Worst Spanking of My Life

Note from Jess: Initially I had tasked Joey with writing this blog post. But in retrospect, I wanted to chime in as well, as there were some specific thoughts I had during this trip to the woodshed that I wanted to share. So…I’ll let Joey start, and I’ll jump in where I see fit. Joey […]

My Maintenance Spanking

Did I just say maintenance spanking? I did…but…it might not technically be considered a maintenance spanking as per how most defiine it. But we’ve landed on an approach that works for us. And as we always say…Whatever works for the couple, is the “right” way for that couple. 🙂 As you may recall, my beautiful […]

A Regrettable Response

This is part of the B.V. (Before Video) posts – Which are blog posts or writings of accounts that happened years ago, but never were finished and published to our blog. It was also before we started taking pictures of the after effects of these punishment spankings. So the pictures within this post, will be […]