The New Nessa Dynamic

For those of you familiar with our recent dynamic change, you’ll know all about how Nessa came about to be the one giving Joey his punishment spankings. If you are not aware, simply read the blog post – Introducing…The Mean Queen.

woman wearing sandal and holding a paddle with holesWell, as previously mentioned in a few blogs since, Joey and Nessa have a history of going back and forth at each other like a brother and sister. They do love each other, but they also don’t pull any punches when throwing verbal jabs at each other. It’s just their way, and 99.9% of the time, it’s all in good fun.

But recently after Joey’s first spanking from her, I noticed a slight change in Nessa’s dynamic towards Joey. After his first spanking from her, we all went downstairs to make dinner. Well, Joey habitually gave her a few smart remarks, and instead of her verbal reply, she got a slotted wooden spatula and told him to turn around and bend over. She looked at me for a brief moment, in what I took to be, looking for my approval, which I nodded yes – as he JUST had a woodshed whuppin’, and he’s popping off to the woman that JUST spanked him? In my book, he deserved some more. So she spanked him with that a handful of times. And you could see it hurt as he already had a sore backside. But…a little later after dinner, he popped off again. However, this time I could see in his face, that as soon as he said it, he instantly regretted it. Which is why I’m sure it is just habit with him to banter with her in that way. This time she told him to go bring her the Spencer paddle. His eye widened and he looked to me like, “Hey…you going to stop this.” But again…he JUST got spanked and should not be popping off to her. So I shrugged my shoulders and gave him a look like…you got yourself into this…now it is time to pay the price.

So he brought the paddle down to her, and luckily for him, she didn’t make him pull down his shorts, I am all but sure I would’ve allowed that as well, but she lit into him with that paddle for about 8 to 10 hard swats.

woman wearing birk style sandals holding a leather strapAnd just like that…he did not pop off to her for the rest of the evening. Funny how that works, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

But a few days later, she was over and he again popped off to her again. Again, he was expecting her normal reply back or maybe even a slap or punch to his arm, but the NEW Nessa – still had the Mean Queen floating around in her brain, and simply told him, “That’s ten.” To which he quickly replied, “Ten? Ten what?” To which she calmly replied, “Ten penalties – which I’ll later determine what it is going to be with, and how many.” ๐Ÿคจ

I actually smiled at this because I only allowed him to play “rough” with her (again verbally), because she would do the same with him, AND was OK with it. But if she didn’t want to be teased like that anymore, then he should respect that and no longer do it. And apparently he is learning the hard way, what appears to be their new dynamic. Now keep in mind, if she was to tease him like that, I would expect him to be allowed to respond in kind. But I’ve noticed her teasing is a little less harsh these days, so it leads me to believe she is keeping it fair. So I will allow him to tease…but I believe the days of him just walking into a room and telling her to “shut up”, or telling her that “her feet smell”, are going to be gone soon. With each passing swat and spanking.

woman wearing black strappy sandals and holding a rubber switchHe seems to be learning as he is popping off less and less, and she’s being pretty consistent with keeping him in line. Over the past week, there was a time she took our plastic shower brush to him, and then a time when she picked up a wooden dowel and made him bend over where she addressed his smart ass comment to her.

Interesting to watch it develop. Like I said, I love my husband, and won’t let him get spanked for nothing, or for very small infractions. If Nessa were to start going down that road, I would let her know what I feel the reasonable expectations should be. But…as we’ve stated many times in our spanking blog, or on one of our social media platforms…communication is paramount when it comes to spanking. But so far, the reasons for his impromptu spankings from her, have been very reasonable IMHO.

It’ll be interesting to see his next spanking, which is coming up this week. She and I have talked about it, and I don’t recall if Joey knows what’s coming yet, but he will when he reads this blog post…but…she is planning on using another leather soled sandal on him, followed by her black leather belt, which is heavier and more dense than the brown belt she spanked him with. And then she is going to take the Wicked Strap to him. But now she’s also talking about using the Wicked Strap, the Red Cane of Pain, AND The Wicked Switch for the penalties she’s assigned him over the past couple of weeks. Which last I heard was 30. It is likely going to be a severe one for him. But seeing how the main reason for this spanking was that Nessa caught him texting and driving – which is something that I’ve told him in the past, will earn him a severe spanking.

So…we’ll see how Joey “the Great” manages to get through it. Tick Tock Joseph…Tick Tock.

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It’s great seeing the teasing and popping off towards Miss Nessa is slowly diminishing. I fear that the texting and driving will be incurring quite the stiff penalty. Good luck Joey!


Thanks. I think I actually need some luck for this one. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


Joey, based on this blog post, you’ve earned each and every spank you are going to get. And of course i’m very envious of you, having not only your Queen to tend to your discipline as She wishes to, but also Nessa growing more and more faster and faster into becoming a Domme of Ass Destruction. Your butt will fry, you may even cry, but if you TRY, your good behavior may fly. And if it does not, well, we all know (and will most likely see and hear) the upcoming and ongoing punishments She dishes out to you!


Yeah, Nessa’s a little too eager for this next spanking, which make me a little more nervous than usual. Literally just took a deep breath after I typed that. LOL


Texting and driving is pretty serious so am curious if Joe will also get a spanking from you for that….off camera of course ?


Especially if she uses the wicked strap and the cane.
Joe will need a pillow for Easter dinner !
Should be quite a treat for you to watch and the two of you can tease him all weekend.


Thank goodness the cane didn’t come into play. I don’t THINK it was around, but I don’t know for sure. But Nessa broke me with the Wicked Strap, and yes…I’m sitting very tenderly right now. I was tasked with writing the blog post for it in addition to my usual video editing duties. It was one of the worst spankings of my life. Scary how quickly she is nearing or at Jess levels on many facets of spanking. I don’t even want to think about getting the cane or switch from her. She had me in tears on this last one.


Interesting how they assigned you tasks that require sitting Joe.
Women can be quite wicked can’t they?


Wicked and Mean, my friend. Wicked and Mean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nessa Gray

I will show you Mean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nessa Gray

Sounds like you need a spanking assignment??? Joseph was dealt what was necessary & warranted…
I would categorize that as wicked SMART. ๐Ÿ˜


Guilty as charged Ma’am!

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