Pick A Wall

f/m domestic discipline coupleAnd we’re back! Hope you didn’t miss us too badly. 😉 So, as I mentioned in my previous post, Joey and I just recently moved and that was really more time consuming than we both had remembered it being. Been 10+ years since we last moved and boy, did we acquire some things over that period of time! Anyway, we left off where you all knew Joey had earned himself a trip to the woodshed, and thanks to the readers who voted in the “Spanking Implements – Reader’s Choice” blog post, we knew what Joey would be getting it with. Or…we THOUGHT we knew.

Joey knew that most of my sandals and belts were packed. He also knew that my implements of ass destruction were packed. He also knew with absolute certainty that we were going to record and post his next whuppin’. So, Joey being Joey, was feeling pretty safe and therefore emboldened. To say he began acting up would be an understatement. After having enough of it the other day, I went to spank him but he quickly threw it in reverse and reminded me that we had planned to record the next one. Just for good measure, he reminded me that the implements needed for administering and recording the spanking we had promised out readers were in various boxes and/or places.

Damn. That worked once. The next time…I’m sorry but I just couldn’t let his attitude adjustment wait ANY LONGER. And it went down like this…

After we got the keys to our new place, but before we had the movers move in all of our stuff, Joey and I went the our new house to measure some walls for furniture placement. At the time, I really wasn’t planning on giving him a whoopin’, but once he started smartin’ off and acting like a brat, I just couldn’t take it any more. I’m sure some of you can relate!

sitting on the bed holding a belt“Give me your belt,” I simply stated. He turned to me with an “uh oh” look on his face and then started with the, “But we have to do the Reader’s Choice…” “GIVE. ME. YOUR. BELT.” I interrupted through slightly clenched teeth. He knows that making me angry before a spanking has never ended well for him and so he somewhat reluctantly unbuckled his belt, slid it out of the belt loops on his shorts, and handed it to me. He was looking pretty contrite at this time but I wasn’t buying it.

I told him, “Take off your shorts and underwear, and put them on the banister. You won’t be needed them for the next little bit.” He had a worried look on his face because he knew what was coming. Well, to SOME degree he did.

We were in the foyer of the house and off to the side was where his office was going to be. “Come with me,” I calmly stated with his belt now doubled over in my hand as I walked into his office. Once we were both inside, I stated, “Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to take a tour of our new home and I’m going to give you reminders of who is in charge in every single room. I’m going to tell you to pick a wall, and you are to immediately find a wall, bend over in front of it, and put your hands on the wall. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he softly responded. All of his arrogance and bravado were no where to be found.

I continued, “So…in your office…you may be the big boss man, but I want you to remember to keep your bossy “work mode” ways within these 4 walls and certainly not directed at me. Pick a wall.”

fm belt spankingI saw him swallow as he walked over to the center of one wall and bend over, putting his hands on the wall as I had instructed.


I lit into him hard. His knees were slightly buckling from the very first swat and I continued to give him 5 more for a total of 10 swats with the belt.

“Come on,” I calmly commanded as I walked out of the office across the foyer and into the dining room.

“In here, we will have family and friends over, fun, food and merriment. But I want you to remember to not get too “macho” in this room. Pick a wall.” He dropped his head a bit as he walked over to a wall and assumed the position. I think it was now dawning on him that this was a good sized house with lots of rooms for these discussions. And, we were only just getting started.

SMACK x 10 – This time from the other side – you know me. 😉

“Let’s go,” I stated as I quickly walked into the kitchen.

“In here, I lovingly prepare meals for my husband. And, if I remember correctly, my husband sometimes likes to try to be funny by making smart-ass comments about me getting back in the kitchen. Pick a wall.” He walked over to the breakfast nook, just off the kitchen and again bent over with his hands on the wall. His butt was already starting to show the wear and tear of 20 hard lashes with a leather belt.

fm belt spankingWell, add 10 more to that…SMACK x 10

“Next room,” I said and quickly walked into the family room. “Pick a wall.”

SMACK x 10 – with an edge swat in there that had him crying out and his knees buckling a bit.

“Follow me,” I stated, enjoying the tour of our new home. Next stop on our tour, the exercise room.

“Pick a wall.” I stated.

SMACK x 10

I was getting less talkative about it and just wanted to keep spanking but thought I’d finish what I had started with the tour idea.

