Reader’s Choice Spanking Is In The Books

Well, it finally came to pass, and let me tell you with 100% of my being…I am SO glad that it is over and now behind me. Not only was it one of the worst spankings in my entire life. But with it getting postponed that last time when it was so close to happening…that was a bit of a mind fuck. LOL. Especially the next morning when I woke up and knew it would’ve been over with by then. But instead, I got to think about what was in store for me, throughout the ensuing couple of weeks. πŸ˜₯

That said I know I fully deserved it, and that Jess fully deserved to give it to me. I’m also grateful that she holds me accountable in this way.

Additionally, as Jess has mentioned…I have gotten a decent amount of impromptu spankings, but it has been a little while since my last trip to the woodshed for some good old fashion domestic discipline. As I’ve found out over the years, the longer between spankings, the more the spanking stings as your butt hasn’t gotten it in awhile.

And on a final note…Jess really went to town with this spanking. Normally a trip to the woodshed will end up being 70 to 90 swats/lashes. So I was wondering what that distribution was going to look like. I pondered, “Maybe 20 to 30 with her sandal, then probably 30 with her belt, then 20 with the paddle…that would put me around that 70 to 80 swat range. But boy did she have other plans!

59 OTK with her leather thong sandal.

51 with her Italian leather belt

31 with the long paddle with holes

And Yay, a Bonus round…

13 with her smaller wooden paddle with holes.

154 swats/spanks in total! ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR! Here is it four days later and I can still feel the remnants of the spanking, every time I sit or lean against something. LOL

Ok, so let’s get to how it all went down…

Early on in the day, I noticed that Jess was wearing the leather sandals that would be starting off the spanking.

leather thong t-strap sandal top

leather thong t-strap side view

leather thong t-strap sole

As you can see, they are all leather sandals that have a nice thick, dense leather sole. And when she wears them, the leather sole continues to flex and become more pliable which is bad news for any butt that is going to get spanked by them. Not to mention, every time I saw them it was just a reminder of the butt blistering to come.

She was also in a very cheery mood.

<sarcasm>I wonder why?</sarcasm>

Well, it gets close to that time and we start to do the set up. As this is a real discipline spanking, once she starts, she doesn’t want a lot of time to pass in between the spanking swats or spanking implements. Long story short, we set up a “mini-woodshed” in one of our rooms, and set up an overhead camera there to capture the OTK spanking. In an adjacent room, we set up the main woodshed with a make shift spanking bench and backdrop. That way, as soon as she was done blazing my butt with her sandal, I was to immediately go bend over the spanking bench in the other room. After set up, we test phones/cameras (yes, we made sure there was ample space on both phones this time). And then all of the sudden…we were ready. 😳

I had kind of gotten lost in the details of the set up. So when that was done, the reality of the main event hit me like a ton of bricks. And with it, that feeling in the pit of my stomach of my forthcoming spanking.

jess side of bed wearing sandalsShe simply said, “Come with me.” And I followed her into the mini-woodshed. Of course looking down at the sandals on her feet, and knowing one of them was going to be working my butt over very soon.

She sat on the side of the bed in that room (that’s how she likes to do OTK spankings); and told me to take my underwear down so she wouldn’t be waiting to spank me when she was ready. They say people handle nervous situations differently. And apparently, I decided to reply with a “fun” and somewhat defiant statement, and said, “You don’t tell me what to do.” (Of course, while doing what she told me to do.) LOL.

Of course this surprised her and then the Wicked Queen gave a wicked laugh. A laugh that let me know, that Jess had fully channeled her Wicked Queen. A laugh that said, “I’m going to fully enjoy spanking that attitude right out of your behind.” I almost instantly regretted my comment. But it was too late to take back.

