Spanking Assignment by The MEAN Queen

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Many are already asking, so here it is…A Spanking Assignment by Nessa aka The Mean Queen.

As soon as payment is received, our system will send you a link to a Spanking Assignment Form, which you will fill out in detail and submit to me. The form will automatically be sent to me as soon as you hit the “Submit” button.

Within 36 to 48 hours, my response and your Spanking Assignment will be sent to you via email. The actual “Spanking Assignment” will be in PDF format so you can print it out if you like and keep it for reference, a souvenir…or as a reminder of what happens when you’re bad.

Disclaimer: Intended as a novelty. The owners of will not be responsible for any injury or damage you cause or create if you or someone else acts out any of the actions or direction contained in the forthcoming Punishment Sentence / Assignment.

Discreet Billing Charge will show as “S&S Images”.

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Are you SURE you want to subject yourself to a spanking from ME? As Jess has mentioned and I’m SURE Joey would agree…I DO have a bit of a MEAN streak in me. So…don’t come to me unless you’re prepared to accept what I’m about to “give” you.

Each Spanking Assignment will be reviewed by me and the punishment I sentence you to, will be custom and specific to YOU and your transgression or misdeed.

How it will work…

Those that want or feel they need/deserve this, will buy a “Punishment From Nessa” product.

After you do, you’ll receive an automated email with a link to a questionnaire form, along with initial instructions.

Questions like…

What have you done to earn a spanking?

What spanking implements do you have available to you?

Do you wish to be scolded? (Note: within the punishment citation email).

Do you wish to be humiliated? (Note: within the punishment citation email).

Are you open to corner time?

Are you open to writing lines?

There are other questions as well. Then I will UNLEASH my Mean Queen persona to personally review your transgression(s), and review your answers. After my review of all the information, I will hand down your sentence/punishment in a personalized form aka Punishment Citation, along with instructions on how I suggest you carry out your spanking.

Allow for 36-48 hours to receive your Spanking Assignment

NOTE: Because I am going to personally review, respond, and assign a spanking unique to each case…there are only going to be a small number of these available initially, until I figure out how many of these I can commit to each month. IF I decide to continue doing them at all. THIS MAY VERY WELL BE A ONE TIME THING.

RESTRICTIONS: This is not a sexual thing for me. When filling out the “Spanking Assignment Form”, ANY mention, suggestion or request for me to talk about ANYTHING sexual, will immediately guarantee that I won’t provide the spanking assignment. NO WARNINGS. You’re order will be immediately cancelled.

Last but not least…I will not entertain or speak about diapers, diapering, making you wear any specific clothing or undergarments. No judgement from me, but I’m not into it and therefore will not talk about it or include that in the spanking assignment.

Love and Lashes…

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