An Update & A Thank You

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Hi all, just wanted to give you all an update on the happenings around here. As of today, it has been 46 days since Joey’s last trip to the woodshed, and sure as the sun rises, Joey has started his decent towards another trip to the woodshed. Although, there may be a slight pause, as he recently earned some swats for failing to submit his Accountability Task Sheet, and forgot to pay a bill, and you all know how I feel about late bill payments. Late bill payment = throwing good money away = SPANKING.

So I’ve sentenced him to 25 swats with my leather sandals for the late bill payment – a swat per dollar, and 5 swats with my Spencer paddle for the not following up with his ATS, (even though he had done everything – silly boy). Hmmm, upon further review…5 may be a little light on that sentence, perhaps 10 is more fitting. We’ll see.

At any rate, that will be 30 or 35 HARD swats (it’s the only way I know how to spank ;).  So that’s roughly half of a woodshed whuppin’. One might even call it a maintenance spanking. I’m going to mete out that spanking in the next day or two. So I suspect that the spanking will slow or even correct his trajectory. At least for another week or two. Then I’m all but sure we’ll be well on our way to the woodshed again.

Smooth Sailing For A Little While

Joey was quite the well behaved husband for most of the last 46 days, as one would expect after his last trip to the woodshed. Speaking of which, we had a wonderful amount of support from you our readers, in purchasing our recent spanking video. We do appreciate it very much, and it encourages us to continue sharing “this thing of ours”. So from the bottom of our hearts…THANK YOU!

eBook – How Do I Get A Wife Who Spanks?

Joey is almost done with his eBook about how to find or get your girlfriend or wife to spank you. It still remains our number one question asked, and after reading what he has so far, I believe it will be helpful to many of those who inquire weekly, sometimes daily about how they can find a gf like that, or get their wife to…”do like I do”. 😉

Thank You Emails And Messages

thank youI have received a couple of “thank you” emails through the contact form on our site. I responded to both but one of them came back undeliverable. 🙁  I obviously am not going to give any names, but I’m hopeful that the gentleman that sent us a very nice and insightful thank you message, is reading this and now knows that I didn’t ghost him. 🙂  And you’re very welcome from the both of us. Glad you found our blog and that you’ve found something that works for the both of you. Have communication will travel! We wish both of you the best of luck.

Succinct & Accurate Description of Joey and my relationship

Most of you probably know, that both Joey and I have Quora accounts. We go on there weekly to answer questions regarding consensual spanking, FLR, DD, etc. Anyway, a gentleman named “Donald Jones” responded to one of my answers with…

reader quote

OMG – I just love that. He really hit the nail on the head. Granted, this is very descriptive of OUR relationship, but your relationship could be quite a bit different. It really doesn’t matter as long as it works for the both of you. Thanks again for this Donald!

In closing…I’m thinking that I might take Joey’s own belt to him, next time. Make him take it off, and hand it to me, then bend over for a good old fashion belting! Followed by a good caning. We’re looking to start selling spanking canes in the very near future, so what better way, then to show our readers and watchers, just how good a caning our canes can give? What do you think Joseph?

sitting on the bed holding a belt

Well, that’s it for now! Hope you all have a great rest of your week!

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Roy Wells

Dearest Wicked Queen: I just read your Update article and loved it, and as a devoted spankee I will show it to my sister-in-law who is still in charge of my discipline. Margit has taken your advice and as a result has increased the frequency and intensity of my spankings. They are given to my bare behind while I am bent over the bed with a pillow under me so her target is more properly presented. She will use either a wood paddle, or a leather belt or strap which very quickly bring me to tears and pleading which she always ignores until she is satisfied that the spanking I am receiving has the proper effect. I love her and the strong spankings she delivers, and thanks so much for your spanking advice.

Roy Wells

My maintenance spanking is due today and Margit has decided to follow the advice of Mistress Wicked Queen and use more than just one tool during my discipline to increase the pain of the spanking. She told me that the spanking would happen first using her wooden paddle and directly after she would use the leather strap on my bare behind. Even though this will be a regular maintenance spanking my pain will be increased because of the two different spanking implements. I think she will start my maintenance about 2pm today. I am never sure exactly when or how long my discipline will go since it is all decided by my dear sister-in-law who I love and totally respect. I appreciate her efforts to keep me on track and away from the perils of bad behavior. I know that the spankings I receive are for my own good and to make my life better and happier and I welcome the effort that my dear sister-in-law puts into spanking me. The increased pain of the spanking will be welcomed by me to make me better. I also wish to thank Dear Wicked Queen for her advice to make my spankings more effective.