Then my Queen addressed me…”Well, it’s no secret that you’ve been ridiculously atrocious. You’re behavior has been terrible. You’ve earned this spanking, haven’t you?” To which I replied, “Yes my Queen.”

jess pointing to sandal on her footThen she continued, “You have. So…you see these sandals? I’ve been wearing these leather sandals all day long, just to make them nice and warm, and pliable for you.” Then she reached down, brought her foot up to the side of the bed, and took the right one off.

She then had the leather sandal in her hand and uttered those fateful words, “Come and assume the position.” As my nerves were a bit rattled, I took a deep breath and did what she told me to. As I bent over her knee, I could feel her other leg wrap around my legs. A very daunting feeling.

Then she emphatically said, “THIS. Is what being bad feels like.” And with that, the sandal started landing HARD, and one swat right after another. After only 5 swats in, the grunts started escaping my mouth, as the sting was harsh and the pain cumulatively growing. I remember thinking, “Oh shit, this hurts SO BAD, and this is just the beginning of the spanking!” I then focused on just holding on to the top of the bed sheet as if somehow, that would help me get through the spanking. It didn’t. Going into this, and like many times before, I had thought that I would count the spanks, but my mind was racing, and the thought of counting was no where to be found. Just the pain associated with being bad. I also remember being surprised with how bad those sandals stung. I mean, I had felt them before, but to be honest, I had never been spanked like this with them. And she was laying it on without mercy.

otk sandal spanking stills

The spanking continued SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – SMACK, each bringing intense sting with it. You can tell that these are dense leather sandals, simply by the sound of the smacks. And I felt every bit of that density. After 59 hard spanks with her sandal. She said quite sternly, “We’re not done. My belt wants a word with you. Go assume the position.” Though labored breath, I quickly and submissively responded, “Yes Mistress.” A throw back to the name I used to call her back when we first started doing the whole spanking thing.

I knew, and my butt sure knew that she was all business right now and in full Wicked Queen mode. So I quickly got to the spanking bench and bent over, with her right behind me, sandal still in her hand.

jess holding leather sandal

She tossed her sandal onto the floor to the right of me, and then used me to balance herself as she slipped off her other sandal. As she did this, she asked, “Do you like being bad?” To which I quickly responded, “No Ma’am.” Then she sternly stated, “You could’ve fooled me. You’re awful good at it.” She had slipped into her “belt whuppin'” sandals and walked to the left of me and said, “This is what happens when you’re bad. THIS. Is what being bad feels like.” Then she took off her belt, doubled it over and said, “Let me make something clear…you lose position, we will start over. Do you understand?” I couldn’t say “Yes Ma’am fast enough.” And repeated it twice, when I heard her say, “Good.” And without further warning, I heard the belt fly and land with a painful SMACK. And the swats kept coming, HARD and one right after another. Again, no thought of counting, only thoughts of OMG, this hurts more than I remember it hurting, and thoughts of staying in position no matter what. I did NOT want any extra swats on top of what was already coming, and I certainly didn’t want to annoy her in any way, shape or form. The belt kept landing and breaking me down. I have no idea how I was not full on bawling, but I was certainly broken down with tears in my eyes and making all kinds of sounds and noises. Grunts, cry outs, groans and whimpers. But I managed to stay in position and take the spanking I had earned.

belt spanking impact

After 26 hard lashes in a row, she walked over to the other and sternly said, “Do you enjoy being bad?” Again, I couldn’t answer her fast enough, “No Ma’am, no ma’am.” She questioned, “Are you sure?” “Yes Ma’am, yes ma’am, I’m so sure. I messed up.” I blathered out. And to which she quickly responded with, “Yes you did.” And the belt started landing from the other side.

belt spanking backhand

Again, the belt was just tearing my backside up and nothing but regret and painful consequences were going through my mind & body as the spanking continued. Her backhand swats are just as wicked as her forehand. Or perhaps a little more, as her tempo on her backhand oftentimes speeds up. After 25 swats with the belt from that side, and I most assuredly sounded like I was on my way to full on crying with the belting stopped, and she said, “Don’t move. We’re not done.” After catching my breath, I got out, “I’m so sorry.” By this time, she was back to the left side of me and slipping into her paddling sandals.

