What It’s Like To Get Real Spankings

An Interview with Joey

If you’ve read any of our blogs, you probably know that we evolved into this lifestyle somewhat organically. If you aren’t familiar with us, I’d recommend reading the content on our homepage and also checking out our “About Us” page, which gives a better background on us, what we do, and what kind of information you’ll find on our spanking blog.

I’ve been asked a variety of questions around the topic of getting domestic discipline spankings, and so I thought I’d respond to them all here.

Question: Since It’s “Consensual”, Do The Spankings Really Hurt?

Answer: HELL YES, they hurt! I can understand how the term “consensual” might lead one to believe that I consent only up to the point where it really starts becoming painful, then I can opt out, citing that I no longer consent to the spanking or pain. But what I’ve consented to (and continue to consent to) are real consequences by way of real domestic discipline spankings from my wife. The fact that I take what is given is consent on my part because I’m never tied or restrained in any way. So I COULD stand up and stop it at any time and say, “I don’t want to take this anymore.” But the moment I do that, then it isn’t a real spanking, is it?

post dd spankingI must also understand that by doing so, I would be relinquishing the real domestic discipline element or lifestyle that we have developed and that has worked so well for us. There are some that take punishment spankings up to a point, then safeword out. I’m not opposed to that if that is what works for you. What ~I~ set out to do was to be truly accountable and take what SHE assigns and gives. Keep in mind that while the spankings are very real, very harsh, and very painful, there has never been a time where they have been abusive or sadistic. This woman loves me. We are soulmates, and we were soulmates before we ever started down this road. We are lovers and best friends, and she knows me better than anyone else in the world. Lastly, because we’ve been doing this for a while, she knows my limits. She knows how far to take things, and I trust her implicitly.

Question: When You Know She’s Going To Spank You, Do You Get Nervous Or Aroused?

long hallwayAnswer: Nervous for sure. Sometimes I may have a little bravado about the impending spanking, but the closer we get to the actual event, the more nervous I get. This is because I know that I’m in for a REAL DD spanking and what that feels like. When we were doing fun or sexual spankings, or spankings where I knew I could safeword out, I found those to be arousing. But that was because I was in control of stopping the pain as soon as it got to be too much for me. Now, I don’t give myself that option and just take what is given. So bending over the end of the bed (the usual position for our domestic discipline spankings), bare butt, as she stands to the side with a harsh implement, is a very daunting thing. And, unlike “fun spankings”, there are no light swats or warm-up swats to start. From the moment the very first swat or lash lands, the pain is overwhelmingly present and continues to grow throughout the duration of the spanking.

wicked switch lashesQuestion: Have These Real Spankings Ever Made You Cry?

Answer: Yes. Part of that, I believe, is me letting go a little bit, but other times I wonder. The implement “The Wicked Switch” is the most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life. It lands with a searing pain that exceeds even a water-soaked cane. I don’t think I could cry, even if I wanted to, when that implement is being used. Thankfully, she uses it sparingly. Oftentimes, when getting the belt, paddle, or punishment strap, painful grunts escape my lips during those spankings, and tears well up in my eyes. And sometimes, if it is particularly a harsh session, I will break down and cry.

Question: What Are You Thinking During A Harsh Spanking?

fm belt spanking on bedAnswer: That’s a really great question. Once that first lash or swat lands and the searing pain enters my body, I don’t know if there is a lot of thought going on other than trying to maintain position as per the “Spanking Rules.” The pain is coming too quickly, and as it continues to accumulate, I’m not thinking about much else. When she’s using the belt, a punishment strap, or cane, she’ll give one half of the spanking from one side and the other half of the spanking from the other side. As a result, the end of the belt, strap, or cane will do a number on both sides of my butt and the upper backs of my legs. When she stops from the first side, I often have a thought of relief, as I know I’m about halfway through. After she finishes from the second side, she’ll usually assign a final count. I’m relieved again, as I know I just need to get through the final 10 or 20 swats, and then the punishment will be over. Many times I’ve planned on counting the swats of the entire spanking (in my head) just to see how many I’m getting. But, again, once that first swat lands, the brain goes into self-preservation, ‘Oww, this hurts; maintain position; oww, this hurts’ mode. It’s quite a mental rollercoaster.

