Spanking Machine vs. Nessa?

man wearing mask and woman in background bent over next to spanking machine

After my last punishment, I hastily decided I wanted to ramp up the intensity even more. First, I wanted to see for myself if the spanking machine would live up to the hype (I didn’t believe it could). Secondly, I wanted to see just how much I could take. Although I wanted something more intense than my previous “spicy spanking,” I definitely did not want an actual corporal punishment or “real” spanking. Joey was all too excited about my request, but that didn’t scare me.

First Implement – Brown Paddle, Total Swats 128

I wanted to start with the brown paddle for my first implement. Joey began at Level 1—yes, at my request. I felt confident I could handle more, but I wanted to get the feel of it first before turning up the intensity. And keep in mind that I also expected him to slowly increase the intensity. Well, Level 1 got boring quickly, or, as you can hear me saying in the video, “pathetic.” 😂. In response, Joey thoughtfully obliged and turned it up to the maximum level (which is one click past 10)—UNBEKNOWNST to me! He will be getting some penalty lashes on his next trip to the Woodshed for that bit of “fun” he had at MY expense – You’ve been warned, Joey!

Let me confirm: the Max setting is no joke and was definitely not pathetic in the least! I ended up requesting Joey to turn the level down a bit, which allowed me to go for a longer duration while still achieving the desired effect and feeling. I believe Level 6 ended up working best for me.

woman getting spanked by a spanking machine with a bath brushSecond Implement – Bath Brush, Total Swats 40 (plus 5 from Joey)

For my second implement, I chose the shower brush. Initially, I was somewhat apprehensive and maybe even intimidated by the thought of getting spanked by it, especially after hearing about how bad bath or shower brushes can be. However, it turned out to be less intense in the spanking machine compared to when I was receiving it directly from Joey. In the machine, it felt a bit thuddy but it still had a good delivery and a nice sting.

Between these first two implements, I was hands down more impressed with the brown paddle. As I mentioned, the additional swats Joey delivered to me with the bath brush himself afterward definitely had more of a sting. But that comparison is just between the spanking machine and Joey swinging it. All in all, the bath brush still delivers a hell of a punishment when used correctly!

Third Implement – Red Cane of Pain, total 28 lashes

spanking machine spanking woman with a red cane

Now for the Red Cane of Pain, which is accurately named! I truly attempted to last longer, BUT unfortunately had to submit, and I admit I tapped out 🙄. Damn, I was frustrated with myself! And that was even after a pretty decent warm-up from the Brown Paddle and Bath Brush.

One interesting aspect to consider, especially if it’s your first time using a spanking machine, is how to achieve even coverage on both cheeks without assistance. I hadn’t anticipated this challenge. If you’re new to the spanking machine, I highly recommend practicing beforehand on a low setting to determine the best body placement for the most effective swats and angles. Once you’re comfortable with your positioning, you can gradually increase the intensity to your desired level of satisfaction. Alternatively, find the perfect setting and leave your machine there for optimal results.

The cane was INCREDIBLY effective, for sure. Although I did need Joey’s help placing me in the correct position so the lashes were spread out as opposed to the same spot over and over again. It may have been my inexperience OR the fact that I couldn’t think due to those lashes. That cane is indeed evil! While this definitely delivered a wicked thrashing, I am still ranking the Brown Paddle as my favorite for the Spanking Machine.

mf spanking with red rubber handFourth Implement – Red Rubber Hand (from Joey), total 43 swats

Almost in the home stretch. Sigh 😅. I can’t lie—after receiving the Red Cane of Pain, I may have lowered my expectations for the fourth and what I thought would be the final implement to get spanked by: Nessa’s Mean Red Hand. I truly envisioned it being a walk in the park after the Red Cane of Pain. Damn, was I wrong. Oh, so wrong.

While it wasn’t quite as intense as the Red Cane, she did not disappoint in the slightest. This implement definitely puts the “spicy” into one of Nessa’s Spicy Spankings. I almost want to include it in my regular rotation for future spankings. It really has the perfect density, fluidity, and size to deliver a rather nasty stinging swat. And while it meted out some extremely spicy swats to my backside, I still prefer (again, just my opinion) the Brown Paddle…

Fifth Implement – Belt (from Joey), total 40 lashes

So, this was an impromptu belt lashing. As you can see in the video, I was still acting up even after Joey used the Mean Red Rubber Hand on me. For some reason, I requested additional swats; I guess I felt I needed an attitude adjustment 😬. Joey, as always, was more than happy to oblige.

pretty backside post-spankingAs some of you already know, the belt is one of my favorites to give and receive. Unfortunately, we stopped recording because we all thought the spanking was over. But it truly was the perfect way to end a damn good spicy punishment. Well, punishment for me. 🤔

In conclusion, the following is how I’d rank my own experience with the Spanking Machine and the implements I chose for it:

  1. Brown Paddle – Pain 4 (on Level 6) | Pain 5 (on Level Max)
  2. Red Cane of Pain – Pain 7 (on Level 5)
  3. Bath Brush – Pain 2 (on Level 6)

So now that MY turn is over…it’s time for someone else’s trip to the Woodshed.

Tick tock, tick tock Joey…(do you hear that belt?)

Note from Joey: Do I hear that belt? 🤨 Hey! You ASKED for that spanking. I just was being nice enough to oblige you. And if you’d like, I can oblige you some more! 😊

I’m sure I’m going to pay for that, but…I will say this…Nessa took a hell of a whuppin’. I was actually pretty impressed, and even felt a little bad about how bad her butt got wrecked. I mean…sh*t, look at that picture. In the video, you can hear my surprise as soon as I take a look at her backside post-spanking. She’s…uh…hmm…OK…not as big a baby as I previously thought. Dem’s jokes Nessa! Dem’s jokes!

Buy the full video here – Containing a total of 245 Total Swats – Nessa vs The Spanking Machine

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