She picked up the long wooden paddle with holes and said, “Stay still. Take the pain that you’ve earned.” Then while admiring the paddle, she continued, “It’s been a long time, since you’ve felt this one. As evident by your behavior.” And then the paddle landed HARD and the sting from what felt like a thousand bees, came along with it. And more groans and cry outs came from me.

paddle spanking action shots

And just like the sandal and the belt before it, the swats came down one right after another. In between one of the swats, she asked, “Who earned this spanking?” And then gave the swat. Of course I responded that I did, repeatedly and with broken voice. And then she said, “Hold still, or we will start over with you over my knee!” The words “Oh God”, escaped my lips at just the thought of starting this spanking over. She kept spanking. After a few more swats with the paddle, she asked, “Who’s in charge.” Again in broken voice, I quickly responded with, “You are, my Queen.” And the paddling continued. Near the end of the paddling, I was saying and repeating, “I’m sorry.” After 31 swats with that long paddle, she put it down and picked up the smaller paddle that we sell on our site, and said, “We’re going to have some fun with this one.

Paddle spanking action shots

“What happens when you’re bad?” she questioned. I responded, “I get spanked.” She replied, “That’s right and laid on five hard swats with that smaller paddle with hole. I was amazed at how bad it hurt. She questioned a few other things and did my best to answer and to show my subservience with promises to be good. Then she gave another 3 hard swats, then said, “Five more. Count’em I wanna’ hear you.” I quickly replied, “Yes Ma’am.”

And the last 5 began. All hard and all hard to count through. At four, my voice was breaking as I said, “Four, thank you.” And she said, “I almost didn’t hear that one.” So I quickly repeated it being careful to say it louder.

After the last swat, she put her hand on the small of my back, and I felt her soft, gentle pat as she said, “You think you can be good?” To which I replied, “Yes Ma’am.” Then she leaned over and in a much softer voice and tone said, “You’re spanking is over.” Oh man, better words could not have been said to me at that moment.

spanking aftermath

She walked over to her chair/throne, and slipped off one of her sandals, and said, “Nose to toes Joseph. Nose to toes.” To which I quickly, obediently and endearingly went over and did. Grateful the spanking was over and once again reminded of the power she has, and the pain she can bring.

Note: The video ends with Jess saying “Nose to toes Joseph. Nose to toes.” There is not footage of me kissing her feet. See what I did there? πŸ˜‰

One of our readers made a great comment that both the Queen and I thought was beautiful…

The original is in the comments. And we want to give full credit to reader: tabanyalar – Thank you again for this comment!

We slightly modified it as follows…

Today the Wicked Queen will awaken and unleash Her wrath. She will end one cycle of submission and initiate a new one.

Her spanking prowess will be unleashed; tears will flow, skin will be marked, submission will be restored, and helpless kisses of true devotion will be presented to Her soles while She looks on.

For Him…The maddening fear of the inescapable will be followed by pain, and pain will lead to submission.

It will be painful, cathartic, and beautiful.



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OMG, my wife does not spank anywhere near as hard, or as often as your Wicked Queen does, but every time it starts, within 5 swats I find myself thinking: “I’ll never get through this, why on earth did I ask her to explore this?! I’m also glad that I do NOT know ahead of time what is coming beforehand.
I’ve sent her to your site but thank goodness she hasn’t taken me up on following the link…..yet Thanks so much for sharing!


Thats what I am afraid of! She has already asked me to download the Task List which we talked about after I visited here last week.

