Readers Choice Spanking – Scheduled

UPDATE: It Happened! Actually ended up happening on SATURDAY – July 23rd, 2022.

Here’s the blog post describing the spanking. & the video of it.

The original Date was rescheduled…

Here’s what happened. Kinda’ funny story.

woodshed with strapSo Joey and I have children. We don’t talk about them on here because it is outside the scope of what this blog is about. And no, they don’t know about “this thing of ours”. Anyway, two are grown up and out of the house, and one younger child is still at home. So we had arranged to drop off the youngest, with the oldest, so they could hang out and spend time together. This was also going to provide me ample time to take Joey to the woodshed. After I dropped the youngest off, Joey and I then spent the next couple hours preparing the “woodshed” rooms to record this spanking. As this was going to be the first woodshed whuppin’ in this new house, we needed to figure a few camera angles out. Due to the OTK spanking that is going to start the whole spanking, we’re recording that in one room, and then immediately going into a different room to record the remainder of the spanking.

So we set up an overhead camera for the OTK Spanking. And in the other room, we had set up a spanking horse, a black backdrop sheet, lights, cameras, etc. We obviously don’t have a professional studio, but in an effort to keep our anonymity and mitigate the amount of “blurring” we have to do, we tested the view from both cameras in their respective locations, until we got it as best as we could to capture the actual spanking in both locations.

We were ready to start, when Joey double checks his phone for memory. Check. I check my phone’s memory…Houston, we have a problem. Both my internal storage and micro SD card are almost full. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Ok, so I take a lot of pictures and video. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

So Joey starts moving the largest files from my phone to his computer, to free up space. Well, the bigger the file being transferred, the longer it takes. After an additional 10 minutes, he finally says, “Ok, I think that should be good.” and unplugged my phone from the computer, when his phone rings.

It’s is our oldest child. Convo went like this…

Joey: Hey!

Child: Hi! What you guys up to?

Joey: Oh, just sitting here with your Mom going over some bills and budget stuff.

Child: Oh, that’s cool.

Joey: What are you guys doing?

Child: We actually just went for ice cream and are heading back. Figured you guys are on the way, so I’d drop off the little one.

Joey: Oh, ok. Or we could come pick up a little later?

Child: Well…I just figured I’d save you a trip since I was so close.

Joey: Ah. About how far out are you?

Child: Oh, probably just a couple minutes.

As Joey and look at each other with matching “OH SHIT” looks. 😳😳 He continues quite calmly…

Joey: Ok great. See you guys in a bit!

Mad dash around the house to UN-do, the woodshed rooms, lights, tripods, mics, etc…Oh it was quite the scene. LOL.

While I went to meet them at the front door, Joey finished throwing the rest of things in our closet and under the bed. Then came out to join us.

They came in, the youngest went out back to play, and we had a nice visit with the eldest.

While I was disappointed in not being able to take care of Joey’s backside, I’m glad we got a phone call, and that they didn’t just come home. That could’ve been…interesting. Whew.

Even Joey was like, “Damn…I wasn’t looking forward to the spanking obviously, but I WAS looking forward to it being over with and behind me.” Of course that didn’t stop him from smarting off later that night, and me taking his own belt to him around 10 times.

SO…we are pushing back another week. Where we’ll try it again. This time, I’ve tasked Joey with making sure there is PLENTY of memory on both our camera/phones the day BEFORE, if not earlier.

Also, we now have a good idea of how to set everything up, so it shouldn’t take that long. We’re also going to suggest them going to a movie, so we know the timeline beforehand.

Anyway…just wanted to share that funny story with you regarding the delay.

The Wicked Queen signature



——————–End Update—————————-

Well, ladies and gentlemen…You all have been inquiring about it, and asking for it…so I’m pleased to announce that we FINALLY have a trip to the woodshed scheduled! As I have mentioned previously…Joey has gotten a variety of impromptu spankings over the past 6 months to maybe even a year, but it has been a minute since I tanned his backside with a full on woodshed whuppin’. Well…mark your calendars…that is happening this Wednesday, June 29th, 2022.

pointing out june 29th

As you can see…it is just two days away. Yes…T-Minus 2!

And even though I fully contend that I am NOT a sadist…I have to tell you, with as bratty and arrogant as Joey has been these past few weeks; I am almost giddy with excitement to give him the spanking he so well deserves.

You hear that Joseph! GIDDY at the thought of blistering your backside. Oh he’s SO earned this trip to the woodshed, and unfortunately for him, it recently dawned on me that we never did do the Reader’s Choice Whuppin’. What a great spanking to address his errant behind.