Question: How Long Will You Behave After A Spanking?

Answer: I’m usually well-behaved for a month or two after a good domestic discipline session. There are three kinds of spankings she normally gives: impromptu swats for spur of the moment infractions (usually just a handful of swats), attitude adjustments (these are more dedicated spankings where I’ve earned swats for doing or not doing something but haven’t quite earned a trip to the woodshed), and then of course “Woodshed Whuppin’s” (these are the worst of the worst and happen about every 1 and a half to 2 months).

Question: Do You Ever Resent Her For Giving You A Harsh Spanking?

Answer: Never. Firstly, I know I can be a handful. I also know I have aggressive personality traits. So when she has deemed it necessary to give me a spanking, I know that I’ve earned it, deserve it, and quite honestly need it.

spanking implementsQuestion: Do You Get To Choose What You Get Spanked With?

Answer: Not usually. Every once in a great while, she’ll tell me to go get her a belt without being specific (and I assure you, I don’t pick the Italian leather one). That said, she still succeeds in giving me a severe butt whuppin’ with whatever belt I bring her. One time I actually kept being a brat because I noticed the belt she was wearing was not so “mean” (or so I thought). She took it off, doubled it over, and gave me a belting for the books! She compensated for the belt’s spanking shortcomings by swinging it so that she caught me with its edge with almost every swat. I learned right then and there that just about ANY belt in her hands can give an effective and painful spanking.

Question: What Implement Would You Prefer To Be Spanked With?

Answer: She has a wide black leather belt; that would be my implement of choice. Don’t get me wrong, it still hurts pretty bad and can blister and bruise my backside, but it is not as severe as a couple of her other leather belts. Especially the Italian leather one. All she has to do is just WEAR that belt, and my initial reaction is to behave.

Question: What Implement Do You NEVER Want To Be Spanked With?

Answer: Easy to answer. The Wicked Switch. I absolutely despise and loathe that thing. The pain from a lash with that thing is the worst pain I’ve experienced in my entire life. When she does get it out to spank me with it, I almost instantly feel like crying. For the most part, I will acquiesce to whatever implement she is going to spank me with and remorsefully bend over for the whuppin’. But with this implement, I will often beg her to spank me with something else. She normally doesn’t change her mind once she’s chosen it. And on a couple of occasions, begging for something different cost me extra lashes with it AFTER the initial spanking was over.

Question: Do You Ever Regret Getting Into This Lifestyle?

Answer: Not at all. Again, this is consensual. I could tell her I don’t want to do it anymore, but I have come to understand and appreciate its value…to me, to her, and to our relationship. There is so much trust and communication that is necessary when doing this kind of thing that it has actually taken our love, trust, and intimacy to new levels. My wife wrote a great post about the benefits of having a spanking relationship with your husband that highlights some great points regarding its ability to help eliminate tension between a couple.

Well, that’s it for now. If you have any additional questions for me (or my Queen) feel free to ask them here, and we’ll do our best to answer them quickly. Until then, take care!

Oh, one more thing: if you want to see what a REAL punishment spanking looks like when my lovely wife, Jess, unleashes her inner Wicked Queen, be sure to check out our domestic discipline spanking videos of real-life spanking sessions (aka trips to the woodshed).

Paddle spanking action shots
Stills from “Readers’ Choice Spanking Video”

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Where and how can I find a woman like your wife? I’ve been searching forever.


Women that like to spank are out there more than you think. Just approach it as something for her pleasure when bringing it up. Be careful tho as many women find they love it and will want to spank you all the time.

The Wicked Queen

Good advice Matt and we agree. And yes, as we always say…be careful what you wish for. 😉


When I was in my 20s I moved in with a women 12 years my senior. She was quite beautiful and sophisticated. I was living in her house and shortly aster moving in she began to discuss “rules of the house.” I was attracted to her and needed a place to stay so I listened and when she first said violations would be met with swift stern punishment. I felt a strange sense of titillation and I thought ok I will go along. She asked if I had been spanked by my mom growing up and when I said no, she said it showed. She lived in a duplex she shared with her aging mother and when she thought I hadn’t shown her mother the proper degree of respect she scolded me and listed a number of infractions that she deemed worthy of correction.