The Wicked Queen

LOL. Joey and I often tell our readers…Be careful what you wish for! πŸ˜‰


Sooo true!!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‰


First, let me say thank you for posting this. I love your dynamic and appreciate how clear it is that you two love and respect each other. I love how clear it is that she’s in charge and how confident she is in her leadership. It’s obvious you have worked on this together. It makes me happy πŸ™‚

The Wicked Queen

Hi Understeve and thank you for your kind words. We really do love and respect each other. It is interesting that an element that started off as our favorite type of foreplay, continued to evolve over the years, till we eventually landed where we’re at now. But you’re right, we have worked on this through lots of communication, trust and love for one another. We had a great relationship to start with, but we both feel we’ve transcended to new height on that love, trust and intimacy. This works well for us.


i was so excited to read about this, and was overjoyed to realise that this blog entry comes with beautiful pictures of the “session”. But i cannot begin to explain how over the moon i was to see that Y/you decided to quote a modified version of a comment i made… Thank Y/you so much for finding my comment “beautiful”… i almost felt like someone who aced a difficult exam πŸ™‚ i must say, though, that what Y/you found “beautiful” was thanks to the inspiration i got from Y/you. So, i must thank Y/you for that. Given the still remaining imbalance between men and Women in our modern societies, there is something strangely liberating and exciting about a grown man being emasculated by a grown Woman in such a way. And Y/you as a couple experience and express this so naturally that it is refreshing and inspiring.

: Jess is so cold and so uncompromising in Her ways that it both amazes and scares me. i cannot help but wonder what goes through your mind as the “moment” approaches. i understand that the spanking does not necessarily begin at a scheduled time of the day, but rather when Jess decides it’s time. And this must be such a psychological experience for you: knowing that it will happen, but not knowing when exactly. Seeing Her sandals, hearing the click of the heels as She walks around, constantly being reminded of the inescapable but not knowing when… And most of all: knowing that once She decides that it is time, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it or change Her mind. The power imbalance between you and Jess is so amazing.

@TheWickedQueen: if i may make some compliments without offending You or Joey: You look great in Your jeans and shirt! i simply love how casual yet superbly elegant this all looks! And from whatever glimpse i could catch from the pictures, Your hair looks very nice (and do i see a slightly sadistic smile in the picture where You point at Your foot?)! i am pretty tired of seeing depictions of Domination/submission where Women wear heavy fetish clothing, as if a Woman needs anything but Her daily attire to be dominant or attractive. Being dominant is not something You can or have to put on You, and then take off when it’s all over. It is a frame of mind which can be brought to fore when a Woman decides to do so, perhaps by something as simple as a slight change in Her tone, or a casual stingy remark. And with You and Joey i guess this power imbalance is always in the air. But i love how You increase the psychological intensity as the moment of pain arrives: wearing those sandals, every click of Your heel is a reminder of what is to happen, and that Your will is absolute. Joey will constantly be reminded of that, there is no escaping for him. It is almost like You put him in a mental waiting room, which becomes smaller and smaller with every second, until it becomes unbearable, so much so that he embraces the pain when the moment comes. i cannot help but imagine how this pervades Y/your life wherever Y/you are. Perhaps at the grocery store, distracted by something he momentarily forgets what is going to happen, then You walk towards an aisle and hearing Your sandals he remembers again. On and off, on and off it goes on, until You decide it is time.

Somewhere in the world, a Woman has taken the reins and is in full control of Her husband. She is uncompromising. Her will is absolute. And She knows how to reduce a grown man to tears, without flinching. She evokes fear, She commands respect and She inspires absolute submission. She is a Queen.

Last edited 1 year ago by tabanyalar
The Wicked Queen

Hello again tabanyalar and thank you for the kind words and compliments. Regarding my attire: Yes, this is a very real part of our lives. And the clothes I wear are what I happened to have on that day. Domestic discipline is just that…very domestic. Regarding me emasculating Joey: I’m not sure that word “works” for me. In our every day lives. I truly love and respect Joey. He can just become a bit of a handful at times with his hubris. And when it gets to a breaking point for me, I (as you so eloquently stated), start a new cycle of submission. But submission for us, is just me reminding him (how Joey so concisely put it), of the power I have, and the pain I can bring. We have a very unique dynamic between us and it is something that we have communicated about and cultivated for years. Kind of hard to explain. πŸ™‚


