Worst Spanking of My Life

woman on bed wearing slippersNote from Jess: Initially I had tasked Joey with writing this blog post. But in retrospect, I wanted to chime in as well, as there were some specific thoughts I had during this trip to the woodshed that I wanted to share. So…I’ll let Joey start, and I’ll jump in where I see fit.

Joey – That title says it all. And to be honest, I knew with the belt and paddle being part of the spanking, that it was going to be a rough one, but if someone had told me that the worst spanking of my life would include slippers, I would’ve laughed at them. That said, the slippers weren’t the worst part of the spanking, but they sure did NOT feel as flimsy as I thought they were going to. And after watching back the video of it, I could see Jess was determined to do her best to prove my statement, “Your slippers can’t hurt me” wrong.

Jess – Well you certainly brought that upon yourself Joseph, and yes…you know when you tell me I “can’t” do something, that I’m going to do everything in my power to show you I can. And so I was fully intent on tearing up your backside with my slippers. Having said that, while I could tell that it wasn’t a walk in the park for you like you thought, it also wasn’t the same kind of reaction I would get with say my leather t-strap sandal. So…you were let off the hook a little in that regard. And for the record, this is going to be the last time, at least for a while, of me putting Joey over my knee. I know it is a fan favorite position, and for fun spankings it can work great, but for real spankings…I like to stand so I can get my full swing in on his errant backside.

woman spanking man with slipperJoey – And a very capable swing it is my Queen.

Speaking of which, let’s get to the recap of this trip to the woodshed. AKA Joey Gets Wrecked.

So Jess went to run some errands and told me to “prepare the woodshed”. The woodshed for this spanking, like The Readers’ Choice spanking, was actually two adjacent rooms. One to accommodate the OTK spanking, and one to shoot the belting and paddling. By the way, setting up the woodshed for your own whuppin’ can be a bit daunting as you can imagine.

When she got home, I knew the time had come. The familiar butterflies in my stomach returned, but I have been mentally preparing myself for the spanking, and was not as nervous as I thought I would be.

She was already wearing her Wicked Italian leather belt, and her “belt whuppin’ sandals, but then I watched her take them off and slip into the first pair of slippers. Then she gathered the right slipper from the remaining three remaining pairs and put them on the end of the bed where she would be spanking me.

wife spanking husband over her knee with slipperShe began, “So Joseph, you were telling me the other day that you did not think that my slippers would hurt.”

There was no good response to this. Telling her “no I didn’t”, would be lying, and if you don’t already know, lying to Jess is cause for a spanking in and of itself. But being arrogant and brash about it wasn’t going to do me any favors either. And I mentioned in my previous post, I had a chance to examine these slippers, and they weren’t as flimsy as I had originally thought. So my response was simply, “Yeah.”

To which she casually replied, “Let’s uh, test that theory out.” while reaching down and taking her right slipper off.

I took my patented deep breath, and then walked up to her and bent over her leg. I remember thinking, “OK, here we go.”

And before I knew it, I felt the slipper start to land. One hard swat after another. And within just the first few swats, I remember thinking, “Oh shit, I’m getting 100 with these!” Not going to lie, (see Jess, no lies here 😉), but it wasn’t nearly as bad as her leather sandal. However…it did hurt a lot more than I thought it was going to. So, I just had to get through it. One thing about Jess when she spanks, she doesn’t mess around with a lot of talking. She gets right to the spanking. And of course, while that is bad from an accumulative pain perspective, it IS good from a “let’s get this over with” perspective.

And so I grunted through it and got through the OTK slipper spanking. I was glad it was over, but my nervousness immediately returned upon hearing her say, “Too bad you’ve earned a visit from the leather belt as well. Get up.”

Italian leather belt doubled over

She told me to bend over the spanking horse, and she was right behind me. I was bent over, again trying to prepare myself as best as I could for what I knew was going to be a harsh belting. And if you recall from my last post, I had recently re-oiled this belt. 😳

Jess – Even though I managed to surprise him with the fact that my slippers CAN hurt…I knew it wasn’t THAT bad for him, but also knew that I would make up ground with my belt and paddle soon enough. As Joey mentioned, he had just oiled my belt, and boy oh boy, I could definitely feel a difference in weight and density. I almost felt bad for him…almost.

So I am bent over and I hear the all too familiar slither of her leather belt, coming out from her belt loops, and even said, “I know that sound.”

“You know that sound?” she repeated.

Jess – I had already felt the difference in the weight of the belt the first time I put it on after Joey had oiled it. But it was VERY noticeable as I doubled it over. I knew he was in for a good belting. And that’s exactly what I intended to do. It had been a while since I took him to the woodshed, and apparently the maintenance spanking I gave him JUST over a WEEK ago, didn’t last as long as it should’ve. So I was planning to wreck his backside pretty good.

woman spanking man with her beltI soon felt the belt brush across my butt a couple of times as she lined up her distance, and then she said, “Who’s been bad?” and I responded, “I’ve been bad.”, bracing myself as I knew what was next…and she didn’t disappoint…SMACK! Even though I have probably felt the sting from this belt, literally thousands of times over the years, it is still surprises me as to how bad it stings. And I could definitely feel that it was a bit heavier and the sting was a bit more intense. Even the sound of the SMACK was a little different due to its increased weight from its recent oiling.

