the most painful hits of that paddle. I was hollering and there was no laughing in between. The pain was horrible and I struggled to get up. Then I remembered my old trick and I tried to flip myself over. It was then I knew why the other guy was there. They took up position on each side of me, preventing my out clause. I struggled and struggled but I couldn’t extricate myself from the situation. Yelling for help would never have worked, the stereo was very loud downstairs. I think I still trusted Bruce but in that situation I was frightened. Again that whispery female voice in my ear, “ You’re in for quite a ride, young man. I hope you’re up for it.” Like did I have a choice? I cursed my tomfoolery that got me into this situation. I braced for impact so to speak, and somehow I steadied my nerves.

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