i am sincerely sorry for referring to Y/your dynamic as “emasculation”, and apologise if i crossed a line there (probably just got carried away in the drift of my mental narrative) πŸ™ and, just in case, it was certainly not my intention to offend You or Joey. i think i exactly understand what You mean by “kind of hard to explain”. The kind of domination/submission dynamics we regularly see seem to be highly fictionalised at times (e.g. commercial pictures and video clips). As someone with no real life experience, my understanding is that the “real life” version of this varies greatly from one relationship to another, depending on the dynamics between two consenting adults. The “commercial” version where one pays a professional master/mistress to get into a domination/submission relationship is a lot more concentrated and condensed, and so has very different dynamics. The “real life” version, that you also have, is unique to each couple and one experience can never be identical to another. However, what, I believe, we as followers of Y/your blog appreciate is the authenticity of what we see. So, once again thank Y/you both for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

The Wicked Queen

Thank you for that, but we weren’t offended. πŸ™‚ And yes, you described it very well! As I’ve said before, you have quite a way with words.


The two of you never cease to amaze me…Joey, you have a butt as tough as elephant hide, I could never take a whipping from my wife like that. I would break down, be groveling at her feet, kissing them and begging for forgiveness. I remember the days when my wife used to use a leather belt and riding crop on my butt and I could not sit down for days…literally. My wife would discipline for the slightest infraction. LOL…unlike you Joey, I learned that when my wife said something, I listened. If she told me my attitude needed to improve, IT DID! Now it took me about 30 years to learn that, but I did.
Jess…you are amazing. I think you are a true disciplinarian. You must enjoy your position in life and you must also enjoy enforcing the rules.
My wife rules and rules with conviction. She took control early in our marriage and has maintained control (53 years worth). I don’t get beatings like what Joey gets, but I can remember them. My 75 year old butt could not take that now. I still get whipped when I get out of line, I still bow down and kiss her feet every day…I love my wife and know what she is capable of…


A domestic discipline relationship is not an arrangement I’ve ever considered. My wife, though having a dominant streak, chooses to have a more conventional marriage. I came across your site and confess to becoming overwhelmed with the description of the discipline meted out and received. Though having no appreciation for the genuine pain inflicted, I still was overcome with the desire to have my wife spank the Man out of me. There are times when I need that correction, that assertion of authority – that statement of dominance that I am being held accountable. The description here of what was given here gave me a feeling I cannot begin to describe, yet know I desperately want it. It is yet another piece in the unveiling of who I really am and gives me a comfort I cannot explain, but accept.


Joey, one word jumped straight into my head on reading this – RESPECT! – to you for being able to take it and both of you for having the most amazing relationship. The closeness and honesty you enjoy come clear through the posts.


I am quite sure this guy spent the next few days standing rather than sitting.


one day i shall meet my own Wicked Queen! Domestic Discipline is essential for harmonious home life – all the best! adrien, 18

The Wicked Queen

We certainly will keep our fingers crossed for you adrien! πŸ™‚


Joey and Jess, I just watched the entire video. I am stunned.

Joey, I could never have been able to maintain any semblance of the composure you were able to during that spanking.

Jess, you are one serious disciplinarian, yet I felt the love you have for Joey come through. Whatever Joey did to earn that, I’m sure it won’t happen for quite some time.

Once again thank you for a peek into your disciplinary lifestyle.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Jack and thank you for your support and your kind words. And you’re right…I love Joey with every being of my body, mind and spirit. I do take his punishments seriously, and once I channel the Wicked Queen in, it is all business for Joey’s backside. And yes, he has been quite helpful and eager to please post spanking. πŸ˜‰


Good morning, Congratulations for the fantastic video. It’s fantastic! The high level of pain that Joey can take is incredible. My wife frequently whips me with a rubber-soled Slipper
that causes me significant bruises. I encourage you to continue recording more videos whipping with the Slipper.