I didn’t try to count, I just did my best to focus and maintain position as best I could. But I remember it feeling like the belting was just going on and on. From watching the video, she gave me a total of 60 swats with it. After the first 30 swats from the left side, she walked over to the other side to continue the belting. I was hurting and cried out, “Oh PLEASE, I’m sorry, I’m SO sorry.” To which she sternly replied, “You’re not done being sorry. Maybe you’ll think about how sorry you are, the next time you’re being bad.” And resumed with the relentless belting. SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – the belt kept finding its mark on my backside. Each bite of the belt, taking its toll and bringing forth more and more remorse for me being bad.

woman holding a spanking paddle
Slipping into her paddling sandals

After the second set of 30 from my right side, she walked back to the left side of me and said, “You sorry? You sorry you’ve been bad?” I quickly replied, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’ve been bad, I want to be good.” Then I realized she was getting the paddle, and even though I knew it was coming, my self-preservation jumped forward and I pleaded, “Oh please, not the paddle. Please not the paddle.” my voice breaking, as my brain knew it was going to sting so bad.

wife paddling husband
Wrecked by Paddle

She quickly and sternly replied, “You’ve EARNED the paddle. Do you disagree?” I regained my composure (somewhat), “No Ma’am, I don’t disagree.” I heard or sensed her slipping into her paddling sandals, and I knew the paddling was about to start.

Then she said, “Take your paddling because you’ve earned it.” “Yes Ma’am, yes Ma’am.” I tried to muster up some courage. When SMACK, that courage turned into searing pain as the paddle landed HARD. Followed by the second and the third and so on. She was spanking hard, and the paddle was landing one swat after another. It was quickly wearing me down. At some point, I said, “I’ll be good.” And she sternly responded, “I know you’ll be good, because I’m wrecking your backside.” I was starting to break down, and it was all I could do to stay in position.

Then I heard her say the glorious words of the final count, but I didn’t hear what that count was. So I quickly asked, “How many?” The wonderful answer was TWO. She delivered the last two…SMACK “One thank you!” SMACK “TWO thank you!”

wooden spanking paddle with holes


And then it was over…

And was I ever so happy that it was. My butt was still stinging and sore like it had never been before. In fact, I could feel the soreness with each step I took. The first of which were over to my Queen, who had walked over to sit in her throne and had summoned me with, “Alright Joseph…nose to toes. Come here.” I don’t know if I ever have been that eager to kiss my Queen’s beautiful feet. After I did the proper homage to them both, she said, “Ok, put my sandals back on.” Which of course I did quickly. Then she said softly, “Come here.” and still on my knees, I held her around her waist while she caressed my hair – one of the best feelings in the world. I said, Thank you my Queen, I’m sorry.” And she calmly replied, Ok, just be good. I then kind of chuckled and said, “Damn it still hurts.” To which she replied, “Wait until you see your bottom.

She then told me to deconstruct the woodshed, while she went to go pick us up dinner. I did so, and when I heard the garage door, indicating her arrival, I was waiting for her at the door, on “bended knee”, with a glass of her favorite wine in one hand, and her favorite “house sandals” she likes to wear at home, in the other.

As I stated, it was the worst spanking of my life, and I’m glad it is now over. I don’t know when the need for the next one will arise. But I’m going to do my best to keep myself in check, for a quite a while.

Note all images in this post (save for the doubled over belt, and my wrecked backside), were stills taken from the spanking video – Joey Gets Wrecked. Now Available!

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How did you stay in position? Have you broke position and had the count start over?


Outstanding! All of it. Absolutely outstanding. i look forward to seeing the video!

The Wicked Queen

Thank you jackbrat. Yeah, it was one for the record books! That paddle did some serious punishment didn’t it?


Wondering what earned this woodshed whuppin….

The Wicked Queen

There wasn’t a particular misdeed, his arrogance and hubris grows over time, and these woodshed whuppins are a good way to keep him in check. The reason this was was a bit more harsh, was that I JUST gave him a “maintenance spanking” about a week before. Then he was popping off, and so I was like, “You know what…it is time for a trip to the woodshed.” I have a feeling he’ll be settled down for at least a good month or so.


Keeping your man in check is a key element in a FLR. It helps that my husband has a foot fetish, I can have him kneeling, rubbing, kissing, literally smelling my feet and sucking my toes submissively since he has a strong foot attraction. Sometimes I have him rub my feet very publicly.

However, when he needs brought down to size I’m merciless. He is nude, I remain clothed. I used alternately a wood paddle, leather belt, and little rubber whip. I make his arousal disappear quite quickly. I add a lot of humiliation to a very stern corporal punishment session. When we are finished he’s stripped of his clothing, confidence, ego, and quite a few tears stream down his face. I make sure his penalty continues well past him “breaking”, I want to see snot on his face and hear those deep sobs of regret and yelps of true pain as i redden and welt his ass.


I think I remember no cursing in the rules. I heard Joey say s#$t a few times. Maybe we should see a follow up caning for breaking the rules?

The Wicked Queen

Ah yes…uh oh Joey…he’s right. 😮

To be honest, I haven’t enforced the punishment spanking rules to the letter over the last several years, but that IS a good rule. So be forewarned Joseph…that rule will be fully enforced from here on. And I don’t think our fans have seen a video of me using a cane on you. Perhaps that will be on deck as part of the next one.


Sorry for alerting the Wicked Queen Joey… I couldn’t help myself!


It is evident that the video reflects that the slippers hurt

The Wicked Queen

Yep, I think I surprised him a bit with them.


Love the “asthetics” – the realness

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