Unfortunately for him, there were still…

4 bedrooms to go. And yes, I followed suit in each one.

f/m belt whoopin'When I was done, I handed him his belt back and told him to go get his shorts and underwear and put them on. I also instructed him to then meet me in the family room where we would pick back up on measuring areas in the house. And can I just say, he was so very attentive and helpful during that process. 😉

Sorry for having to use older pics above, but as this was a very spur of the moment spanking, we obviously didn’t video record which we’ll sometimes take stills from. But I did take a post spanking picture a few days later so we could share with our readers.

As you could see, Joey moved around a bit during this spanking and so he got a little more wrap around on that right side. A fitting punishment me thinks!

This happened a few weeks ago and while he’s still being pretty well behaved, I’m sure his need of another whuppin’ is not TOO far off in the distance. And this time, it will likely be the Reader’s Choice spanking, recorded for your spanking viewing pleasure. 😉

Thanks for all the kind words, messages, comments and emails. You all are the best and we both appreciate you.

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Awesome! I’m in an FLR. She has had it with me disobeying – not being on time and not sharing when I should. Punishment is usually kneeling, hands behind back and holding a penny against the wall with my nose.

She thinks a spanking would turn me on. A real spanking would not and i think it would be very effective.

What do You think?


There is no hanky panky for me after a punishment spanking for several days. But one time after a spanking, I decided to write a two page letter enumerating all the faux pas I had committed & therefore deserved the blistered bottom I received. I addressed each negative action and spelled out how I would not do them again. I wrote this letter on a clip board as I was standing for one hour in the corner, while my butt throbbed in pain! So at supper I gave her the letter to read. Long story short. I got lucky later that night. 🙄


Great idea Jessica….now that’s what I call a housewarming !

Chris Githens

Do your sandals make his bare bottom nice and red?

John Oliver

As with everyone, love your site and the videos. I am meeting a new master/dom tonight and he has promised me a severe spanking with the belt. I’m nervous because i’ve never gotten a belting. What can i expect, what would be a “normal” length for this spanking?
Thanks for your time.


Hey John, thanks for the compliment! My Queen asked that I respond to this directly as ~I’m~ the one on the receiving end of “the belt”. haha. Unfortunately there isn’t really an easy answer to this as there are so many variables. What kind of spanking (funishment vs punishment), what kind, size, thickness and weight of the belt, and how hard the master or dom is swinging it. Also placement of the lashes comes into play.

Since this is a new master/dom and since you’ve never received a belting before. We both highly recommend good communication beforehand and also recommend using a safeword as you figure out your pain tolerances and thresholds. Safety should always come first. If your new master or dom is experienced, they will likely already guide you through this. If they are not…please be careful. Any impact play or discipline given by inexperienced spankers, can cause damage.

After you get “the belt” a time or two, you’ll start to dial in on what your expectations and desires are. As you’ve seen, Jess will take her Italian leather belt to me HARD, right off the bat. A woodshed whuppin’ for me is usually around 80+ swats. Without a warmup, many would not be able to take half of that. And on the other side of that coin, many (or maybe a few), could take much more. The important thing is to define what you want/need to fulfill the spanking desire you have.

Hope this helps my friend and good luck with your spanking. A good belting can have you sitting tenderly for days to come! 🙂


Pick a wall was brilliant! I can see why you are in charge.


Yikes! I bet Joey was thinking “damn–should have downsized” during that whuppin’.


Some spankings are more memorable than others, this one may be one of the more memorable one. Love your blog.

david k

hi, im david…dana spechts naughty boy.. since leda no longer exists, you guys and dana specht and maybe 2 or3 others are the only ones putting out GREAT, REAL , hard and serious cp stuff… i love the domestic and would love to see you guys doing otk paddlings,..using hairbrushes, paddles, wooden spoons,..


Darn! i didn’t get here fast enough to make the joke about a proper housewarming, though that IS what went through my mind as i read Your post. And once again, i felt so envious that joey has You to tend to him this way! i could just imagine the apprehension building in him as You and he went from room to room, knowing that he was in for it in each room and calculating how many rooms were in the house. Even had he NOT been bratty, i think it would have been a wonderful idea for You and he to do to celebrate the new house and “break it in”. Just think, joey, it could have been worse. She COULD have made You pick a wall, take your whupping, and then hammer a nail in that wall (and in each room successive room) to hang a belt so that it was always on display to be taken down and used any time you earned a punishment, no matter in what room you misbehaved! Great job, Wicked Queen, to tend to joey as You did!