She told me I needed to learn manners and said I had earned a spanking. I was both fascinated and nervous. She left the room and returned with a large old fashioned wooden hairbrush. She sat on a chair and ordered me to stand in front of her. She told me she was going to take my pants down and spank me so hard that anytime I thought of being disrespectful or misogynistic I would feel a need to stand up. She then deftly pulled my pants and underwear down and hauled me over her leg locking me in place with her other leg. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt and how securely she held me in place. When she stopped after what seemed a very long time, I got up and was dancing around rubbing my behind. She took me by the ear into the bathroom where she washed my mouth with soap and made me look at my behind in the mirror. I was bruised and humiliated and she made me stand hands on head displaying her handy work. This was a really shocking event.

Over the next several months she spanked my regularly. The spankings were something I tried to avoid as they invariably left marks and made it uncomfortable to sit for a day or two.
I was terrified of having anyone know that I was being sparked and she said if I violated rules with other present that she would take me someplace and blister me even if others could hear.
The spankings were a turn on for her and I did get turned on trying to satisfy her, but the spankings were seemingly non-stop. She had a variety of implements, and if I drank too much or didn’t complete my chores over her knee I went. She called me at work and scolded me and when I arrived at home she was waiting with strap in hand and as soon I as I entered down came my pants. I must say the spankings worked to change my behavior, but after a number of months with a sore bottom, I found a new place to live.


My wife began spanking me many years ago after her mom (my mother in-law) gave me a very real and humiliating spanking.

Bart stone

I can relate. I have read many postings of men saying they were spanked by their mother-in-law. Some of these postings are no doubt fantasy. Well my mother-in-law gave me a very real, very humiliating and very painful spanking. It was no joke and there was absolutely nothing erotic about it. She scolded me and told me she was going to teach me a lesson. I listened and was at first shocked and a bit skeptical that she was serious. While I could have refused to cooperate, something in me was triggered. She ordered me to go wait for her in my wife’s childhood room. While waiting i thought this is pretty strange, but I had been out of line and she made it clear that if I was to be a member of her family I had to get this. She entered the room after what felt like a long time, holding a short black strap. She scolded me more telling me that I would be doing things standing for awhile, I started to get very nervous and thought for a second about running. Then told me to take my pants down and when I said “ no way” she smacked my face so hard I saw stars. The second time she made the order I complied. She grabbed my arm, spun me around and the strap cracked on my behind. The pain was searing but I was thinking I wouldn’t let her see me yelp out. After the third or fourth swat I was screeching. This left real welts and left me uncomfortable sitting for days. Nothing erotic, nothing! But a lasting impression. I was very polite around her for years .


And do you still get spanked?🙂

Bart Stone

My mother in law is no longer with us. My wife has been spanking me for years, it took me a long time to tell her that her mom had spanked me, she said she knew.

Dan Show

Wow and she never mentioned it ?

Dan Show

Great take on it many of us can relate has anyone thought about starting a chat group dedicated to Female led DD ? Seems like there are some like minded folks here?


My wife spanks me, but she has never given me a true punishment spanking. I would love to go to full-on Domestic Discipline, but I am afraid of the pain. Don’t get me wrong because I fantasize about it every day. I have to get to the point where I am not a coward………….lol. My wife would spank me like that with absolutely no remorse. I just have to get through the fear. My wife has spanked me very hard in our time together, so I know spanking hurts.


Update: my wife has given me a couple of real punishment spankings. Let me tell you that they are agony, however, I can take it. I am not restrained in any way, but I never try to get up or put my hands back. I guess there is some inner conditioning in me that makes me lie there and take it. I do beg her to stop, to no avail I might add but I never even think about stopping it……..I trust her with all of my heart. I have done wrong and I deserve whatever she deems necessary. I never thought that I would get here in my life: having my every fantasy, and desire come true. She has spanked me, for punishment twice………I FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!!! Lol.


Great to get a real spanking. It’s very hard for me to get anyone to do it me.
Keep the good work coming.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Pete and thanks for your comment. Hope you find someone to give you what you desire!