To refresh your memory, here’s what’s on deck from the Readers Choice post with the results from all of you who voted. Again, to those who participated…thanks for taking the time to read, review and vote for the implement of your choice!

Hopefully you found that as fun as I did! So, if you haven’t seen the updated results on that post, here they are:

As for which sandal…

which sandal poll closed

which sandal poll results graph

Clear winner here with my leather t-strap sandal. I personally thought the Tan Thong sandals were going to win and Joey thought the Black & White sandals were going to win. But the classic leather T-strap won by far. And as I mentioned, it has been a while since I spanked Joey with it. I look forward to scorching his backside fast and furiously with this sandal when the time comes. I’m even going to wear them the day of to get that leather as pliable and butt whoopin’ ready as possible. πŸ˜‰ And yes, it is going to be an OTK spanking as many of you have asked to see.

leather t-strap sandal

taking leather sandal off

Now for the paddle vote…

which paddle poll closed

which paddle poll results

Both Joey and I thought the Spencer paddle would be the clear winner but you all surprised us. While the Spencer paddle started out as the front runner, it lost steam and the Long Paddle with Holes took over the lead and went on to win. Still a bit closer than the sandal race/poll.

spanking paddle with holes

I have given Joey some attitude adjusting swats with this paddle earlier in the year, but it hasn’t been part of a full on spanking in a long time. I’m sure it will not disappoint!

And in between these two implements, I’m going to take my Italian leather belt off, double it over and give him a belting he won’t soon forget.

fm belt spanking

So to recap…

Sandal spanking OTK – immediately followed by a good belting – immediately followed a paddling with the paddle shown above. I might even incorporate a bonus round with the new wooden paddle with holes that we’re selling as pictured here.

So…Woodshed Whuppin’ Wednesday. Has a nice ring to it, eh?

I’m going to go get him and ask him to share his thoughts about his upcoming DD spanking session.

From Joey…

Well…I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it. So I just try not to think about it. I know it is coming. I know I deserve it. And as I may have stated before…I know she certainly deserves to give it to me. It is going to be a rough one. And watching her walk around in those sandals during the day is going to be an ominous reminder of what will be coming my way. Honestly, I wish it were happening today so we could just get it over with. But…I guess I just get to wait until Wednesday.

Thank you my love. And if you weren’t such a brat, I’d almost feel sorry for you. But you have been, and so I don’t. I am a firm believer in justice being served, and the guilty getting their punishment due. Remember the Long Overdue Belting story?

So barring some unforeseen event or emergency, the spanking will happen Wednesday. Then I or Joey will write a post about it, and Joey will put the video together for those who wish to buy the download. He’ll also put together a short free preview video that we’ll post on our SpankingTube profile.

If I had to guess, I would say that Joey is going to be properly motivated to get that video up sooner than later. I would say it will be available for download a week from Wednesday. In fact Joey, I’m going to make that a hard deadline. So I suggest you make that deadline or have a VERY good reason for not making it. Because if you don’t…I’m sure I’ll come up with a consequence, that will be unpleasant on an already sore bottom.

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So if I may was there one thing that pushed you over the edge to make it happen?


Interesting… I also am to be spanked on Wednesday, the 29th. Nothing like what you have planned but it will be done by two female dominants.


Rather you than me Joe!
Sounds like you won’t want to be sitting for a while……good luck !


Thanks Glenmore. Yeah, I was setting up the “woodshed” with Jess, when she noticed your comment to me while she was checking in on the site, and asked me to reach out real quick. We’re moments away and yeah…in my brain, I can hear this voice saying, “Well shit…it seemed like a good idea at the time.” LOL. And uh-oh…I just got the “Hurry up.” from Jess. She’s starting her transformation into the Wicked Queen. 😨


Sounds like Jess is looking forward to the event a lot more than you are Joe…..which is the way it’s supposed to be . Well I hope you survive to tell the ‘tail’ (pardon the pun!)


Hi Joey, like you, after a severe spanking there is zero hanky panky for several days for me. I sit gingerly for several days. But my Queen usually is still upset with me and very demanding and sometimes for the tiniest of infractions gives me a spanking on an already sore butt! Therefore prolonging the time before I sample her lovely caresses. She says my long yearnings for her are now a part of my punishment.