James in Fort Worth

Hi Wicked Queen & Joey
I have finally talked my wife into spanking me on a regular basis. Used to be “funishments” here and there, but I wanted to amp it up a bit. I foolishly showed her this website lol. A switch flipped. Now she is against it having any sexual connotations. She knows I get aroused before she starts but if she spanked hard, that would go away. But still, I would be ready for sex 5 minutes after. We have now agreed that I will have to relieve myself before the spanking if I want one. I will have to be totally naked, and she will be using 2 of the 4 following items. The Vermont country store bathbrush, a thick leather work belt, a 16 inch very thick leather prison strap, or the Jokari paddle. Minimum 50 with each of two items. No warm ups. She also, at her discretion, can add more with additional implements if she feel She wants to give me more. No sex that same day either with her or self serve. If I even ask or she catches me, we will re-do the spanking all over again. We have never had an FLR but this change in her attitude came when I showed her the clips of you punishing Joey. I told her this is kind of what I’d like. She also read the part that said no sex. She just looked at me and said “Sure, why not, but remember, this is what you want…but then she reeled off the conditions. I was in shock and whole hardheartedly agreed. I thought my prayers had been answered. Now I am thinking about it…I want to thank and curse you both at the same time. I think I will be brought to tears for the first time (and probably every time there after). 1st one is this coming Saturday. Isn’t Joeys readers choice coming up soon? She wants to see that one too.

Taiki Phillips

I really enjoyed reading (most) of it, I felt almost a certain amount of humor in the asking for it part and found myself chuckling. Thank you for sharing, really fantastic.

Michael A Johnson

Never had a real spanking but so excited by the thought of a leather belt spanking


Dear Wicked Queen. I notice that you do enjoy spanking Joey very hard. Of course it is to be expected that you enjoy the knowledge that his behaviour will immediately improve greatly. I believe that you enjoy laying it on very hard, because you also derive pleasure from doing that. The severity on the receiving end ensures that Joey will feel only pain, never pleasure. I have no understanding of masochism; but I suspect that Joey might have some degree of masochistic tendency. I admire your strength and the high standard of discipline which you maintain. I would dread for you to be my Queen. I feel that you are excessively severe, and possibly unnecessarily severe. I think that you could get the behaviour which you desire with a little less severity. Do you think that you could get the same degree of pleasure from spanking him just a little less harshly?


The measure of severity is so critical in DD, and apparently it is working very well in your relationship. What works for any one person really does vary a lot. In my youth, at home everyone was treated equally, and that was also true for punishment. A spanking seemed to not have the same effect on all. It worked differently for each of us. It depends on several factors like how you handle pain, where your threshold is, how many times you’ve endured corporal punishment in the past, and the impact this particular method of punishment has on a person emotionally and psychologically. Some are tough and resilient, some are relatively fragile.

In a DD relationship, the focus and consideration is such that punishment should be measured to the needs of the one being disciplined. It can involve masochism, which is a factor that changes the entire nature of the experience. I’m not much of a masochist, and for me there are three conditions that must be met.

1. The threat of a spanking must induce fear. I’m not talking about fear for safety, but if one is not afraid of being punished then, in and of itself, it is not much of a threat, deterrent or motivation.
2. A spanking must demonstrate who is in control, and whatever the disciplinarian decides regarding severity must be accepted.
3. Punishment spanking must bring about a sense of humility. 

Ideally, the least amount of severity needed to meet these conditions should be administered. Use the smallest dose of medicine that cures the illness or keeps things healthy. If only a very strong dose is the cure, then that is the measure given. The same spanking could be too little for one person, and too much for another. Part of building a DD relationship is finding what works for the individual.