Naughty Boy

Ma’am, in my case, I don’t think it is desire that I am driven by. It is need. The need to have severe discipline to correct my behavior while at times this is what I want. I know that when it’s happening, I would very much regret that I agreed to it. What I need is to be treated like, naughty boy pulled over his mom’s knee spanked severely. I have vivid enough memories of getting my ass beat with a hairbrush and wooden spoon and I really don’t want it. I do know that I need it to keep me on the right track.
I am very impressed with your situation as you two seem to have found that balance.


No-one can give a definitive answer to your quandary as it depends on the dynamics of your relationship. Have a look at my previous posts to see how we approached a similar dilemma. For me it comes from your brain, you need to have complete trust and love to allow the endorphins to be released. You said your wife is willing so maybe you could think of it being a ‘gift’ for her rather than a ‘need’ on your part. The line to ‘really hurt but not harm’ once crossed , in my opinion, is one well worth working towards as ,personally, the inner peace and sense of relief I feel after receiving a punishment I know I have deserved but not enjoyed outweighs the understandable fear you are experiencing.


I think I understand that Ken.
I had one such spankng from a Master some years ago now, and I didn’t sleep properly, because I knew it had been a thorough one. But I wouldn’t have wanted to do that very often! The marks stayed with me for some time. It was by hand, belt and cane.


Hi Joey and thanks for posting answers to so many questions. As I’ve said to WQ, it’s so encouraging to find another couple with such a loving approach to this DD life style. Over the years I have checked in with Tim to make sure he is still enthusiastic for our life style and he, like you, says he has never regretted it. When he initially asked for me to be more extreme with his real punishments, I was hesitant but we approach our decisions with humor. Shortly after we had introduced harsher spankings, we were visiting the car wash and reviewing the washing options, each offering more services for an additional price. I laughed at the choices and explained to Tim that this is what I want to do. “Regular” would be a spanking that was immediate and fairly light; “Full Serve” would be an immediate spanking for a minor infraction but I would apply the strokes harder; “Super” would be a punishment delayed and I would beat him hard: and then “Ultimate” would be a no mercy whipping with any implement of my choice and he would have no input into how long, which implement, number of strokes or intensity. To this day these code words are still used as part of our life especially since they can be used even when other people are present. Over the holidays we did the same as you. We kicked back relaxed and enjoyed family from our close bubble. Tim, as part of our agreed chores, prepared the breakfasts each morning but one day he left one of the stove top burners on. I noticed but realized that he must have been distracted by our visitors. I gently brought his attention to the dangerous situation and he turned the burner off. I gave him my “be more careful” look and we carried on with the day. Two days later the burner was left on again. Now I had to get him to pay better attention. I called him over, turned it off and whispered “Full Serve honey”. Although I could not spank him immediately, later that day when our visitors were out walking, I ordered him to take his pants down, bent him over the kitchen counter and used a strap to apply 20 firm slaps to his bare backside. I let him up, hugged him and said “don’t forget again sweetie – there’s a good boy”. Three days later I was making a cake and had taken it out to cool. I placed in on the burners and left it. Ten minutes later there was a terrible stench of burning and I discovered the burner under the cake was on. I picked up the cake tin and burnt my hand. I called Tim and looked at him sternly “Well you have not learned, young man so guess what- you have earned yourself an “Ultimate”. Despite the pain in my hand, I got a small thrill watching him suddenly look apprehensive and vulnerable. When we were on our own, I ordered him upstairs to strip and wait for me. I have to admit I love the sense of power when I walk into the room and he is waiting for me, naked and cute. I lectured him on his carelessness and said that since he had caused me to hurt my hand, I was going to hurt his. I ordered him to hold his hands out and using a thin leather strap I whacked his right hand four times. “Switch hands” I instructed and repeated the punishment to his left hand. I know he hates this punishment and says it is excruciating but I was determined to teach him a lesson. “Ok now bend over the bed and present your bottom” I ordered. “Since you seem to be determined to burn the house down – I’m now going to burn your backside to ensure that you think more carefully in future”. With that I proceeded to whip his backside hard with a wonderful Scottish tawse about three feet long and split ends. He was squirming from the onset and by the 20th stroke he was begging me to stop. His bottom was already bright red but this was, as I reminded him, an “Ultimate” so I continued whipping the tawse across his cheeks and tops of legs for another 40 lashes. His cheeks were quite a mess “Maybe if you ever do that again I’ll make you sit on the burner” I laughingly suggested. I helped him up and hugged him “Please honey – no more carelessness” I said and stroked his hair. After applying lotion to his seriously marked up back side we went back downstairs to enjoy a Martini while waiting for our guests to return.        

