The Wicked White Shower Brush

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This WICKED & MEAN Shower Brush, can make you feel STING like never before! If you have a like brushes, you need this one in your collection! Easily the most Wicked Brush in our household.

This easy to grip butt burner is 14″ long. Great for OTK! The round “business end” is 3 1/8th inches in diameter. The width of the handle is around 1 inch and it weighs 5.3 ozs. Which makes it a little too heavy to use with the Spanking Machine, but it is easy to use for self-spanking.

This is the shower brush Nessa reduced Joey to tears with, when she ended his last whuppin’ with it.

Easy To Control – Easy to Aim – Easy to Get the Tears Flowing.

Having said that…you DON’T have to swing it like Nessa does. If you’re looking for just a little sting, or to just warm up the backside…this can do that too! 😉


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As you may recall in my blog post Hairbrush, Bathroom & Shower Brush Spankings I mentioned that I was on the lookout for a good plastic shower brush, that could bring the STING similar to or more than my old plastic purple one, which I had broken on Joey’s behind.

Well, THIS is it…

white plastic shower brush from the side.

I had bought a few, and while they all will sting…the weight and density of this one is what I was looking for. After giving Joey a trial swat (or two) with it, the first words that came out of his mouth were, “Jess, please keep that thing out of Nessa’s hand.” I don’t think I could take a real spanking from her with that.”

Well, when Nessa came across it, she quickly tried it on herself and her eyes widen from the STING. I laughed and told her what Joey had said about her not using it on him. So of course…she wanted to use it on him. I told her only for serious offenses. Well…it wasn’t long after that, when he overstepped one or some of her verbal boundaries, (even after being warned). Not only did she ask to take him to the woodshed, she also asked about using the shower brush as part of said spanking. And I agreed that it was warranted.

Initially I named it The White Hot Shower Brush – but after seeing how it reduced Joey to tears and his reaction to it…I renamed it to add the WICKED moniker to it. As it really deserves to be in that group.

NOTE: In its current state, this CANNOT be used with the spanking machine. BUT Joey has mentioned that if you cut the handle in length, you may be able to get it down to the 4.4 oz limit of the spanking machine. BUT…we don’t know how much length you’d have to cut off to get to that point. So…we don’t recommend doing.

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