The Wicked Queen

Thank you Ignacio! Yes, it is because of Joey’s high pain threshold, that I have to give a quite severe spanking to him, in order for the lesson to remain for a bit. And…I don’t suppose you could send a picture of that rubber-soled slipper you get spanked with? Perhaps I can find its equivalent over here, and give it a test. πŸ™‚


Good morning, I am from Spain, I have tried to buy the video but it is not possible because I do not have the option to enter my country. I would appreciate information on how I could buy. Thanks.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Ignacio and thanks again for trying to buy our video. I had just responded to you via the email you sent us. And shortly thereafter Joey came in and I shared it with him as well. He jumped online and made a change to the shopping cart so Spain should now show up. He said you might have to refresh your cache, but Spain should now be an option. Please check that out and let me know if that doesn’t work for you. We’ll figure it out. πŸ™‚


I have got it. Thank you very much


Well, to start off, i have to say i just earned a whoopin’ of my own for a lot of very bad words yelled out when i was almost done typing my post and then hit some combination of key strokes that lost it all. GRRR! So i will try to resurrect my thoughts again. Today i downloaded and watched and listened to this wonderful new video that i have been waiting to experience for so long. Well worth the wait!
First, i would like to tell you, Joey, how good a writer you are and how well you described not only what i watched and listened to, but your thoughts and feelings before and during your whoopin’. i enjoyed your post very, very much!
Second, i was mesmerized by how Dominant Jess was in the video. From the first thing She said, to the chuckle that told me She was all the more ready for this, and through the actual punishment she gave you, She was so very much a No Nonsense Woman, not angry and yelling and wild as some Spankers, but in control, determined, and very much the Lady In Charge as She should be. As i have said before, joey, you are a very lucky boy!
That being said, i believe She was a bit gracious to you regarding Her instruction about not moving or else it starting all over. i did see some movement there, Joey! Understandable due to what you were getting. But that made me think that maybe the next video (since punishments tend to intensify when they have to happen again), that maybe She WILL stop and return you to the starting point and begin again. THAT would be all the more heart-pounding to watch as i (and i’m sure everybody else) lives vicariously through you as you take your punishment from Her.
i do appreciate the slow-motion portion of the video. But it also made me think of something perhaps you can also try. She already straps at a quick rate, but if that portion was in fast motion, it would really convey all the more the “sting of a thousand bees” effect of the punishment She gave you with Her belt. Just a thought.
Finally, though i do not have a foot fetish myself, Jess does really have exquisitely beautiful feet! And i loved the phrase “Nose to the toes” that She used to command you. Thanks for adding that to the video, too, Joey. The sight of Jess punishing You, the sound of Her voice as She did, and the view of Her feet made for a wonderful video. Thank you! i’m already looking forward to Jess and your next production!

The Wicked Queen

Wow, that was quite the review and recommendation. Thank you very much from the bottom of both of our hearts! I fully believe to spank HARD…but…always in control. As hard as I’m spanking, unwanted and unwarranted damage can occur. I’m glad you noticed that. I am also glad that it comes across as me not being angry with him, as I’m not. BUT…I am very intent on meting out the punishment he’s earned, and spanking that poor attitude and arrogance right out of his butt.

Joey has played with showing swats or lashes in fast motion, but we both agreed it looked a little comical. And as you well know, there is nothing comical about a real spanking. And yes, someone else pointed out about me straying from the Punishment Spanking rules I came up with a long time ago. I may have to revisit that. But in re-watching this, and knowing how hard I was spanking, the moving wasn’t excessive. But…I WILL be calling him on raising his foot during a spanking next time.