John Hopkins

A wonderful relationship you have with your man.

I like the idea of strapping him while your guests were out walking.

My lady has taken me out in our van when we did not have privacy so she could wear my bare behind out in a parking lot or along the roadside.

The Wicked Queen

It’s a good thing to remember John. Us ladies will ALWAYS find a time and a place to take care of our misbehaving men. 😉

John Hopkins

She loved to park the van where she knew people might pass by outside and be able to hear the sounds of my punishment including my crying.


We were on our way to Wis. My wife was going through our mail looking at our bills! She shrieked, “You spent $400 on a new golf driver with out discussing it with me?” I mumbled, “i forgot.” hmm This is the 3rd time this golf season that you over spent with out consulting me! Pull over at the next rest stop! We were not on a highway but rest stops with tables for lunch and bath rooms near a wooded area! She told me to back up close to the forest! She opened the trunk and ordered me to walk into the forest cut a dozen switches! She told me, “Drop your pants and underwear & bend over the back of the car with your head in the trunk! We were out of sight to people using the facility. I bent over and she used every one of the switches on my bottom until they disintegrated! My bottom was on fire with pain, but the long switches wrapped around so she raised welts on my hips! While I was whimpering, she calmly grabbed our packed lunches & drinks & walked to a picnic table. I joined her & she warned me, “over spend again w/o checking with me, I’ll scorch your bottom!


Whew! That sounds altogether too much chastisement!
But I enjoyed your wife’s innovation in finding a place to do it, so spotaneously! and of course going to cut your own switches would have added greatly to the overall disciplinary tension! And what wonderful positioning!!
Thanks for sharing 😀
I am not in a DD relationship, and cannot take discipline now. But I have had a lot of it consensually during my adult life. But vanilla, and always from a man.


What is your best spanking sandal

The Wicked Queen

Hi Frank. On this page: https://domesticdiscipline.info/sandals/ – the main picture at the top. There are a pair of sandals that are blue and black. On the shelf on the right. They were just a cheap pair of sandals I picked up at a Payless shoe store while we were on vacation, because I forgot to pack a pair that matched a sundress I had. They turned out to be a great spanking sandals and even better when I spank him with the heel part. They broke, but I kept one to use as a spanking sandal. Close second, is a pair of all leather Ralph Lauren sandals. They are a T-strap sandal and were bench made. They have a nice leather thickness to them and are great to giving a good spanking as well. I don’t think we’ve posted a picture of those on the site yet.


Are the photos Joey’s rear end? I can only imagine what it looks like after a trip to the woodshed.

The Wicked Queen

Yep! We have some other pictures post woodshed whuppin’, that we can post. It is interesting in how the backside looks during a spanking, right after, and then 1, 2, 3 days after.

John Hopkins

I met my dominant lady at a yard sale that was hosted by her.

She had belts and other items on a table and she became aware that I was paying a great deal of attention to the belts.

I was lifting them and dangling them from my hand and remembering how wonderful it was to have somebody discipline me and check my behavior.

My lady made conversation with me about how she had disciplined her deceased husband with those belts and other domestic discipline objects.


My wife prefers the cane! I’m usually bent over the foot of the bed with my nude bottom. She uses it full force and painfully raises many welts on my bottom!! She loves using it because it is almost silent & our sleeping children are not awoken! If I grunt in pain too loudly, she quickly goes to my sock Drawer & stuffs my mouth with a rolled up pair of socks! The strokes are usually 12 for serious offenses it is usually 24 with a 1/2 hr corner time in between! Once in Home Depot paint dept she asked me about a certain color ! i said :” I really don’t fucken care! “ embarrassing her in front of the female salesperson ! Later the cane was used on me 36 times! & I had to write 500 lines saying “ I will be caned severely if I ever embarrass my wife” later in the week we visited the paint lady again & i had to apologize for my foul language! Then i had to hand her my 20 pages of lines soooo then i was really embarrassed! Digraziato

