Who IS the Mean Queen

Well Nessa has certainly created quite a buzz amongst the followers of our blog and social media platforms. So we thought it would be a good idea to do an interview with The Mean Queen, as we’ve done in the past with both Joey and myself:

Interview with Jess aka The Wicked Queen   –   Interview with Joey

to provide some additional insight to this soon to be spanking superstar.

shapely woman standing and holding a small brown paddleSo…once again…Ladies and Gentlemen…we present to you, Nessa aka The Mean Queen

Jess: So, what was your first thought, when I approached you about handing out a REAL domestic discipline punishment spanking, to Joey?

Nessa: It may sound naive, but with the entire concept of a real DD being so foreign to me (I love fun spankings😈)…but with this opportunity I obviously was extremely excited. Can’t lie though, with no prior experience, I was also a bit nervous…

Jess: Did you have any qualms or concerns about being recorded spanking Joey, where literally (over time), 100’s of thousands of people will see?

Nessa: Not at all…again my only concerns were about my form, to not disappoint and be able to dish out a good ass whuppin’.

Jess: What was the thing you were most excited about, or looking forward in spanking Joey?

Nessa: Hmmm…that is a tough one to pick from. As you have likely seen when I was giving him his punishment – Joey just can’t stop poppin’ off to me just about every chance he gets. (Granted I do the same to him, but I digress). So knowing he’s earned a punishment from Jess, and for ME to be the one to bring him down a notch…I was ALL IN.

woman wearing a belt, sandals and holding a punishment strapJess: Did you have any concerns or worries about spanking Joey?

Nessa: Nope. 😁😂I was thoroughly enjoying myself. To say I am extremely excited for the next punishment would be a huge understatement. Poor Joey won’t stand a chance once I get proficient in my new favorite hobby. Hehehehe

Jess: I noticed how much of a “natural born spanker” you are, and many viewers mentioned a similar sentiment. Had you had experience before this, with spanking?

Nessa: I had never experienced a REAL DD punishment. Only fun spankings (and I was always the spankee). I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it. So looking forward to taking Joey to the Woodshed again…more videos SOON hopefully.🤞

Speaking of “fun spankings“, you recently got a fun spanking from Joey, which I have to say, was very entertaining and FUN to watch. During that spanking, Joey spanked you with his hand, your sandal, his belt and the Wicked Strap (albeit lightly). Which was your favorite to get spanked by. Your least favorite? And were you surprised at how bad the Wicked Strap wrecked YOUR butt?

Nessa: Won’t lie…my previous fun spankings were very few and far between (also only with their hand). So I was more curious than anxious. That curiosity didn’t last though as soon as Joey started in with the belt. Maybe because growing up as the baby (and favorite🤪) in my family, I NEVER got the belt but my siblings sure did. So I would have to say the belt was my favorite. Hard to pick a least favorite as I really enjoyed each implements, so maybe the sandals. They were rather boring…apparently Joey needs practicing FUN spankings!!!! Ahhhh the Wicked Strap…yes it did sting MUCH more than I expected, but to be honest I kinda sorta liked it (my twisted side is anticipating MY next turn). BUT only as long as it continues to be a fun spanking.

woman spanking man with a red caneSidenote for our readers: If Joey happens to get carried away and it’s no longer fun…I will persevere through my fun spanking. But trust me, I will being making a mental notes for HIS next whuppin’. Because I WILL make him pay…😈

Jess: In the blog post Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed, Joey mentioned that he was “…on the ropes as far as crying.” Do you think if you made him cry, you’d feel bad about it? And on that note…Do you think you CAN make Joey cry?

Nessa: Well…considering he asked for it and EARNED it, I don’t feel bad one bit. Not that my ultimate goal is to make him cry, but challenge accepted. Maybe it’ll knock Joey off his pedestal and he will realize I mean BUSINESS. 😁

woman wearing an ominous mask sitting on a throne and holding a punishment strapJess: You’ve mentioned several times, how much you like the Red Cane of Pain. But you also have mentioned you can’t wait to try out the Wicked Strap, and the Wicked Switch. Those are probably the three most extreme spanking implements in the house. Is it your intent to use the most severe implements as part of Joey’s future punishment spankings?

Nessa: MOST DEFINITELY…I have played around with the other two implements, but I learn quickly and am confident it won’t be long until I start adding those into his punishments. Joey’s backside is going to get WRECKED.

And there you have it folks. We’ll call it a wrap for now, but if you have any questions for Nessa directly, you can ask her via our Contact Us page. That’s a general email box that I monitor, so just let us know who your question is for, and that person will respond if/when possible.

Additionally, Nessa is now an admin on our Consensual Adult Spanking page on Facebook, to help keep everyone INLINE. Friendly note and all kidding aside

And lastly, here are Nessa’s social media profiles:

Instagram – TheMeanQueenNessa
Facebook – Vanessa Gray
FetLife – TheMeanQueen83

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Very enlightening blog post, and i appreciate the questions being asked and answered, especially the question about bringing Joey to tears. i believe it’s more than just pain that brings a naughty boy to tears, so i’ll be curious if Nessa can find the right mix of elements while taking Joey to the Woodshed to get him to that point. i know it’s a goal of mine that has not yet been achieved. i congratulate You again, Jess, in taking that courageous first step in approaching Vanessa to consider the idea of spanking Joey. i can’t imagine how this could have turned out any better for all three of you, but You were the one to really open the door and let the sunshine in, so to speak. Or maybe that sunshine was the glow of Joey’s bottom after being spanked now, later, and often down the road!


WOW! i am really surprised that Joey allowed himself to misbehave in some way to earn another trip to the Woodshed so soon! But if he did, You did the right thing by starting the ball rolling to see to it that he gets what’s coming to him as soon as possible. i’m betting this punishment will REALLY make him fully conscious that he’s got TWO Ladies in Charge to tend to him, and You may see an improvement overall in his decisions and actions.

Corvette Dog

I think for a first time whipping you did excellent. I am sure you will get better with time and practice! I think in the future Joey should pay homage to you as he does Jess…with her permission of course!


What a wonderful introduction! Will be amazing to witness the progression Miss Nessa makes with each time she takes Joey to the Woodshed.


I don’t know how “amazing” it will be for me and my backside. 🤨 LOL

Nessa Gray

Why thank you…the second punishment spanking was most definitely a success. As Joey mentioned after his last punishment, I do NOT hit like a girl and am no amateur. While I have to work on my form, hone my skills a bit – the intensity of my swats/lashes are spot on. If anything, I am holding back just a bit so, Joey’s backside is going to feel it GOOD his next time to the woodshed. Tick tock Joseph, tick tock.

Chris Githens

Hello Mean Queen, I loved the video you did with Joey, Using every sandals you could use and there one you slipped off your bare feet as well. I was spanked with sandals and flip flops in my childhood as well in my adult hood as well. Which sandal do like wearing on your feet the most?

Nessa Gray

Hola and thank you. It is hard to pick a favorite, as there are so many options but I’d have to say currently I love the leather toe strap sandals. They are genuinely MEAN😈. And the soles and heel are stellar…

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