Real DD Spanking Compilation Videos

If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve released two spanking compilation videos! The first one we did included nothing but paddle spankings, and at the end of this last weekend, we released “All About The Belt”, a video with…yep, you guessed it…just belt spankings. 😉

We had heard from many readers and viewers of our videos, that they just wanted to see the paddle in action, or just the belt in action. So, that’s exactly what we have done.

If seeing a good hard paddling is your thing, then you’ll love this paddle spanking compilation video…

fm paddling compilation

As it shows a total of 126 HARD paddle swats from Jess to my backside.

As I was putting this together and watching Jess wreck my backside again, I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I get just before a trip to the woodshed. That said, watching it was much better than going through it! 😂

Here are just some of the comments we’ve received about it…

“…this video did not disappoint.”

“Authenticity can not be topped, and WQ is the best!”

“Great paddling! Excellent. Love your beautiful bare feet too.”

“The paddles in the hands of The Wicked Queen did a fine job on Joey’s bottom!”

“As hard as Jess was paddling, I would be bawling within the first 10 swats! Well taken Joey!”

Next up…All About The Belt

Oh my goodness, does Jess know how to swing a belt! And that comes through quite clearly in this belt spanking compilation video.

f/m belt spanking compilation

This video shows a total of 206 HARD belt swats / lashes, with her infamous Wicked Italian leather belt.

This thing has blistered and bruised my butt on many, many occasions. And after you watch this video, you’ll know EXACTLY why!

“Nice hard belt spankings.”

“Great video. Love his reactions.”

We’ve already received a handful of comments on this one as well, even though we JUST released it at the end of last week.

“I know like me and many other gents, the Queen and prince’s lifestyle filled with love and structure (and leather belts) – while a sight to behold and hear, surely must scare the bejeebers out of you/me – as it should!”

Very nice set of whuppins to Joey’s backside, Jess! Great job, i enjoyed it a lot. It always makes me envious that he gets from You, the strict and severe punishment he deserves. Love the verbal that plays out during the beltings, too.

I’m regret to inform you that I have been BEHAVING myself. And watching these videos is adding to the length of my good behavior. Why? Because Jess has mentioned both the CANE, and the Wicked Strap for contenders in my next trip to the woodshed. 🤔

Sorry fellas, but I’m not rushing into that one! 😂

fm paddling compilation

f/m belt spanking compilation


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New to DD

My wife and I are new to DD and your site has been most informative.

I was curious to know if you (as a couple) offer advice to couples that are new to the FLR and DD lifestyle.

I typically get multiple swats with multiple paddles. Then I get the belt; she gives it to me with a vengeance. As an encore, she will finish up with canes, and finally a spanking birch. My ass is typically purple for days after a trip to the woodshed. These are sessions that I don’t forget for quite some time.

Nonetheless, before I’ve had time to recover, if she feels my attitude and/or behavior is unacceptable, she never hesitates to bend me over the bed for correction.

Is my wife taking advantage of my backside, or is this what I signed up for?

Any thoughts?

All the best!

The Wicked Queen

Hi there and thanks for the comment. It is usually me on here responding on the daily, but we’re both open to offer our thoughts, insights and opinions as it pertains to this lifestyle.

Sounds like your wife gives you quite the thrashing. After Joey has had a trip to the woodshed, he is usually good for a month or two. But if he were to act up before then, he’d be reminded of the power I have and the pain I can bring. That said…if he ever felt I was going too hard, or if a spanking wasn’t warranted, I would certainly listen and we’d talk about it. We got into our “sweet spot”, with lots of communication. Before a spanking, sometimes during, and certainly afterwards. It is important that both of you be on the same page, and that it remains consensual.

The spankings I give Joey are very real, but I’ve learned just how far I need to take him, and when I need to stop. I don’t like spanking on a backside that is still marked. But in our case, that really doesn’t happen.

Hope this helps, and hope to hear from you again! 🙂

New to DD


Thanks for your response.

Our communication after a “real spanking” has been incredible. Nonetheless, I think that Queen B (QB) and I would both agree that our communication(s) before, and during my spankings could use some improvement.

Thanks again for your words of wisdom.

All the best!

AC – New to DD

The Wicked Queen

Glad to hear about the communication post spanking has been incredible. That’s awesome. Communication “during”, can be a bit odd, and you’ll find in time, that she’ll be able to read your body language during a spanking instead. Good to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. 🙂

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