The Wicked Queen

Sounds like your wife runs a tight ship! Yes, I would blister Joey’s bottom too if he acted like that out in public. I’m sure those welts lasted a while as well. 🙂


Disgraziato for a punishment spanking with the cane , my wife forbids me sex for a week ! But one day after i received a thorough caning I asked her to put some healing lotion on the 24 raised welts on my bottom! She did so but was really turned on rubbing on the welts ! We had the best sex ever and during sex she loves to count the welts with her fingers ala brail !! Afterwards she said “there are no rewards after a punishment spanking!” So I spent 2 hours of corner time afterwards! So after an hour she turned me around and kissed me passionately! Sooo we had sex again right on the carpeted floor! She was really turned on again kissing me all over! We then stood up and she kissed me again and said “ Honey you still owe me an hour in the corner ! Supper will be ready then ! Disgraziato

The Wicked Queen

Thanks for sharing this experience. I agree with your wife that we don’t usually have sex after a spanking as it could be considered a reward. We normally keep discipline and sex separate. But it has happened on occasion where I wanted him to “please me”. Or even the next day after a trip to the woodshed, and I can still feel the welts on his backside. That DOES make for an incredible sexual moment only available to a few. 😉

Gordon Knowles

Hello everyone I’m another husband who’s wife is a firm believer in spanking a naughty boy on a school theme as she insists I wear a school uniform shorts included she loves being the firm ,strict headmistress and has a mortar board and gown her motto reads “well my boy if you act like a spoilt graft you will be spanked like one.
She is the most convincing headmistress ever .
Her favourite implements include wooden jokari paddle,her hand,a slipper,a large ovel wood harbrush,bath brush,birch ,and a very thin whippy school cane.but her most favourite is actually the cane,which I have experienced on important discipline matters. And fully deserve,the strokes vary from 6 of the best but for more serious problems she administers a full 50 strokes tears flow sometimes and my bare bottom stings very much and throbbing,deep crimson,very,very sore indeed she often rubbs baby oil or cream to my tender cheeks during and after my spankings.Her methods are to administer a very authentic hard and long spankings just like my old headmaster administered I think he knew how much I wanted for him to bend me over his knee and administer a stinging
Authentic hand spanking on my very cheeky pert bare bottom .A very angry headmistress (wife) can and does apply punishment often and soundly .



you are a very, very fortunate man to have such a wonderful Wife who will thoroughly and lovingly discipline and punish You this way! And for you and She to communicate so clearly with each other to get to the point where She does this for you is so very important. But again, you were fortunate She was and still is willing to do so. In my case, my need to be spanked was there before my marriage, but not as intense as it became over time. So i did not go into that need with my wife as we were going together or while we were engaged and living together. When i did, we talked a lot many times. And she did try to discipline me with spanking, cornertime, etc. And at times it looked promising that it would become a real part of our relationship. In working towards a method that made it acceptable for Her to tend to me this way, it got to the point where i was doing all the chores. That way, we both had our jobs outside the home, and all she had to do at home was tend to me when it was needed. i thought we had found it, but after a bit she sat me down and told me that it really was feeling like another job to her to spank me when i misbehaved or otherwise earned it. This was a deep disappointment to me, but we came to an agreement that i could seek spankings for discipline and punishment from Ladies who believed in it, since my wife knew that for me spanking was not about sex or affairs. Over time, here and there, i have found some Spankers to report to, but i do envy those who have it right there in their home by the One who is most special in their lives to deliver it! So, yes, you are a VERY lucky boy!


When we travel my wife puts several canes in our car ! At conventions ive been known to drink too much soo I’m caned every night to prevent it ! . 6 or 12 leaving several raised welts on my bottom! But surprisingly she is turned on when she applies lotion on those welts! And we have great sex! I drink too much on purpose i.e. bratting to get spanked which leads to sex! But at a 3 day convention she canes me at least 4 times ! Even at lunch if she sees me have more than one drink ! So after 60 strokes with her thickest cane she has to apply bandages on my butt! But sex is terrific ! Because every morning Im required to give her tongue service & she loves it snd screams loudly with passion! She often says in the mornings your breakfast is ready “ and she points to her crotch ! I forget about my sore bottom and gladly comply! ……Disgraziato


At conventions After a thorough caning with her thickest cane, she has to put 2 or 3 bandages on open sores on my bottom! It finally sinks in my thick head (her words), to drink moderately. Have you ever broken Joey’s skin?