Coincidently, my wife gave me a real blistering yesterday also. It was our anniversary, and to remind me who is boss, plus she said I was overdue, she gave me a combo of belt, paddle, and switch. She had me strip and bend over the couch, legs spread, and not coincidently with the blinds open. She really went to town on my ass until I could hardly stand and was crying. It didn’t help that she gave my balls a few swats as well. After was a long corner time with hands on my head.


Dearest Queen, I suggest a Christmas Gift for Joey – an adjustable computer table, so when Joey’s bottom is well scorched, he can β€œSTAND AND TYPE β€œ. He won’t have an excuse not to type! My wife likes to pinch my sore bottom when I’m standing & typing.πŸ‘


Hmm….I thought we might have an update from Joey by now , but I just realized it will likely be days until he can sit down at a computer!

Don Edwards

Well heck! I thought it was going to be a threesome, so to speak, you, me and cowboy. Well Joey, I did get my comeuppance, sort of. My mouth got me into trouble and I ended up getting that new belt you recommended to me, used on me. It is now my favorite implement to HATE! I didn’t actually cry, but I yelled so much I was horse. I’m sure the neighbors heard something. But I’m still not off the hook, Since it is my birthday on Saturday I was told I would be getting my age (75 YIKES!) in strokes. And what do you want to bet that since my reaction was the strongest to that wicked belt, it will be that one used. I shall report back, if I’m able!


Yeah, that belt can have a wicked bite for sure. Especially when that doubled over part, bites just on the side of the butt cheek. Good luck on the up coming spanking! πŸ™‚


Phew! Close call indeed Jess.
It was probably s godsend that your phone was full or the ‘event’ may have been in full swing when the kids arrived home!
Even so , I think somebody may deserve a spanking for letting her phone memory fill up?


Haha, yeah Jess…maybe we SHOULD address your memory being filled up by way of a spanking? LOL Thanks Glenmore…I think. 😬


I think he’s got you Jess !


I’m thinking “6 of the best” w/the water soaked cane, for that offense, right before the trip to the woodshed ought to curb that behavior in the future! Plus your OTK time will be much more productive w/less effort on your part after that little “warm up”.

Besides, it would give us all a chance to view your caning technique πŸ˜‰


Before or after a dinner party? I was given a punishment spanking before a dinner party (my choice). Undoubtedly a Bad choice. Why? Because She was still very angry and really swung her bath brush with zero mercy to the tune of 60 horrendous swats! Needless to say I was in tears while dressing for the party, and during the party I was sitting in constant pain. Had I waited til after the party, maybe after a few drinks she would have mellowed and been easier on my poor bottom. She also lectured me to and from the party. Warning me that if I had imbibed too much, that the bath brush would be waiting for me for another dose. I can’t imagine getting two punishment spankings in the same day! Whew! Have you ever spanked Joey twice in one day?

Once After a fierce PS about a few hours later, I foolishly answered her harshly in front of a neighbor. That resulted my receiving 12 of the best with the cane, bringing me to tears twice in one day!


Happy 4th of July you two!


I am indeed Jess , and we had a similar fun day up here on July 1st.
Looking forward to hear about the ‘fireworks’ when Joey eventually gets that trip to the woodshed!


She says the the initials β€œPS” (for punishment spanking) in public to secretly let me know what will happen to my bottom very soon. She may whisper it in my ear, or draw a giant P & S in the air giving me a stern look. It takes my breath away when she does that! So i knowingly pushed the envelope with her patience last week as she left to go grocery shopping making a few remarks which riled her to the point of her making stern eye contact with me. She left without saying anything so I thought I was safe. While she was shopping she texted me β€œPS for you between 11:30 & Noon! Bath brush, frat paddle, and the cane! L P.S. I love you! 😁” She prepared lunch for the both of us around noon, but i had to stand while eating.


Hey Joey, have you ever gotten an out of the blue, text from your Queen saying, β€œYou are barbecuing Brats for dinner! hmph you are long overdue. Do you want your punishment spanking before or after supper?” That happened to me. At 10am I had ALL day to think about my choice. This time I chose afterwards to the tune of of 70 strokes with several instruments. So after dinner I resumed my yard work, because sitting on my well swollen butt would be excruciatingly painful!


Not out of the blue. I generally have an idea if I’ve got a spanking coming. But she WILL communicate that sometimes via text or IM. It is always a daunting message to receive.


