Happy Spanking New Year 2023

wife spanking husband with a beltHopefully you had as wonderful a Christmas and New Years as Joey and I did. As I’m sure it is with many of you, the end of the year is always a crazy busy time. But coming through that, we’re getting back “into the swing of things”. 😉

Highlights of 2022 for us…

We posted our first tutorial video for the Excel Spanking Calculator that Joey created a while back and posted another video to our YouTube Channel where I show my Wicked Italian leather belt. BTW – Thank you all for the kind words on both!

We also finally got do and record the Readers’ Choice spanking video. Our highest viewed and purchased video to date.

Joey finished and released his eBook – How to Get Your GF or Wife to Spank You. Still very proud of his work here, and enjoyed adding my “two bits” here and there throughout the book.

We also started our Instagram page, and our line of merch! That was pretty fun and exciting for me especially, as I really fell in love with my new logo.

And the most surprising thing that happened in 2022 for us as it pertains to the blog…

We reached over 1 million page views! WOW! Thank you all so much for visiting us, and supporting us along the way. We really appreciate you all.

OVER 1,000,000 Page Views

So that’s just a quick and high level review of what happened in 2022.

2023 Goals for us regarding This Thing of Ours…

We look to up the number of blog posts we do. We also are going to start a video series of “How to Spank”. Where I will walk you through a variety of tips, tricks and demonstrations of how I spank. They are going to be very informational, and will basically be spanking lessons if you dare to share with your spanker. 😈 Many who have started down this FLR or DD (or whatever variant they have decided upon), have asked for some direction and or instruction on spanking, and so we are starting to work on that now.

We also have had many requests for OTK spankings, and slipper spankings. While I’m not a big fan of either, in appreciation for your readership, we decided to incorporate that into Joey’s next trip to the woodshed.

otk sandal spanking stills
Stills from The Readers’ Choice Spanking

I’m actually putting approximate numbers on this spanking. 100 OTK swats with my slippers. I have 4 pairs of slippers that are capable of giving somewhat of a spanking, so I’m going to give 25 swats with each. Joey actually laughed when I told him about it, and when I asked what was so funny, he replied, “If you think those slippers are going to hurt me, you’re crazy.” So…challenge accepted Joseph! Needless to say, I WILL be swinging for the fences with those slippers! But just in case, those DON’T get my message across, I’m going to immediately follow that up with a good belting. Either my belt or his, but it is going to be a good one. And then…going to finish with this paddle. Why not start off 2023 with a BANG yes?

We had closed this paddle out, but I still like to use it, AND we got more requests for them. So…we’re bringing them back. At least temporarily. They should be available on our site soon – Spanking Paddle with Holes.

Now granted,it is possible that the slipper spanking will provide a “warm up” for Joey, which I don’t like to do for a punishment spanking, but with the addition of the other two implements, I assure you that a lesson will be learned by the time I am done. This will probably be the last OTK spanking we do for a while, but again, wanted to give something to our OTK fans.

We are also looking to expand our spanking implement offering. The Wicked Switch has been highly requested, but as I’ve mentioned to some, they are not easy to make. Lots of little nuances with them to get them just right. That said, we are for sure, going to try one more small run, later this year.

the wicked spanking switch

But probably just 4 to 6 more. And then I’m not sure when we’ll (ok Joey), will make them again. So…if you’re wanting one…keep checking back with us, and if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter, as we’ll drop the news on there immediately after listing them for sale. For the record, we don’t send out a lot of newsletters/announcements. I think we sent out maybe 3 or 4 for the entire year of 2022. So fret not, we won’t bombard your inbox. 😉

woodshed with strapJoey’s trips to the woodshed – I need to, and plan on being more consistent with Joey’s trips to the woodshed. Because we started video recording these for your viewing pleasure, there has been more time than I’ve ever allowed before I give him the punishment spanking he deserves. Usually, it would only be a day or two, maybe a week tops! But now there are a bit more logistics to work out with recording them. Consequently he’s gotten longer reprieves.

This can be a little frustrating for me, because he doesn’t get “re-calibrated” right away and can still be a quite the brat. Where normally I would just take care of his backside and his attitude. In 2022 I handled some of that with more impromptu spankings, but I’ve decided that for 2023…if he has earned and needs a trip to the woodshed, then if we can record it great, if not…he’s getting it on MY timeline. Sorry Joey, back to consistency in 2023.

I think that’s all I have for right now. Oh, as Joey mentioned at the front of his blog post – Not Following Directions. We have over 40 drafts of blogs, where we started a post, but for whatever reason, never finished and published it. So…we’re both going to be looking to clear that out. I think we’re going to mention at the front of those posts, that this account or incident was “B.V.” (Before Video). But it’ll be good to get that content out there for you all to read.

So…Any resolutions for you in 2023?

For me…consistency in spanking Joey soon after he needs it.

For Joey…he said he wants to drop a few pounds and get back “in shape”.

