Spanking Zones and Application

I had a comment today from one of our readers, asking if I spanked my husband in any areas other than the rear. Great question! So I thought I’d write a quick blog post about it. I had created a diagram a while back but never posted it, so this is a perfect time to do so. I’m also going to share a couple tips on how I spank to really get more bang for my buck.

Now before I get into the spanking zones, I want to share the 4 different types of spankings that I give him.

  1. Back On Track (Usually 5 to 10 swats) – These are quick, spur of the moment (usually at the house), spankings that are a result of him popping off or be arrogant about something. He’ll usually say or do something that pisses me off or will directly defy me, and so I’ll take off my belt or sandal and spank him right there on the spot. I could also argue that these aren’t “true” spankings as the quantity of swats or lashes are so small, but…they ARE full force and usually have the desired effect of getting him back on track in regards to his behavior, until such a point that I can address him and his backside “properly”. 😈
  1. A.T.S. Swats (Varies) – He is going to be posting about this soon. Quite a few years ago, I had him create an excel spreadsheet we call the “Accountability Task Sheet” or ATS for short. We both have our responsibilities around the house and his are listed on this spreadsheet. Every item has a number assigned to it. It’s an interactive spreadsheet, that when he does a task, the number next to it, goes to zero. Anyway, without getting into all the details that I’m sure he’ll cover in HIS post, the bottom line is that we review the ATS at the beginning of the new week and whatever tasks were not checked off, the spreadsheet will add them all up and there will be an accumulated sum that he has to pay for with his backside. The spreadsheet also has a list of my wicked implements that it’ll randomly select for the number of lashes he is to get. It really is a cool spreadsheet. Anyway, after the first few weeks of him slacking and paying dearly for it, he rarely misses anymore tasks on his list. BUT…it still does happen on occasion and so I listed it.
  1. Attitude Adjustment (Usually 30 to 40 swats/lashes) – If he’s lucky, he’ll get an attitude adjustment spanking from me, which will help him see the error of his ways and straighten him right up. If he’s NOT lucky, and I decide not to give him an attitude adjustment OR I just don’t get around to it; then he’ll continue to work his way towards the worst spanking of them all…
  1. Woodshed Whuppin’ (Usually 70 to 100+ swats/lashes) – When I tell him, something to the effect of, “You just bought yourself a trip to the woodshed.” You can literally see the wind go out of his sails. Sometimes he’ll beg for a second chance which has the potential repercussion of him getting more swats after the woodshed session OR upgrading the implement to something more wicked. So, he’ll often just dejectedly settle down and try to mentally prepare for the worst.

So…now that I’ve covered the types of spankings I give my husband. Here’s what I aim for when I’m laying on a whuppin’.

spanking zone graphicWhen I “wreck” his backside, I’m looking to WREAK his backside from the top of his butt to the upper backs of his legs. I want him to feel this spanking for days, so that when he sits, leans against something or gets into bed, he’s thinking about me. 😉

For the most part, a majority of the swats/lashes do land in between the “Red Zones”, but I do make sure to include a nice amount of swats/lashes in both red zones. Another suitable name for those red zones could be “quick tear zones” because I can get him to tear up pretty quickly after just a couple swats/lashes in those areas.

The only exception to this spanking zone is when I’m spanking him with a paddle. Then I ONLY spank his buttocks and steer clear of the upper red zone and just barely get into the bottom red zone.

Spanking Tip: When I’m spanking him with the belt, punishment strap, cane or switch, I will spank from both sides. Because the end of each of those implement, has a way of making a mark and a strong point as it slightly bends around the side of the butt.

fm dd belt spanking

I’m careful to not have a wrap-around, but I just want to get the slightest wrap around to hit the side of his butt. I can tell by his reaction, that those hurt pretty bad too! But I want both sides of his butt to be on fire.

fm dd belt spanking

I guess you could say I’m an equal opportunity butt wrecker.

The second part of this tip is to don’t make the mistake of walking back and forth every 4 or 5 swats in an effort to spank him from both sides. That’s WAY too many breaks in a discipline spanking for a bad behind. Instead, give him a good 20 to 30 in a row, before you even think switching sides. Between the accumulation of swats/lashes and the “one right after another” approach, your man is going to break down at some point. My husband is pretty tough, and has a high pain tolerance. But in about 95% of his woodshed whuppin’s, I’ve brought him to tears.

Afterwards, he’ll have these marks for days or longer. The belt will leave some blisters and bruises which last for weeks, the cane and switch can leave marks that will last for 3 weeks or more. There are a couple sandals that I have that are worthy of giving a woodshed whuppin’…IF I put him over my knee and leg lock him in, then spank fast and furiously back and forth between the same few spots, I can blister his butt pretty good and those blisters will be around for about a week or two.

The last thing I’ll mention is that after a few days, I’ll come swat or poke his behind…JUST to remind him of the power I have, and the pain & punishment I can bring.

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Muchísimas gracias por su rápida y brillante respuesta


Thanks you so much for those posts,i’would love if you film one of your spankings.


Thank you a lot for your answer.
Yes, i understand and it’s true for the majority of the videos on the internet, even if i have never experienced myslef a real spanking my experience ends with fun spankings but i realy want to try and see if i can handle it and how painflul it is.
i would love to see you giving a real hard spanking to your husband with your sandals and belts and i don’t think that i’am the only one who want to see that haha(i’am a filmmaker if you want any help or tips i’am here).
Good luck !


Estoy deseando de ver esas nalgadas, seguro que mi mujer aprenderá mucho de cómo aplicarla s.


My wife and I have been on and off with spanking me for disobeying. Our problem is that we have kids at home. What’s some good quiter tools we can use?


Seeing the chart of the spanking zones made me think of a couple of things. One, the top part of the bottom is certainly the most sensitive to be punished. And a Spanker needs to be careful in Her aim for that area and not go much higher, since above the butt crack is not a good place to administer punishment like the bottom gets. Two, i have always thought the bottom to be spanked included an implement-width’s worth of space on the tops of the back of the thighs, since they are included in the sitting area that make contact with a chair to sit down on. That total range is a perfect place for punishment. i know some people practice face slapping, palm swatting, back whipping, soles-of-the-feet caning, etc. But whenever i see that occur, i think of an old souvenir paddle i saw in a souvenir shop as a kid while on a family vacation. it had painted on it a picture of a little boy bent over the top rail of a fence near a barn, his pants and underpants around his ankles and his bottom bare, and next to him his sister with her dress pulled up and her panties pulled down. Over and under the picture of the spankees was the phrase, “Never hit a child in the face, Nature provided a better place!” How true, no matter how old the naughty one is!


Love this, I wish I could get my bare butt spanked.


L was giving me a well deserved otk quickie spanking with her bath brush, when after 20 fierce swats, her cell rang. It was her mother! She said to me: Don’t you dare move. So I remained over her lap as she chatted with her mom for about 10 minutes. As she was chatting on the phone, she nonchalantly used her finger nail to write “bad boy” on my sunburned butt several times! 🙄 Her mother asked about me and L said : “I’m afraid he’s getting sunburned from too much sun! I’ve got to go Mom…Bye, I love you.” She then said, “D, I’m going to spank that “Bad Boy” out of you!”. The second set of fierce swats hurt much more than the first because the numbness was gone! First time I was spanked to tears for a quickie spanking. L was chuckling in disbelief.

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