Woodshed Whoopin’ Scheduled

The Wicked Queen is coming…the Wicked Queen is coming…

Well I knew my comeuppance was going to catch up with me sooner or later. Jess has just set a date for it. Then she told me to do a quick post to let our readers know. So here I am, letting  you know that this Saturday, March 18th, Jess is taking me to the Woodshed.

She’s giving me a couple impromptu spankings since my last trip to the woodshed, and the “maintenance-ish spanking” last week. But the effects of that did wear off rather quickly, and consequently, my attitude returned all too quickly.

So then the continuation of poking the bear got me a…”Oh ok…you know what? You’re LONG overdue for an actual trip to the woodshed, and this Saturday is the day.” 😳

And so…here we are. She told me to re-read her post from a couple months ago – Happy Spanking New Year 2023 – as that is what she is going to do to me. For ease of reference, I did, and here’s what is on deck for my soon to be wrecked backside.

OTK Slipper Spanking – We’ve had a running joke ever since she mentioned something about spanking me with her slippers. I laughed because, well…they are slippers! The leather sandal that I got spanked with in the Readers’ Choice Spanking, is SO much worse than some flimsy slippers. But after I said the same to her, she had this look and grin on her face that was indicative of someone who has a secret. I asked, “Did you buy a new pair of slippers that I don’t know about?” She casually responded, “No, but I think you are underestimating my slippers AND ME with your arrogant statement. So I guess we’re going to find out, eh? I’m going to give you 25 with each. 100 swats is a lot of swats, and I’m going to remember your comments about how my slippers can’t hurt you.” Uh-oh. I think she is going to go ham on my backside, with her slippers, just to prove me wrong.

4 pairs of women's slippers

Since I took some pics of these slippers, and got to “check them out”, I thought I’d give you a preview and my thoughts on them…

BTW – I have no idea what order these are going to be used on me, so I’m just reviewing them at random.

Slipper #1 – The Traditional Slipper – Well start off by reviewing this old school style slipper. This is what I think of when I think of womens slippers. Fairly light, but the sole looks like a hybrid of plastic and rubber, and has a menacing looking pattern which is rough or almost scratchy to the touch. I think this is going to chafe up my backside a bit because of that rough pattern. <sarcasm>Yay!</sarcasm>

bottom sole of a woman's slipper

Slipper #2 – The Closed Toe Furry Slipper – These have been around for a while and are still popular. These are the heaviest of the bunch, and have the thickest sole. And while the sole of the slipper looks like it could be bad news, it seems to be more rubber, and so I’m thinking this is going to be more thuddy, instead of stingy. Not overly concerned with this one.

furry slipper bottom sole

Slipper #3 – The Furry Thong Slipper – When I first saw her wear these, I just saw the fuzzy material which is soft. But when you look at the bottom, the sole is another plastic/rubber type of material. And again with a butt chafing pattern on the bottom. Not as rough a feel as #1, but yeah, it is going to mark up my butt as well me thinks.

furry thong slipper bottom of sole

Slipper #4 – The Hard Sole Slipper – This one has me a little more concerned than I would’ve thought. The sole is a hard plastic material that is a little rough. Not super heavy, but the sole seems like it could be quite stingy.

bottom sole of woman's slipper

After taking these pictures of her slippers, and getting a chance to handle them…there are a couple that are causing me to think I may have underestimated the whole “slippers can’t hurt me” statement. Guess I’m about to find out tomorrow. Sigh.

One thing I know for sure, is after looking and feeling the soles of them, I’m am fairly sure my butt is going to be marked up, after just the OTK slipper spanking part.

Her Wicked Belt – Ah the infamous Italian leather belt. While I do love the look of this nice belt, it is quite the menace to my backside. And the way she spanks fiercely with it, makes it an implement that leaves quite the impression for weeks to come. She’s commented several times that she likes the belt’s “staying power”.

