Brown Spanking Paddle

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This solid wooden paddle is 3/8″ thick, and made from wenge wood, one of the most dense woods out there. Why did we choose this wood? Because good density = STING!

brown wenge spanking paddle

Not only is this a good paddle for OTK (over the knee) spankings, it can also be used with our Spanking Machine.

It is just under 14″ long, by 1.875″ wide and weighs around 4.2 ozs. Nice solid little paddle.

Note: It is a wonderful dark brown color, that matches my Italian leather belt. The pictures were shot with good lighting, hard to see what it really looks like, so I had Joey shoot a small video of it to help get a better idea of its appearance. Video below.

Price is for 1 paddle

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Have I got a paddle for YOU! This is a solid dark brown wooden paddle that provides a good solid connection I swat Joey’s butt with it (well I’ve GOT to test it right?). Lately I’ve been enjoying shorter paddles as they are easier to control.

Here’s a video Joey and I did to give a better view of what it looks like in person.

Note: For Novelty Purposes Only. This novelty toy is intended to be used between consenting adults. We assume no responsibility for any damage by use of this product. If using for impact play, we highly recommend starting very lightly, until you are comfortable with its spanking properties.

Product is made of wood. Price is for 1 paddle.

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