Happy 4th of July! Something about the rockets’ red glare made me think of how my bottom should look on a regular basis, beet red with lots of purple spots all over it. But nobody here to tend to me that way. So i thought i’d visit here, and i enjoyed this story immensely. You did dodge a big bullet, but maybe a guardian angel caused the delays so you both would not get caught by the young-uns. i am so anxious to see the video available to download! A woodshed whuppin’ is definitely what i know i need, and for now i’ll have to live vicariously through Joey getting his and getting it GOOD, i’m sure. Keep on doing what You do so well!

Don Edwards

Hey Joey: If everything is on schedule it’s T minus approx 24 hours. For me my birthday spanking happened. He made me wait till bedtime. He was in exceptional form. I got 25 hand spanking over his knee, then moved to the bed where I got 25 with the ping pong paddle. I’ve had that before but it never stung like that. He must have had a good swing going. I was hollering and yelling before he was half way through that 25, then he moved to the J.J Bean belt. He has learned very quickly how to make it hurt the most. More hollering and yelling and when I got hoarse I just bit the duvet and prayed it would be over. Then it was 75 and I thought I was done. I breathed a sigh of relief, BUT he grabbed the ping pong paddle and wailed on me at least 20-30 more. My voice was gone my eyes were wet, (I didn’t realize I had cried. When I got up quite shaky I asked why the extra. He just smiled and said,” I just felt like giving it) Wow, that guy is turning into my very own Nasty King. I’d better watch myself around him.


Almost 2 weeks delay….you must be going crazy waiting for this one Joey? I know i would!


Yikes! Another week…..poor Joe must be on tenterhooks!
I suppose you are enjoying stoking the fire in the meantime by teasing him about the blistering you will be giving him?


Too bad you can’t provide a live feed Jess….
There would be quite an audience willing to pay for that !
The first zoom spanking!

Don Edwards

I think we all are on tender hooks. The phrase” Mi casa es su casa” in this instance is “your suffering is our suffering! We are with you in spirit Joey!

Don Edwards

Wicked Queen. I may not be Joey or be able to take what he takes, but I had a taste of if last night. when my partner got home, he didn’t ask about dinner or if he could help, he took a nap. So when I had made dinner and went seaching for him he was on his computer. I was miffed and gave him the silent treatment during dinning and afterwards. What I had forgotten was Wednesday’s are my usual maintenance spanking. when I came out from my shower I found the spanking chair in the bedroom. I ignored it and went to bed. Shortly he came in and sat in the chair and ordered me naked and over his knee. He spanked me bare hand to bare ass so fiercely that I was hollering after just a few swats. I don’t remember just how many, I was concentrating on pain control. Next he went for the ping pong paddle. I don’t know what possessed me to buy the damned thing. I thought it would be easy to take. In his hands it’s very stingy and I was hollering again. I was determined not to break, but it was tough going. I got I think about 50 swats. It usually is over when I get the paddle. He ordered me up an to lay across the bed. That’s when he usually takes pity on me and rubs some lotion. However I was horrified when instead he went to the closet and brought out my new and conditioned brown belt. He swung that with the greatest vigor. Some of the swats really hurt. I was clutching the duvet and screaming into it. I really didn’t count how many, I would guess another 50. when it was over we both looked at the result. There were quite a few welts on my backside. I knew then that he had somehow mastered the art of twisting the belt as he swung it to make the edge contact my flesh. Tearfully I asked him if he cared that I was in exquisite pain. He just said “nope!”


it is July 24th now… it feels so strange to know that today the Wicked Queen will awaken and will unleash Her wrath (or maybe She has already done so?). She will end one circle of submission and initiate a new one. Her anger will be unleashed; tears will flow, skin will be marked, submission will be restored, and helpless kisses of true devotion will be presented to Her soles while She looks on. Maddening fear of the inescapable will be followed by pain, and pain will lead to submission. It will be painful, cathartic, and beautiful.


Interesting to see all the odd numbers 59, 51 , 31 ,13?
Joey is likely happy you kept the total under 200 !


waiting… waiting… waiting…


Sorry, but I was referring to a video of a caning πŸ˜‰

Don Edwards

Well, heck. I was worried sick for poor Joey on the 24th and only to find out it happened a day before.