Italian leather belt doubled over

The thing that REALLY sucks about this upcoming belting, is that after my last belting from my maintenance spanking, I noticed that the belt needed to be oiled again. And as I often do, I do it right AFTER a spanking, so that the oil and weight dissipates some as she wears it, before I get spanked with it again. This belt is I think just a little over a week from being oiled. Guh…

And then the last but not least…

Wooden Paddle with Holes – After she tried this out during the Readers’ Choice spanking video, she liked how it felt and could tell it was giving me quite the reaction from the sting. At first I remember being glad that she was switching to the smaller paddle, but to be honest…I think that smaller paddle hurt as much or possibly even more than the longer one she used for most of the paddling in that spanking. So, as you can imagine, with my recent experience of this paddle’s sting, it is certainly a daunting thought for me.

wife spanking husband with a paddle

Anyway, I’ve got to get this posted. I really don’t want to give Jess any more reasons to add onto this spanking. I think this may be a long one. 🥺

This was an interesting post for me as I’m getting a first hand look, and thinking about at all the implements that will be tanning my backside sometime tomorrow. I am feeling a little more nervous than I might normally be because if that. But after I post this, I’m going to try to NOT think about it and enjoy the rest of today, (and sitting comfortably), until it becomes time to mentally prepare myself for it sometime tomorrow.

That said, the slipper spanking does give me a little hope that, as Jess stated, it might serve as a bit of a warm up for me. But like I mentioned above…after feeling those slippers…I’m not sure that is going to be the case. 100 swats is a significant number of swats on the bare butt. Then add in that I literally laughed at Jess about it, and her ability to hurt me with them. And we all know how she loves to be challenged like that. Why do I do these things to myself. 😑

At the end of the day, I know I’ve earned this. And so now I will just wait, until it is time to pay the price for my attitude and poor behavior.

Kiss to your foot my Queen?

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Don Edwards

When I just read this post, Joey, and realized that the woodshed whoopin’ is coming THAT soon, my stomach clenched in sympathy! We all are with you in spirit, and while I wouldn’t want to take your place over your fierce wife’s knee, I wouldn’t mind the days and days of after glow. It does a lot to settle the mind and make those days (and associated behind) rosier! And Ohhh those not so gentle reminders when you forget and plunk yourself down in a wooden chair only to groan aloud for all to hear!


I don’t want to get your Hope’s up Joey but I would concur with your opinion that they are not the most effective spanking implement.
While they do sting somewhat, we have discarded them because my wife finds them just too uncomfortable to hold and get a good swing for an Otk spanking.
Having said that , Of course if Jess decides to use the heel instead of the sole it’s a different matter!
Good luck !


Well, Joey, i read your post on Sunday the 19th, so your woodshed whoopin’ is over now. i bet your bottom is still sore and perhaps throbbing today, and that sitting down is very uncomfortable. GOOD! That’s the way it should be for naughty boys like us. i look forward to reading a follow-up post as to how it went. And i hope it was video recorded so that we all can see and hear it as it happened and live vicariously through you. This is just the type of very thorough discipline and punishment that a naughty boy needs to set him straight, that’s for sure. As always, you are so lucky to have The Wicked Queen to administer this to you!


Sounds like we both underestimated those slippers Joey!
Must be no fun sitting on a sore backside editing but , as you wisely state , best to keep her happy!


That is DEFINITELY evidence that Jess did Her utmost best to really teach you a lesson in this woodshed whoopin’, and that She was very successful! “Whatever She Wants (WSW)” is an excellent philosophy to live by in order to keep your bottom able to be used to sit down on rather than as a target for slippers, belts, paddles, and more. Looking forward to the video!

Naughty Boy

It seems Joey can’t help himself getting into this sort of trouble. I am thinking it was no party at all and I’ll be looking forward to the post recapping the experience. I will say seeing that paddle and belt that I rubbed my bottom in empathy.


Impressive!! Jess, I love that you are so aggressive and obviously have the strength to make it count when you want to. Joey, you obviously have a pretty high pain threshold. Speaking from experience, I would have been dancing around like a schoolgirl and most likely crying out loud after that whoopin. Thanks so much for sharing and great job with the video and editing. So…..does Jess ever get the other end of the stick? Even a little?

The Wicked Queen

Hi there and thank you for the kind words. Yeah, he does have a pretty high pain threshold, which is why I need to give it to him “good”. 😉 And no, I’m not wired like Joseph is, and so I don’t need the “end of the stick”…even a little. 🤨 As far as the editing. That’s all Joey. I do the spanking, he does the editing. LOL


I’m SO glad you incorporate feet into his discipline sessions! My poor hubby is extremely aroused by my bare feet. So like a bite of cracker between sips of wine, during a paddling I “force” him to smell and kiss and suck my feet and toes, until he is aroused , and then the next 12 whacks of the paddle steal that precious arousal from him again, with no hope of orgasm (not necessary for a man). I remind him that I own him, and a little humiliation, foot smelling, and a very red bottom sure adds to his domestic discipline sessions and does wonders for his behavior and obedience.

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