Lastly, thank you for the kind compliments regarding my feet. That was Joey’s idea. His thought was as we currently don’t intend to show him actually kissing my feet, he thought that since the last command I gave was “Nose to toes…”, that he’s give the readers a view of my feet and toes. πŸ™‚


i agree with the potential comic aspect of fast-motion (and You definitely would not want to do it with rag-time music, that’s for sure). It would have to be the right speed and situation, i know. It’s probably why it’s hardly ever used in spanking videos unless somebody really does want to make some sort of comedy. And there’s no doubt that the spankings You and Joey conduct are very, very serious. As they definitely should be. Hmmm… i wonder if Joey is still have a lot of trouble sitting down today…

Roy Wells

I’ve just finished with my Sunday afternoon maintenance spanking which I received from Gloria using her tawse on my bare behind. It’s like receiving two strokes for every one. This was supposed to be just a maintenance spanking but it hurts like I was given a punishment. She put me across her lap with my partner George looking on approvingly. I thought at first it would be easier being spanked by a woman, but was I wrong. The twin tails of that tawse really did a proper job on my bare behind and I shudder to think how much more it would hurt if swung by a strong man. I hope George doesn’t read this and get any ideas for my future spankings.

The Wicked Queen

Is Gloria a friend or do you pay for her to spank you?

Roy Wells

Gloria was originally just a friend of George’s and she still lives with a female partner. They met for drinks quite often and he described our DD arrangement and invited her over to meet me. She very much wanted to try spankings and that’s how we got started. I have since bought her many gifts and twice given her money to buy spanking implements. That leather strap was one of the items she bought and tried out on my bare behind. She is a tall woman and could really swing the strap. She kept swinging that strap until I was crying and blubbering and then picked me up and held me tightly saying, “there, there, it’s over now.” I think I am in love with her, but I can’t let George know.

The Wicked Queen

Subjecting yourself to someone, to accept a real spanking like that is a very trusting gesture. It sounds like Gloria realizes that as well. While I’m “all business” when it comes to giving Joey the discipline he’s earned, afterwards, the softness in my tone and disposition come over me, as I want to reassure him that his punishment is over, and that I still love him. It is quite an intimate moment between us. Not providing any suggestion or direction as it pertains to you and your situation, just saying I completely understand.

Roy Wells

My partner George got a wrestling offer from Dubai (I’m not sure where that is) which would keep him over-seas for 6 months at least but would earn him many buckets full of money. I agreed that he should go because I really would like to try living with Gloria and feeling her strap sting my rear. I went over to her place and found out that her partner had left over a dispute with spanking. Since she has a rental there was no problem with her coming over to live with me, even George thought it was a good idea before he left. We made up an agreement for a spanking relationship which relied on maintenance spankings given to me frequently. She hugged me very tightly, kissed me, and then said, “let’s try one out so you know how they will feel in the future.” I got undressed and went into our bedroom to receive a demonstration whipping. I was crying my eyes out when she finally stopped and kissed me again.

Naughty Boy

Miss Anderson,
I just saw a clip from that spanking. I thought at first “I could handing that sandal and the belt (although I would be suffering and making pathetic noises)” Then I you grabbed the first paddle and I knew that I would never want to earn that. By the second paddle I know I would be past the point of begging and pleading and I know I would be a very good boy.
I would need something like that, but I sure as hell would not wish for it. You really know how to put a naughty boy in his place.

The Wicked Queen

Hey Naughty Boy and thanks for the comment. Yes, the paddles are great spanking implements. And like you said…Joey DOES need something like this, but he sure as hell does not wish for it. And he wants it to end, soon after it begins. The sign of a REAL spanking. πŸ™‚

Naughty Boy

Yes Ma’am it looked like what you call a REAL spanking. Sometimes we need a wake up call that we really will regret. As much as I probably need that I would hate to have to get a paddling from you. I can see why Joey only needs it infrequently.
Thank you for your wonderful blog. I am sure it has inspired more than one couple to adopt your techniques.