Don Edwards

HI WQ…. and that’s what makes you the wicked queen! (He got what he deserved) Can poor (and I will refer to him as that for at least a couple more days) Joey sit down yet.
Although I have no real problem sitting I still feel the sting after my own discipline last Wednesday. But I guess that’s the point! Cheers to both of you. Joey and Jess, just keep things hopping πŸ˜‰


very proud and happy to hear that You liked my comment, Ma’am πŸ™‚ needless to say, i was over the moon to see that You and Your husband decided to honour me by sharing a slightly edited version of my comment in Your last entry :)))


well life happens..;) we are all human

quick question…and It may have been spoke of in the past…Do you keep joey chaste?


well I do understand that chaistiy … its not for everyone.. and believe it or not it can be quite complex.. but we will speak about that another time if you wish.. My wife and I have been together over 15 years now… we always dabbled in the kink bdsm thing… (chastity) being on of her favorites.. but the last few months.. she has had an urge to switch or cane me every friday night for “stress reasons” and i am ok with that because me on the receiving end it also relives stress for me.. With that said with her becoming much more active with DD…should i be a little concerned with her becoming ummm lets say very strict in time?


well the weekly or Friday night sessions are not bad at all.. they are more of funishmnet spankings… (with the cane or switch she likes the welts they leave) I am not sore the next day..maybe one or two tender spots… not much… Now as you said  β€œBe careful what you wish for.” .. trust me i am not wishing for it lol (20 years ago ummm yep i did) see here’s the problem (for me of course) she is starting to lets say enjoy it to much…(of course that’s my opinion) almost scared she might turn in to your style of wife…and trust me there nothing wrong with that,,,but it always put a little fear in back of my brain,,


ohhh and one more question if you do not mind Ma’am why do you use water to soak your canes in? dont get me wrong I understand that your adding a little weight and density… but why not soak them in Linseed oil or menial oil instead? You may only have to soak them in the oils maybe once a a year … and they will always be ready,,,


well now that you say that…. ummm sticky no … but a slight tacky at best… i guess i would compare it a post it not that has been restuck 50 times…as far as the oil slinging out… because i will soak it in the oil for a few days then hang it up and let it drain a few days… these canes are about 5 years old now. And like i said they are hardly used but have become used more often the past few months..just seems to me soaking in water would cause to to prematurely rot… but thats just my thoughts of it …


well i thank you for the info… it is much appreciated


It’s breathtaking

Don Edwards

Hi Wicked Queen and of course Joey. As I have now watched the latest woodshed whuppin again, and still wince with every stroke. I have also read the comments you made in your frustration at not getting the scene done. I noticed that WQ you described your frustration at not having it done by saying “I can hardly wait to light him up” Well it’s obvious what you meant and while I’ve never heard that phrase before, I took note. Then I started watching police chases and a few time the comment was ” I hope the cop lights him up”, meaning to turn on the strobing cruiser lights. So there are two meanings for that phrase. Then I thought of a legion of tough minded ladies on call to deal with speeders and other law breakers. Then as well as a ticket or a trip to jail they could be hauled out of their cars and put over said lady’s knee and given their own “woodshed whuppin’. I LIKE THAT!

Don Edwards

You really mean that with all his other faults, he speeds too??? Does he manage to avoid telling you and just pay the fine, or does he have to ‘fess up and get whupped for that. I have to admit that I used to be a habitual speeder. I have owned quite a few street monsters. However in my acquired wisdom I try to settle down and not speed. BUT I do own a Mazda and like the old ads used to say, “ZOOM-ZOMM” I really think the car is programmed to speed! πŸ˜‰

Don Edwards

I think I have too many faults. In being together for over 40 years, I think my partner has just gotten used to them. When I know I’ve screwed up I start a cold sweat and wait for the punishment I deserve, then it doesn’t happen. I hate to have to remind him, it snubs the effect of being of him being all over me when he knows I’ve screwed up. I haven’t had a speeding ticket in a long….long time. That makes me cocky behind the wheel and I overdo it when I think I can get away with it. Oh, boy and what you would do to poor Joey’s butt before a safety lecture. The even worst would be for people around him to notice his discomfort and enquire about his health. I’m sure his face would be as red as his butt

Don Edwards

I guess I have a 1 up on Joey in that case. My very best friend was apprised to the new reality regarding head of the household. I wasn’t embarressed in telling and explaining, but after only 3 days into his visit I was hugely embarassed by being ordered upstairs and suffering a 50 wallop painful paddling, presuming my friend heard everything The NEW reality


My wife recently TEXTED ME WORDS THAT ALWAYS CHILL ME TO THE BONE, β€œI’m using the BATH BRUSH TONIGHT, RIGHT AFTER SUPPER. My dear, You know that you’ve certainly earned it.” So I slept on my stomach that night & I thought the throbbing in my butt would never stop! I hate the bath brush and she knows that.

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