Spanking Paddle with Holes

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This 1/2″ thick paddle is a great paddle on many fronts. It is a good starter paddle for those just getting into the ~swing~ of things. 😉  As it is best used to give light to medium swats to the spankee. It is also lightweight and easy to handle, making it a great paddle for OTK (over the knee) spankings.

This paddle is 14″ long, just over 3″ wide, and just over 1/2″ thick. It has five 1/2″ diameter holes that have been beveled. Beveled holes are important as they greatly diminish the risk of break skin where there holes are.

Last but not least, I personally coated the handle for ease of grip as well as providing a some reduction of any “spanking paddle vibration”.

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NOTE: One might think that a 1/2″ thick paddle is pretty stout, and it can be. But, this paddle can and will break if you start to spank too hard with it. If you’re looking to take your paddling game up to the next level, or are a “heavy hitter”. Then perhaps this Acrylic paddle is a better paddle for you. Virtually impossible to break. That said, don’t underestimate this spanking paddle. On the bare butt and without a warmup, even medium swats will STING!

Note: This is the paddle that I used at the end of the Readers’ Choice Spanking, where I gave Joey 13 with it. And if you’ve seen the video…you know I was spanking pretty hard with it.

Note: For Novelty Purposes Only. This novelty toy is intended to be used between consenting adults. We assume no responsibility for any damage by use of this product. If using for impact play, we highly recommend starting very lightly, until you are comfortable with its spanking properties.

Product is made of wood and has a rubber grip. Price is for 1 paddle.

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2 reviews for Spanking Paddle with Holes

  1. Roy Wells (verified owner)

    I just ordered the last one of these paddles and since I’m sure Gloria will want to test it out on my bare rear as soon as received, I promise to report how it feels. Stand-by.

  2. Roy Wells (verified owner)

    This paddle really means business. When we received it Gloria couldn’t wait to get my pants down and over her knee for a good-night spanking which she delivered with great vigor. I admit to being a real jerk these last few days but I didn’t expect 50 strokes from this paddle on my bare behind, given at full force, to sting as bad as they did and still do. If you’ve been bad this paddle will for sure, straighten you out. Gloria has promised me that she will use it often.

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