Spanking Paddle with Holes

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This 1/2″ thick paddle recently featured in Joey’s trip to the Woodshed – Joey Gets Wrecked, where I literally wrecked his butt and broke him down. That said, it is a great paddle on many fronts. While you’ve seen what it can do if applied harshly, it is also a good starter paddle for those just getting into the ~swing~ of things. 😉  As it is easy to control, and you can just give light to medium swats to your favorite spankee. And because of its compact size, it is a good paddle for OTK (over the knee) spankings.

This paddle is 14″ long, just over 3″ wide, and just over 1/2″ thick. It has five 1/2″ diameter holes that have been beveled. Beveled holes are important as they greatly diminish the risk of breaking skin on the bottom, where the holes are on the paddle.

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This is currently my favorite spanking paddle. I like how it feels in my hand, and how the solid connection feels when I land a swat on Joey’s butt. It is a shorter paddle, but don’t let that fool you…on the bare butt, even medium swats STING! And of course hard swats, will have the spankee begging for mercy, and promising to be good.

Note: This is the paddle that I used to totally wreck Joey’s butt in our latest spanking video Joey Gets Wrecked. After giving him 102 swats with my slippers, and 60 swats with my doubled over leather belt, I finished him off with 20 HARD swats with this paddle. And that’s what broke him down and wrecked his butt the most. It IS a formidable spanking paddle.

Note: For Novelty Purposes Only. This novelty toy is intended to be used between consenting adults. We assume no responsibility for any damage by use of this product. If using for impact play, we highly recommend starting very lightly, until you are comfortable with its spanking properties.

Product is made of wood. Price is for 1 paddle.

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3 reviews for Spanking Paddle with Holes

  1. Roy Wells (verified owner)

    I just ordered the last one of these paddles and since I’m sure Gloria will want to test it out on my bare rear as soon as received, I promise to report how it feels. Stand-by.

  2. Roy Wells (verified owner)

    This paddle really means business. When we received it Gloria couldn’t wait to get my pants down and over her knee for a good-night spanking which she delivered with great vigor. I admit to being a real jerk these last few days but I didn’t expect 50 strokes from this paddle on my bare behind, given at full force, to sting as bad as they did and still do. If you’ve been bad this paddle will for sure, straighten you out. Gloria has promised me that she will use it often.

  3. jackbrat

    So a while back i made the “mistake” of ordering this paddle. i had figured, yeah, it looks like it means business, but i figured it would be something that would not really GIVE me the business. Well…. When it arrived, i eagerly took it out of the package and looked it over, and a soft voice deep inside me whispered, oh, noooo… But i ignored that (second “mistake”) and took it home. Showed it to my Wife (THIRD “mistake”) and told Her that i was curious how it would feel to be spanked with it. Since She really is vanilla (and loves me enough to spank me when She believes i deserve to be punished or when i admit i just really need one), i did not think the “then and there” would come into play (FOURTH “mistake”!) She just shrugged and said, “Let’s try it”, and before i knew it i was over the edge of the bed with my pants down and She was swinging this new paddle down across both of my lower cheeks. YIKES! She does swing with some vigor anyway, but not like The Wicked Queen demonstrates in Her videos. No matter. This paddle is VERY effective at getting my attention, feeling the impact deeply, and quickly wishing my spanking was over. Afterwards, She smiled and said it felt very comfortable in Her hand and that She liked it– a lot. She has since used it on me several times to punish me, including this afternoon. So after this spanking, i came here to see if i could leave a review, and now i sit on a very sore bottom to tell you that THIS paddle is one very effective implement that a Spanker will love and a spankee will regret big-time providing to his Lady to spank him with!

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