A Spanking App

So the other day, Joey showed me an app he came across, which I immediately dubbed a “Spanking App”. Actually it was likely not created for spankings but I wanted to share it with you all, as it can be quite handy for those spankers, and spankees.

app to count spanksThe app is called Clap Counter. I think he said there were two or three similar apps, but that he thought this was the best one. Clap counter? How about swat or spank counter! Yes! I love it.

However, now that we have been trying to video record any of Joey’s trips to “the woodshed”, to potentially share with you all. We can now easily “go to the tape”, and simply count the swats/lashes in the video. Before that, I remember several times after I had given him a good spanking, that we both wondered how many he actually received.

As I’ve mentioned, when I give him a domestic discipline spanking, I am usually going for something just beyond his spanking limits. Over the years I’ve learned that spanking him too little, or ending the spanking too early, results in a return to bad, all too quickly. But I also don’t want to beat him into “oblivion”. I just know he needs to learn a “real” lesson.

So over the years, I’ve learned to find that “breaking point”, and take him just past that to provide that real discipline that he needs. As you all have read, and some have seen in our woodshed whupping spanking videos, it is still a good number of swats/lashes. And while I do on occasion count numbers of swats, I also often don’t, and am just spanking to the point I mentioned above. More relying on his reaction and of course the condition of his backside. But it would’ve still been nice to know the number of swats on some earlier spankings.

Woman paddling manAs Joey has mentioned a time or two before…for HIM, counting during a real spanking is hard to do. Especially as the spanking is well underway, and I’m questioning him, looking for specific answers. He has mentioned that his mind is racing and that he is just focusing on maintaining position so as to not break the punishment spanking rules, and earn himself more swats after the main spanking is over.

Early on, there were many times that I would assign Joey an exact number of swats, and then during the spanking, be like…How many was that? Joey’s favorite thing to hear I’m sure, because it would then be followed with, “Guess I’ll just have to start over.” He was in a tough position there because #1) As stated before, it can be hard to count when getting a real spanking. #2) If he gave a number too high, and I KNEW it, or even thought it, that would be cause for more whuppin’! 😈 #3) If he gave a number too low, then he’d be getting more than the original number assigned. Poor Joseph…Ha…poor Joseph nothing. HE was the one that got himself into the position of needing a spanking, so…ya’ get whatcha’ get.

f/m punishment strappingI tested this out of course with clapping, then I even took my sandal off and swatted Joey’s butt a handful of times, and from my brief experience, it worked like a charm. It looks like there are various settings on it, to fine tune it in. But I just used it with the default settings. Anyway it looks like it could be a useful and/or fun app for those into “this thing of ours”.

Initially I thought we wouldn’t use this app, because as I mentioned, we now have video to fall back on. But also because the two cameras we shoot with, are on our smartphones. But…I just got to thinking that we have a few older smartphones that we could install this on, to just test it. And then check the count against the actual count on the video. Then we can provide a follow up to this.

OOOoo, and I JUST had an idea come to me. Don’t know if this will work or not, but after talking about the settings, I wonder if you could set the level so that the swat had to be above a certain sound level to register. You could play around with settings, and tell the spankee that only swats that register above that level and actually get counted by the app…count towards the total number of swats. Oh, my Wickedness sometimes seeps out, even when I’m not spanking Joey. Sorry honey, but you’re the one that brought this to ME. 😘

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That’s a very interesting idea, to have a Spank Counter like that. i personally have seldom felt that bringing in numbers of spanks to a spanking is worthwhile. However, there are certainly times it IS good, such as a birthday spanking, or when The Spanker wants the spankee to count and dread the number as it builds up, making them think maybe it’s only going to stop at (insert number here) but then it goes past and the spankee hopes well, maybe only to (insert higher number here) and so on. In case a Spanker really does want to apply a certain number and does not want either of them to count, this tool would be very helpful! But i think You really hit on something at the end there, when You thought of how the app might be adjusted to only register spanks of a certain decibel level. That would really make for an interesting spanking for both You and Joey, i think. Also, i wonder if the counter would mistake Joey’s cries of “OW!” as a spank and therefore count much higher than You actually applied. Looking forward to reading down the line when You have had some tests with the counter as You spank him!


Looking forward to hearing what You find out about that and everything else that You try with that Spanking App!

Don Edwards

Oh, Jess, if I’m correct then that’s twice you mentioned that the poor lad (Joey) consented to “this thing of ours” I wonder how many times the lad has regretted that commitment


…and thus y’all represent the ideal we all we all dream of and aspire toward.

Don Edwards

I believe you are 100% correct. It is something that I know for sure as well. Getting my partner to step up once more and keep me in line has proven difficult. When I have resorted to my old habits of challenging him and being over bearing, it’s just accepted. I absolutely HATE the idea of me having to prompt him. I should be in mortal fear of being ordered upstairs and get ready. (big sigh!)


Haha, yeah no regrets for asking for and having this element in our relationship, but when those swats/lashes are landing, I REGRET doing whatever misdeed or poor attitude that got me a spanking.

Alex Glass

I saw some video from a game show years ago where contestants were in a room alone doing various challenges. One challenge was administering a self spanking. You’re competing with other people even though you can’t seem them. If the swat wasn’t loud enough it didn’t count.


Geez so much I’d had no idea about, but thank you SO much for the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G96iVuDWCD0 reference and entertaining enjoyment locating it.


Enough with giving her any more ideas! LOL

Naughty Boy

It would be interesting to do two things with this app: the first is to calibrate it to see how hard a spank needs to be to register. And different implements probably will register at different levels even though the worst of them might be quieter. I’m sure a paddle would be very very loud compared to a cane.

The second thing that would be fun is to see how well it can count from a video. I think it would be cool to know after the fact how many spanks someone got in a video.

One thing I know for sure is that the spanking I deserve is not the spanking I want. And I know that a lady like you would deliver the spanking I deserve.

Don Edwards

Hi NB….That last comment is exactly how I feel. I know for sure that I deserve the walloping that I never seem to get. My partner is too warm hearted. If I got what I deserve, I wouldn’t be sitting for a few days and I wouldn’t be very happy!

Naughty Boy

What we need is not often what we want. I know the punishment I deserve is something I would not want at all.


I can certainly relate to that. I love that Jess was and is open to holding me accountable in this way. But when it is time to go to the woodshed; it is NOT something I look forward to. But I know how I am, and how I can be. And I know that afterwards, I’ll feel much more calm and balanced. But as you stated, even though I know I deserve it, it is a tough thing to submit to the harshness of a punishment spanking.

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everett wolf

i find that the more embarrassing the spanking gets, the better i try to obey and behave.

Don Edwards

The last time I got an embarrassing spanking, I was sulky and non-communicative for hours. I suppose that should have prompted a return to the bedroom and be held over my partner’s knee for some post spanking…..spanking!

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