Nessa’s 2nd Spanking – Expanding Her Limits

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53 OTK Swats with his Hand
65 Swats with her own Leather Sandal
40 Swats with her own Black Leather Belt
20 Swats with “her favorite” The Wicked Strap
3 Hard Bonus Swats at the end with her Black Leather Belt

181 Total Swats for her spanking.

Shot from two different camera angles – The full 181 swat spanking is captured on both views.
**181 x 2 = 362 Swats Included in this Video**

Total runtime of the video is 19 minutes, 53 seconds.

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As most of you know by now…Nessa aka The Mean Queen has taken to being a disciplinarian like a fish to water. But she continues to want to expand her limits and capacity on the receiving end of spankings. In that vein, she recently requested a “funishment” to be “nicer”. So Joey gladly volunteered for the job! 😅

In her FIRST spanking – Joey’s Revenge she took only 5 swats with his hand, 55+ swats with her Flojo sandal, 25 swats with Joey’s belt and 5 swats with The Wicked Strap, for a total of 90 total swats.

IN THIS VIDEO – she gets a total of 181 swats as broken down above. Clearly stepping up her game.

Joey starts off the spanking by putting her over his knee. While this spanking was a “funishment” spanking, and Joey does respect her limits; there are a couple of moments where Nessa acts out, and Joey rewards her behavior with a harder swat with the belt or the strap.

All in all a very enjoyable and entertaining spanking video.

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1 review for Nessa’s 2nd Spanking – Expanding Her Limits

  1. jackbrat (verified owner)

    Well, well, well… Nessa wants to expand Her spanking intensity experience. And She does get that experience here, though it’s clear Joey is still being nice in just how hard he delivers each spank, swat, and stroke. i told myself before watching that this growth is a step-by-step thing and that you can’t expect too much intensity too quickly, and i was right. In time, maybe Nessa will get that TRUE spanking She may have coming for sassy talk or some other misdeed, but at this point She gets to dictate where she’s spanked and how much so that She can see what the implements can do when raining down harder. Since the dynamic between the two has really started to take firm shape, i don’t know if Joey can really give Nessa a TRUE punishment Woodshed Whuppin’ if and when She earns one, but he does great in delivering what She wants and needs to experience here. It was fun to watch, and again, Nessa, you have a very nice bottom for spanking, especially when it is over the knee! All in all, as i began my review: well, well, well… done!

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