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We really appreciate your purchase and support. It allows us to keep on creating content, shoot new videos and offer more spanking implements and spanking tools/resources/spreadsheets. ~Joey

How Do I Get My Video?

If the payment went through, the link to your video(s)/spreadsheet(s) or eBook(s), will be sent to you via the email you entered during the ordering process, automatically. If you don’t see it within a minute after your purchase, please check your Spam/Junk folder as it likely got caught in there.

Depending on your email client, the email will look something like this:

Upon opening the email, it should look something like this:

Note the link under “Product” is just a link to the product page. But the download link is pointed about above with a red arrow. The red arrow won’t be on the actual email. 😉

A Special Request from the Wicked Queen: Yes! Thank you all so much. We have really been touched by your kindness and support. If you could do me/us a favor, after your purchase, would you be so kind to go back to the product page, and scroll down to the “DESCRIPTION” section. You’ll see another tab there called “REVIEWS”. If you would click on that and leave a review, I/we would be very grateful. Thanks again! ~Jess