Dear Queen
I almost feel sorry for good old Joey.
I am sure you are not dishing out spankings without good reason, and I fully agree with Donald Jones’ comment. Could have been my words..

Two things I should like to mention:
I see you used your right-hand sandal – which most right handed people will automatically do.
You may contemplate this tip of mine: All shoes have a slight curve from heel to toe. Using the right-hand sandal, the curve points upwards. If you would spank Joey with a clothes-hanger, you would automatically hold it in the way that it points downwards, knowing that this way it will hurt more.
This also applies to sandals. Being right-handed, I always use the LEFT sandal which then will point dawnwards. It stings more that way. Try it. It makes a difference..
I also noticed that you alternated Joeys cheeks on every stroke. I always deal four blows unto the very same spot before I move to the next. I am a great believer in overlaying strokes. It just hurts more that way.

What do you think about that?



I’ve had both right and left sandals, mostly OTK. The right one has its widest part facing upwards, so when applied to the lower parts of the bottom, you tend to feel it more in the middle. A left sandal applied around the same area will tend to go into the very tops of the legs which stings like crazy when used low down, so left can be worse, but to be honest, both hurt 😥

As for frequency, left…right …left in some ways is easier to manage because you sort of know what’s coming. I get random, 3..4…3..5..3 bursts, left right, up down. It’s not just the concentration but the uncertainty about how many and where next. Not much you can do but bawl and take it.

Not sure I’d want either sandal from Sandy….or WQ😱



Dear Queen

Sorry to answer only now.
We took an off-time and travelled for over a month (which does not mean that Stef had an off-time regarding punishments for misbehaving): I always carry some really whacky sandals and a wooden hairbrush in my luggage.

I have made it a practice that disciplinary spankings are kept up also during holidays. Since I do not want Stef to alarm the entire hotel when he gets a well-deserved dose, I make him press his face into a pillow during the procedings. The smacking-sounds, however, I cannot avoid entierely.
But fair enough: It only happened twice during our holiday that my sandal got some work to do on his bottom; both times after a good dinner with him having had the better part of a bottle of wine and becoming increasingly feisty in his speech. My quizzical looks did not make him stop.
Well; anyway:
I am really at a loss why some men time and again obliviously feel a need to overstep – a fact that I constantly also hear from other women. Stef should know better after all these years as the consequences for him invariably are a very sore bottom.
You really wonder..
Regarding left or right sandal: never mind as long as it stings.
I like Recidavist’s comments; he appears to apreciate from experience what a good whacky sandal can do! His idea of suprisingly changing the intervals of whacks has certain merits, but it would break my routine: I always deliver the 4-series strokes rather hard and at a fast pace – meaning about 2 strokes a second. That does not leave much room for surprise-alterations.

So I rather will keep up my routine of 4 whacks onto the very same spot on each cheek and work my way down to his thighs.
Just as a side-note: I always include his thighs in my punishments, and I make sure they always get their fair share. Genearally I will start at the lower end of his bottom and work my way down to about halfways to the back of the knee.



“patch the potholes in his behavior”. i LOVE that phrase! Very poetic and brings to my mind’s eye the very spot where those potholes are patched with a variety of the belt, sandal, paddle, and more. i’m glad You got over 40 days of relief from any of Joey’s serious bad behavior, Queen, and that You were very well ready to tend to him for his transgressions along the way. i think using his own belt that he has to remove and hand to You, as well as a cane (or variety of sizes of them) will enhance his disciplinary experience conducted by You all the more. And of course i’m sure everybody else including myself will hope to get a chance to see it! As always, thanks for posting the news from The House of the Wicked Queen’s Woodshed!


Just curious if Joey had to sit on his bare bottom on a hard wooden chair to write that post! Ouch! Here’s a tip I learned about having to sit to write punishment lines or an essay after a good long hard spanking. (Sorry, Joey) Get a short outdoor welcome mat of the coarsest texture, set it on the chair, and have him sit his bare bottom down on it until he has finished his writing (or as long as You feel he should sit there). It is excruciating both to sit down initially, to do any amount of squirming, and even to stand up from afterwards! A great reinforcement to the spanking punishment that a naughty boy so richly deserves!

Naughty Boy

I think having to take my own belt off and hand it to a strict lady for a whipping would definitely get my attention. Sure that I would be a very contrite and well punished boy after a serious belt whipping from you. The worst thing is that I know that I would deserve every stroke. The anticipation created by having to provide the implement to be used for my spanking would almost be a punishment in itself. You truly do know how to maintain discipline in your house and it is wonderful that you are sharing your thoughts and techniques with others (especially other lady spankers).

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