Hi Brett
I couldn’t agree more with your statements that “the threat of a spanking must induce fear”, and that “it must bring about a sense of humility”.
To me, it is the very sense of a good spanking that it leaves just this sort of a lasting impression.
It certainly holds true for our now over 30 years’ marraige.
Over the years I made sure that the mere indication of a probable spanking makes my husband Stefan feel a cold shudder down his spine. Steff sometimes forgets his generally very good manners when he has had a drink too many on a party. When I demonstratively start tuggig my right earlobe, then he knows that he has crossed a line.
Initially I had ideas about counting the number of strokes against the degree of severity of his infractions, but this started to make things academic to a degree that I would have had to apply formulas and Excel-tables. So I got down to the simple solution that any infraction means a good thrashing. No fancy counting of strokes, just a good thrashing to tears.
And that does not mean that all strokes must be extremely hard, but it means that the strokes are delivered rapid-fire. I would assume that in about two seconds I will land about three strokes.
A good thrashing to me means a series of about 7 – 8 strokes in a row to get him yelling and in tears, then I will pause shortly – lightly tapping his ass with the cane to indicate that there is more to come – before continuing with the next round.
A normal thrashing will last 3 rounds, but Stef knows very well that I will go up to 5 or 6 rounds, depending on how upset he made me before.

The buttocks are about the least sensible parts of the human body for spanking – though agreeably it hurts. I see to it that Stef gets about 2/3 of his strokes on the thighs. The strokes on the buttocks make him moan, those on the thighs make him yell.
I always send Stef to strip and to fetch the cane for his spanking.
All of this is intended to induce fear.

After the spanking I make Stef kneel naked in the corner, hands clasped over his head so he cannot knead the welts for relieve.


Thank you for sharing this information, Sandy. An effective disciplinarian must possess your level of will and determination, and that is a hard relationship to find. Reading what you have to say, I don’t doubt for a second that, in your home, the fear of a punishment spanking is real and highly motivational. Arrogance, or feeling somehow above any responsibility to respect a wife’s position on things, is surely crushed under your humbling discipline. The sense I get is that you will administer a very good rapid-fire spanking that absolutely will be respected, but that it will not be abusive. I believe a punishment that strips all adult status, leaves no ambiguity about who is in charge, and forces yelling and crying with abandon, will instill the sense of humility I was referring to. This punishment is simply too tangible and demonstrably effective to leave the recipient in even the mildest state of denial about who he is and where he has been taken. While we may desire life under a strict wife’s authority, we sincerely wish to avoid the consequences she exacts for our misbehavior.


Hi Sandy,
I always love the insight you add to these fantastic blogs posted by Joey and the Wicked Queen. My wife and I have dipped in and out of spanking over the past year or two. She has been a reluctant spanker but I notice when she does spank me it is those that cause me the greatest pain that bring her the greatest satisfaction. I also find this very satisfying (after the effect) because it’s knowing that she is willing and capable of delivering a severe chastisement that generates those warm submissive feelings after a beating. Frankly I’m in awe of her and can’t do enough to please her after I’ve been punished.
I have heard that a caning on the back of the thighs can cause damage but never seen it elaborated on much. Are there any precautions you can take (or do take) to avoid causing damage. I’m reluctant to interfere but she would be horrified if she thought that I could be harmed. To date despite a good number of beatings I have never incurred any lasting harm. It would be reassuring to know that despite the pain these are safe zones for chastisement.
I’d appreciate any insight from other experienced spankers.
Thank you.


Thank you Wicked Queen, it’s helpful to know that a first sign of damage is breaking the skin which will make it easier for novices like us to monitor. I’m always grateful for your insight and look forwards to our spanking relationship growing the roots that yours has. All the best to you and Joey.

Don Edwards

Hi Brett: As I am in a slightly different situation being M/m DD it is becoming difficult for my partner to assume the dominant role. He has seen the benefit first hand, when he has managed to shall we say, get my attention with a discipline session of spanking, and hair brush (very difficult to take) I have become easier to get along with (his words) and much better mannered and considerate. Still old habits are hard to break and he constantly returns to the old ways of letting me control and dominate and become difficult. With comparative little effort and regular sessions it is obvious to even me that it is the better way to run the household….and that’s coming from the guy who will stand rather than sit for at least a day after!


Oh Queen I so love your style! I’ve learned a lot of principles to incorporate into our marital FLT and DD. For instance:

my husband’s DD continues usually 20-30 hard whacks AFTER he is weeping uncontrollably. I want him broken, contrite, and unsure when or if the paddling will stop.

many of his paddlings occur with my older sister Tina watching. She isn’t my husbands biggest fan, and the notion of my husband naked, weeping, paddled red, with my sister witnessing adds deep humiliation to domestic discipline. Humiliation is a key FLR tool ladies!