Hmmm…Perhaps I can help? 😈😉

woman trainer spanking man on treadmill with jump ropes.
Spanking Art by Jay Em


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Good morning Reina, I can’t wait to see the announced videos of beating with your slippers. That is the only implement my wife uses to punish me. And all the slippers she has have solid rubber soles that cause intense pain and leave marks for several days.
Many thanks for sharing this wonderful Blog.


i would love to see more strap spanking content in the woodshed. Primarily the razor OR wicked strap etc.


Could you please post photos of your Slippers?
Thank you!!!!

Don Edwards

Hi WQ and Joey: I must admit that I am a huge fan of OTK. Not sure why, but when I’m dangling it makes me feel like the bad little boy that lives within me. However I know that the belt or strap can only be properly applied when the subject is prone on bed or whatever and the belting gets done with a good wind up and will likely be “swinging for the fences!”


Perhaps it’s time to acquire an actual “woodshed” so that Joey’s whippings can be done in a more-timely fashion for You. If installing a Tuff Shed type thing is not a possibility for Your property, perhaps it would be worth the rental of a mini-storage unit. Then You can have it set up specifically for Joey to take his place over a spanking horse upon entry, as well as have lights and tripods set in place so You just have to add the phones or cameras that You use to video-record his punishments. You’d still have to time the sessions for when other units around it are not being worked with by their renters, but that most often would not be a problem, i believe. A drawback might be Your and Joey’s “nose to Toes” ritual after his punishment, of course. i suggest all this just because i know it takes a lot of prep time for You and Joey to set up to video his punishments, and a nearby place for him to drive You to (imagine the build-up of anticipation he will have doing THAT!) would make woodshed whuppings a bit more spontaneous.


i suppose it depends on where the storage unit would be. In my area, there are so many on site that it’s rare for us to go to ours and see anybody close to ours. So if You got one as far away from the office and any other often-occupied area You might find that there’s nobody close enough to hear anything at all when You two were in Your unit. Of course, Murphy’s Law is always a possibility for people to show up. And it’s a good point about just how much soundproofing Your own shed might have to be. You’d definitely need it if You have neighbors close enough to hear the punishment going on inside that shed when You escort Joey out there to belt his bottom!


I’m wondering if we’ll ever be lucky enough to see The Wicked Queen holding a bullwhip, perhaps with a pair of leather whipping sandals on her attractive feet?


Can’t wait to see more of The Wicked Whip, it will be very exciting to see you with a lash in your hand. Have you given any thought to what sandals you might wear when you lash with it?


I once received two punishment spankings two days in a row. I pushed the envelope by doing several things that I surely knew that she really hated! I was thinking that she would give me a pass considering my butt was already well bruised. Silly me. She realized I was testing her and said so. So after 100 swats with 3 implements she said aloud after each stroke, “You asked for this and honey you are certainly going to get it.” It hurt so badly that I couldn’t even cry. I was babbling threw my many tears! Did Joey ever test you very soon after a punishment spanking?

Happy Spanker

My wife and I are into a little spanking, mainly me looking for an excuse to spank my wife because I love doing it. She’s not so keen but will accept a spanking if she’s broken one of our list of rules. She is however getting good at not getting caught. She never gets more than six either with a large leather paddle or for serious offence the cane which she hates. I deliver 6 really hard swats of the paddle which brings her close to tears. With the cane I also give hard strokes, but hold back a little bit to avoid being too cruel.

Now she has begun to spank me if I break certain rules like, hands down pants or leaving keys in our new car on the drive for example. I take 8 strokes of a wooden paddle which is quite effective. She tried the cane on me recently but couldn’t hurt me, I think she is worried about being too cruel.

So I am wondering how to take it forward. I need a deterrent, on the next level up from the paddle. Will my wife get better at the cane or should I look at getting a wooden paddles with hole in. What do you think?

Happy Spanker

Thanks for your reply. Our cane is a straight senior dragon cane 10mm so should be worse, I think you may be right she knows how it hurts and subconsciously she is not wielding it to its full potential. She is going to practice on a pillow of a sofa arm. So in the meantime I may take your advice and increase the paddle strokes. Also looking at getting a paddle with holes in

Happy surfer

I thought I might share an update with you. Whilst my wife hasn’t got the hang of the cane for some reason, she has been reading your advice and now knows that the way forward is increasing the strokes and showing no mercy

Recently on holiday, I made the grave mistake of leaving the hotel room safe unlocked on day two of our holiday. With all off our money at stake not to mention, our passports and my Rolex watch, i had to agree this was a serious offence. My wife said i would face a punishment when we returned home. I was expecting by the time we got home, in two weeks, she would have forget about it. I was so wrong. Two days after arriving home i was told i would be going over the wooden stool in the garage. I received 9 swats with a flat oak paddle, followed by 9 with a drilled oak paddle. My wife has lost the worry of being too cruel, and seems to take great pleasure in ensuring i pay the price.

Initially i felt quite thrilled with the thought of a spanking, however after dropping my pants and underwear, and after about 4 really hard swats in, I was really struggling. My ass was on fire, and by the end of it, it was a real struggle for me to stay in position. I don’t think i will be making the same mistake any time soon.

I now know that my wife will be looking for any excuse to get that paddle out again, shes loving it….

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