The Wicked Queen

Sure. But it is not something I set out to do. I’ve done it once with a paddle that had holes in it, but the holes were not beveled. And it only took around 8 to 10 swats before I noticed. I had him sand down those holes after that. Another time, was with my Wicked Switch. I swung a little too hard and it broke his skin. Have to be careful with that thing. It could really wreck a backside.


You are sooo kind Wicked Queen! For all PS discipline, it’s my responsibility to always place “OUR” first aid kit on the bed. My skin breaks easily, especially with certain belts that twist easily. There are usually several bandages on my butt, after a PS. Sometimes after I shower she may replace the bandages with New Skin Liquid Bandages.


This type of relationship works with same sex couples. We are both females. I put my girlfriend over my knee when she gets out of line. My girlfriend is a big girl (5’11”) and I’m quite small (4’10”), but I insist on putting her over my knee as it adds to the humiliation. And, don’t let my petite size fool you. I give tough spankings that will change undesirable behaviors.
I don’t use many implements. I only use a wooden Otk paddle with holes. It does the job and my girlfriend feels the painful sting on her naked bottom. She has a temper and impulsive spending habits. I’m very much in love with her but she can be a handful. So I paddle hard, and I paddle until I feel she’s learned her lesson. The more she protests by kicking her legs and squirming, the harder the swats. After every spanking her eyes are wet with tears and her bottom shows signs of a good discipline session. And, there is always corner time after every spanking. After the corner time, she is always apologetic and well behaved!

The Wicked Queen

Love it! And YES, we feel it can work with most couples whether it is F/f, M/m, or like us…F/m. And there are even couples who hold each other to spanking consequences. I don’t doubt that you can lay on quite the spanking. And from the sound of it, you do! An OTK paddle STINGS, and mark up a backside pretty good, as well as curb unwanted behaviors. Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing some insight into your spanking situation. Hope to hear from you again. 🙂


I spank my girlfriend because she can be hotheaded and stubborn to the point where she has embarrassed me out in public. She has been disrespectful to food servers, hotel clerks, cashiers, you name it. And that’s unacceptable to me. And she uses curse words in the car when annoyed with other drivers, which I despise. If she uses foul language around me she will get a paddling right on the spot (if we’re home) and if we’re out and she uses curse words, she knows what to expect when we get home and she gets extremely nervous. She sure dreads that paddle. There was one time (a couple years ago) she cursed and got up during the middle of a punishment session, I just started the spanking all over again and the swats were even harder. And by the time the spanking was over, every inch of her backside was a very bright shade of red with some bruising. My girlfriend was in tears and quite regretful of her behavior. I like the idea of writing lines after her cornertime. “I will call if I’m coming home late” or “I will not curse”. I spanked my girlfriend last week for coming home late without calling. It’s a pet peeve of mine!

The Wicked Queen

You sound like quite the disciplinarian. I like it! 🙂 I find that when I take Joey “to the woodshed” (our nomenclature for a very real, harsh punishment spanking), that afterwards, he’ll be quite the model citizen for a good month and a half or so. After your spank you girlfriend, does she curb some of these undesirable actions for a bit?


Yes, my girlfriend most definitely becomes more attentive (for at least a couple of months) after a hard spanking! She will do chores without being asked. She will send me sweet texts throughout the day. And she will be more affectionate than usual. And after a harsh paddling, she becomes more patient and she will be extra careful with her tone.

The Wicked Queen

The benefits of a good spanking eh? 😉


Dear Queen, have you ever administered two woodshed spankings in the same week? I learned an important lesson. Never show the tiniest bit arrogance, when I’m walking around with a tender bottom.

The Wicked Queen

No. After a trip to the woodshed, he is most well behaved for quite a while.


Are punishment spankings ever followed by sex?

John Smith

They are with us. We take the view that this is the best way to do things, as it means that sex always begins with a figurative clean sheet.

The Wicked Queen

Occasionally. But most of the time no.