Don Edwards

To THE WICKED QUEEN and Joey. I finally worked up the courage to watch the video of Joey’s latest trip to the woodshed. I congratulate you Joey for having the courage to face your daunting lady and to Jess for bringing the energy and commitment to keep her man in line. You two have done much to enlighten me on my road trip to complete M/m. It’s sometimes difficult to get my head around the new reality and of course I’m always slipping up, knowing full well what will happen on Maintenance Wednesday or sooner if my partner deems. Cheers, Don

The Wicked Queen

Hi Don and thank you for your support and the kind words. You’re very welcome. It took Joey a bit of convincing for me to agree to allow sharing “this thing of ours”, but ultimately I’m glad he did, as we’ve heard from many people who have found incorporating it into their lives, helpful. Glad to hear it’s working for you and your partner. πŸ™‚

Don Edwards

HI WQ and Joey. It seems I just can’t stay out of trouble. We just had our van in for body work which cost about $4000. and my partner paid for. 3 days later when I was driving, I cut a right turn and grazed the curb. He said I did and I said I didn’t this went on for 5 minutes, with a friend in the van with us. When we got home, indeed there were scrapes on the tire and rim. What I didn’t notice right away was the scratches in the new paint job. When I showed it to him, he did a slow burn. I’m more than a little nervous of Maintenance Wednesdays this week


The sandals you wear along with your wicked stick will pretty mean are they a good spanking sandal

The Wicked Queen

Hi Frank and thanks for your comment. I’m a little unclear as to what you’re asking, but I’m going to answer as best I can. So, the sandals I put on when I started spanking him with the paddle (wicked stick?), are Birk style sandals. Those are not really good sandals to spank with as they are too light. But the sandals that I wore at the first part of the spanking, and then took one off to spank him with, are a nice leather sandal, that has some good weight and density to them. Those sandals are a good spanking sandal. πŸ™‚


That sandal is pretty much identical to the one I got my first spanking with and many, many more since then. The leather is hard but has just enough flex, you get the sting and redness without the marks a paddle leaves (that came later in this case, poor husband 😒) . If you prefer to just spank OTK and not swap implements, which how I usually get it, a few minutes with one of those and you will feel it when you sit down for several days and have a contrite, thoroughly well disciplined husband.

I must say I’m dead impressed at the sincerity with which you use all the implements but the sandal in particular. You do see all sorts, some pretty harsh pulverizing – I’ve never seen the point of that in a loving relationship where positive correction is the goal – and some pretty inconsequential taps, and I can’t see the point in that at all, but I wouldn’t diss someone else’s perspective. If that’s DD in their head, then fine. But what Jess does, now that’s Proper DD, not excessive, you’d get over it, but no husband in their right mind would neglect their chores or manners with that as a consequence. That’s the point of DD I guess. An exemplary whacking, thanks for sharing . R

The Wicked Queen

Yes, that sandals is very capable of giving a good hard spanking, for the exact reasons you mentioned…hard, flexible with a good density to it. You can tell by the way the SMACK sounds when it is connecting, that it is delivering a good sting. Thank you for the compliment about using the implements and how I spank. I’ve been spanking Joey for a long time and know/understand where I need to get him, for it to be an effective spanking for him. I LOVE this man, and am just out to deliver a very real, and good spanking. Not looking to go over the top. Appreciate the comments. πŸ™‚


Again, why the uneven number of seats, etc? Was there corner time afterwards?

The Wicked Queen

The numbers don’t really mean much. When I give Joey a domestic discipline spanking, I am out to teach him a lesson and/or curb it attitude. I’ll oftentimes have an idea of what I’m going to use and how many times with each, but many times, I go with what I feel is necessary to achieve the goal. This is after many years of spanking him, and knowing how far I need the discipline to go, in order for it to have some staying power. And no, I don’t utilize corner time. For me, the spanking is the punishment in and of itself. Once it is over, the punishment is over. But to each there own. I have heard from many that incorporate corner time post spanking. Whatever works for the couple is the “right” way for the couple.


totally love the sandal otk spanking, just wish i could get that

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