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Over the years I’ve frequented a handful of personal interest sites, and remember seeing many of them, start selling their “merch”. And I even bought some of their merchandise as a way to support them, and just because they had some pretty cool stuff. But to be honest, there were others where the logos or designs on the merchandise were…how shall I say…not great? 🙁 So a few months ago when Joey suggested doing a custom logo/design for “WQ”, I wanted to be pretty involved as well; I mean it is MY moniker after all. And…even though at the time, I wasn’t even thinking about selling merchandise, I knew that for whatever we were going to use that for, I wanted it to be pretty damn cool. So after a bit of back and forth, (Joey will laugh because ~I~ became the total perfectionist on this design, and wanted it to be just “right”). So, I kicked back MANY good ideas and concepts, until we both ended up with something we really LOVE.

I think it came out pretty B.A. personally, but I know I might be a bit biased. 🙂 Anyway, a few weeks ago, Joey, out of the blue, asked me what I thought about creating an Instagram account. 🤔 I have and use Instagram, but just for personal use. But I thought, sure, we have a Tumblr, YouTube, and Facebook, why not Instagram. Although truth be told, we/I are not very active AT ALL on YouTube or Facebook. Just not enough hours in the day. But I’m pretty familiar with Insta and so I figured I could come up with some posts to reach other people “in need”.

dd fm paddle spanking

Upon doing so, I came across a profile of a person selling merch with just a basic logo, and I thought…Hey! I’ve got a really cool logo, I’nna’ sell some merch too! 🤗

So after talking to my “computer guy” (Joey), we got to work on it. I didn’t even have to click my sandal or tap my belt, he was like…”Ok, we just need to vet out some companies, because we don’t have the bandwidth to do that ourselves. To which I totally agree. We’re both spread pretty thin these days. But…this is all a very long story to say…

We now have our own merchandise!

We still plan to continue making videos as the “need” arises, and I know we’ve talked about wanting to expand our spanking implements offerings, but I thought it would be cool to do our own line of branded stuff too. Don’t know where this will go, but anything we make from selling stuff, does help us continue to manage and add content to the site, as well as hosting costs.

Here’s what our first offerings are…

WQ Coffee Mug

WQ Spanking Log Book

WQ mousepad

Stay Calm & Accept Your Punishment Puzzle

A Cool WQ Coffee Mug (I just love how that came out). A Handy Spiral Bound Spanking Log (although I guess you could use it for just about anything). A WQ Mousepad (because surfing with the Queen is cool, as well as an honor ;). And last but not least, A 500 piece “Stay Calm and Accept Your Punish” puzzle which is not only awesome looking, it should also be quite challenging due to the color scheme we came up with for it.

Are there any items that you’d like to see us offer as well? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to accommodate the request!

As always…Thanks again for all your support!

~Jess aka The Wicked Queen (and Joey)

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Don Edwards

HI Guys. It’s just an awesome layout and grreat first bunch of items. I laughed out loud when I saw the puzzle. My partner is a HUGE jigsaw puzzle fan and it will be the first itme I order. I just wish the darned exchange rate wasn’t so poor. Cheers, Don P.S. Any chance of Tee shirts anytime soon??


The puzzle is breathtaking. How much time would you give somebody to finish the puzzle? 15 minutes?


15 minutes would be too short. 45 minutes?


Realistically, it should take fours hours. What would happen if he takes more time?


i absolutely LOVE the logo! Great job! i was wondering if You will be offering the T-shirt in a woman’s cut, as i would like to get one that way for my Wife and suggest to Her that She could wear it whenever She felt it was time to punish me. Here’s hoping!


Forgot to mention that i also hope You will offer that cool logo laser-cut into the back of a thick wooden hairbrush or paddle that i could order for it to be used on my bare bottom!

Don Edwards

HI WQ. I forgot to ask in the last email, Will you be able to ship to Canada?
Thanks, Don


We recently spent two weeks in Florida and I was experimenting with my new IPhone , It is capable of close up shots from 100 ft away. So I tested it on some lovely ladies sun bathing around the pool. Sooo they were laying on their stomachs & topless and I inadvertently took photos of their exposed boobs.L my lovely wife , “inadvertently” used my phone to make a phone call and inadvertently caught a glimpse of the pics of the ladies boobs. She was livid and had me erase them.. “People will think you are a pervert!” So “inadvertently “ I’m now sitting on a throbbing butt as I post this.! Her traveling bath brush stays permanently in her suitcase. Disgraziato (Hmm has Joey ever been spanked while you guys were vacationing?)

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