The Wicked Cane

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A new implement worthy of the “WICKED” moniker…

The Wicked Cane is now available.

This sexy but mean AF cane is approximately 22 inches long, with a diameter of 3/8″, and weighs 2.36 ounces. The handle has nice comfortable foam type grip to benefit the hand of the spanker.

**NOTE: This implement CAN be used with the Spanking Machine**

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Like many implements, this cane can be used a various different levels:

Extreme – During my “Quality Assurance” testing, I gave Joey a couple hard lashes with this across his butt. And even with his shorts and underwear still on, his reaction told me that this was and should be offered among the “Wicked” series of implements. I thought about giving him some lashes on the bare butt, however he has been behaving pretty well as of late, and I’m not a cruel Queen, and so I didn’t. But I can assure you that if you’re a harder player, or have a sub who has a higher pain tolerance, and you need to “get through”…this can certainly do the job.

Limited Capacity – Like the Wicked Whip, if your significant other is unable to swing hard for whatever reason, this cane doesn’t take a lot of swing strength to get someone’s attention.

Beginners – This is a great length for beginners at approximately 22″ long. With just the right about of flex, it is easy to aim and land it exactly where you want to land it, and at the intended strength in which you intended it to land with. Longer canes, and canes with more flex, can take a little more practice to dial your aim in.

Self-Spanking – If you haven’t found that special someone to tan your backside. This is another implement lends itself well to self-spanking, due to its shorter length. AND again, you don’t need a full swing for it to be effective. I actually tried it out myself, and I can honestly say that the sting from it, is greater than most would want. In other words…if you want to teach yourself a lesson…this can oblige you.

Works with The Spanking Machine – Last but not least, this implement works well with the Spanking Machine.

Whatever you’re into, this is an implement that can do it all.

Note: For Novelty Purposes Only. This novelty toy is intended to be used between consenting adults. We assume no responsibility for any damage by use of this product. If using for impact play, we highly recommend using it very softly, until you are comfortable with its spanking properties.

Product is made of ABS.

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