Thank you for sharing this, Joey. Very interesting, though too much chastisement for me. I can’t take it now anyway.
I am not in a DD relationship, and have only ever been spanked by a man (vanilla).


Hello Joey and Jessica.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Hamid. Just responded to your message as well. Thanks for visiting our site and hope to hear from you again.


So u tell ur husband that ur about to spank him while he is chilling, or what do u do before getting him to bend on the bed. I hope i can find a girl like you Jessica, who will not find me weird. Much love 🙂


And if i dont find a girl like you. I would like to go to heart attack grill in Las Vegas where they spank u if u dont finish ur food lmao and anyways i found the reply on my gmail thanks for your time. Big fan

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🤣🤣 I like the out of the box thinking. I’ve seen some videos of that, and some of those girls can really lay it on!

The Wicked Queen

They’re out there! BTW – Joey is currently working on an e-book “How To Find A Woman Who Spanks” based on how he has gotten almost all of his girlfriends to spank him. Including ME, who was totally vanilla before! He is at/around 8000 words into it and I think he said he was probably going to be over 10k when it is done. I’ll post how people can get it on here, after it is done. In the meantime…good luck to you!


Can’t wait i was asking, how does he know he is about to get spanked? Like do u tell him? And if u do, what do u tell him? Or do you just come with ur belt and tell him to take his trouser off? Do u make him bend over the bed so u can spank him?

Another question…Does he stay still until you’re done? Does he rub his butt after every swat? What’s your solution for that?

Last question, the videos on ur shop are they blurred and muted too? I wanna see/hear the reaction and the face of the spanking queen. Much love to joey and jessica (JJs)😭

-Hamid / zrenzy6000 on tumblr

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Hi again Hamid and thanks for your questions and enthusiasm. Most of these questions will be answered if you keep reading the blog posts. So keep reading. 😉

He knows better than to put his hand back there during a spanking. Here’s some assigned reading: Punishment Spanking Rules

As far as our videos. They are certainly not muted, so you can hear the swats and his reaction for sure. If you turn up the volume, you can hear me questioning him during the spanking. BUT…our faces will always be blurred as we wish to keep our anonymity. 🙂


To buy the video u must be in canada and USA only? Or from any country coz in billing details it was only 2. Btw you guys are living my dream life lmao . Thanks again

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For countries outside of those two, you can buy our videos here: https://www.spankinglibrary.com/store.php?id=537 🙂


Alright thanks im gonna buy the video, which video did u hit harder and is better and in both videos i get to hear you questioning him and joey’s reactions

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How many minutes does an average spanking last?


My name is paul and my wife’s name is Sue. We have been married over 40 years and live in the UK. Sue has been in charge from when we first met. Sue was 17 and I was 19. I lived at home with my mum and younger brother. One day Sue was at my house when my brother was quite rude to mum. So mum sent him to his bedroom, and after a few minutes went upstairs with a large wooden clothes brush. A couple of minutes later, it was obvious what was happening. My brother Peter got a really sound spanking! Yelps, pleading tears, sobbing, the whole lot. Mum came back downstairs and looked at Sue and just said, “That is what rude boys get here when they misbehave.” Some 42 years later, our house rules are on the wall in the hallway. If broken I get a genuine good hiding from Sue. Family, friends and neighbors all know Sue is in charge. She has never kept it a secret.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Paul and thank you so much for your comment and insight to your situation. I always love to hear from other couples who have incorporated this into their lives and relationships. 🙂

Tom Howe

Being new to the position OTK of my wife I realize a dream come true. She grudgingly accepted, but I see she has a little fun with it now. I make paddles and she uses them, carpal tunnel surgery weakened her wrists so spankings are not as effective as I would like. I love reading about experiences here and will share some, such as the longest one to date is 106 swats, which, of course is never enough. I’m trying to come up with a (most painful) paddle so she can make me feel something like 3-4 times more than she can deliver. She has a new car. She asked why I got it? I said it’s because she’s getting pretty good at doing what you do. Little things like that will, hopefully, keep the trajectory climbing a rising arc.

The Wicked Queen

The Wicked Whip or Wicked Cane might be something to consider as both implements can provide quite the effective STING without a lot of force.

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