I force him to “relieve himself” in front of me BEFORE his paddling. He must NOT have the advantage of sexual excitement to distract him from physical punishment. I want to strip him of all clothing, bravado, ego, arousal, etc. Losing his arousal occurs VERY quickly when the hard black epoxy plastic paddle begins to redden his back side. The forced playing with himself prior to paddling is the only orgasms Todd are allowed, ever

I am not his wife and not his friend during DD, I am his disciplinarian. I am usually topless as I paddle him, he must see my nakedness but he is forbidden from touching me. I get incredibly aroused paddling Todd, he normally gives me oral pleasure as a peace offering after his paddling ceases.

this may sound strange but it works so well for us; I make Todd smell my bare feet. He used to complain early in our marriage that my feet are cheesy, disgusting and nasty after I wear boots or sneakers all day, he was unkind with his comments, so he gets a frequent 30 minute assignment to kneel, peel off my wet socks, smell and kiss my feet until I allow him to stop. He is nearly sickened when he smells my feet and my giggling adds to his torment and humiliation.


Dan Show

Colleen, wow you Also are an amazing disciplinarian, I hate it when my wife makes me play with myself prior to a session. Fortunately she doesn’t do it often. Although I don’t think I could do the smelly feet thing. She does do nose time afterwards which involves me kneeling behind her with my nose on her ass while she puts on her makeup 💄.



thank you for the compliments! I can have my husband in tears in less than 2 minutes, which is when the REAL spanking begins. Todd is whimpering as he retrieves the corporal punishment tools and strips naked. The tears come very quickly, but the punishment paddling continues until I’m sure his resolve and ego are zero. I make “relieve himself” on the floor or on my feet, this intensifies his sense of touch afterwards and thus the paddling is much more unpleasant for him. My sister often witnesses the DD, a naked man in a room with two women is clearly not in charge. Todd is disgusted by foot odor, so I find my feet in his face a fitting ego buster. Yes Todd has had his nose and lips on other smelly body parts as well including my bum. I insist he comply with my demands no matter how much he protests. Todd needs this FLR for the structure and discipline it provides, and for me it’s pure sexual arousal to beat his buttocks bright red as he weeps and yells in pain.


Dan I’d love to speak with your wife! Wives compare notes on submissive husbands. You and Todd strip while the ladies decide your fate. I like this idea a lot! You’ll get to see me nude, but my black epoxy paddle will reduce you to tears, a broken man with no ego left

Dan Show

Hmmm to bad my wife is to private to talk, I would enjoy the humiliation, Miss Wicked Queen would it be acceptable to share my email with collen


Dear Queen I’m wondering if you’ve ever gotten “turned on” after giving a thorough spanking to Joey? As I written before I usually get zero bed privileges after a punishment spanking. She uses her thickest cane to the tune of 20/30 strokes resulting in many raised welts. Then when she puts on lotion & sometimes bandages on my wrecked bottom she really gets turned on. She loves counting the welts with her fingers as we make love. I really hate the cane because she leaves welts on the backs of my thighs causing me to scream . But I sometimes get lucky afterward. Has Joey ever gotten lucky after you marked up his butt?


It started just as a reminder spanking, only 25 hard swats with my old frat paddle and my punishment would be finished. So she really laid into my bottom swinging really hard. I made the mistake of removing the paddle to put it away. She said, “I didn’t say that “I” was finished! Hmmph! SOOOOOOO bend over again now!” 25 more severe swats followed. She then said, “Stay” and left the room for at least 25 minutes. My butt was throbbing & getting cold. She returned & took the paddle off my back and gave me 25 more wicked whacks and had me crying like a baby. She calmly laid the paddle again on the small of my back and disappeared again for over A FULL HOUR. I knew better and didn’t move an inch. Then she picked up the paddle a whacked against her palm & chuckled & said, “Don’t ever ASSUME YOUR SPANKING IS OVER UNTIL I SAY IT’s OVER! Do you understand now? “YES MA’AM! 🥲 Did Joey ever ASSUME that you were finished punishing him ?

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