Nessa vs The Spanking Machine

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245 Total Swats for her Spanking!

129 Swats with The Brown Wenge Paddle
40 Swats with The Bath Brush
5 Swats with The Bath Brush by Joey
28 Lashes The Red Cane of Pain
43 Swats Nessa’s “Mean Red Rubber Hand” by Joey

The Most Swats/Lashes Nessa has ever taken!

Total runtime of the video is 12 minutes, 39 seconds.

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As Nessa has eluded to, she wants to keep venturing into deeper waters on the receiving end of spanking. And when we first talked about her getting spanked by the spanking machine, her initial reaction was that she didn’t think it could hurt her.

Well Joey was more that eager to show her its full capabilities. And Nessa quickly changed her mind as the Spanking Machine wrecked her backside! Now she’s a believer!

At Nessa’s request, Joey starts off the spanking machine at its lowest setting “MIN”, or as he calls it “Baby Level”. And just after a few swats Nessa proclaims, “That’s pathetic.” So Joey says, “Well, let’s kick it up ‘a notch’ but then cranks it up to “MAX” and hilarity ensues. After just a few swats on MAX, Nessa is feeling the STING and starts to call for a reduction in intensity. 😂

As usual, the banter between the two is funny, playful and very entertaining.

And in the END, Nessa’s backside is WRECKED! Yes, the spanking machine can lay on a good whuppin’!

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1 review for Nessa vs The Spanking Machine

  1. jackbrat (verified owner)

    This is a documentation of a person’s first experience with the spanking machine the website sells, and what i liked was that while the machine is shown to be able to spank, it does not hide the fact that you have to work with it to get that true spanking from it. And it also shows that you need to find a way to really fasten it TIGHT or else the action of swinging the implement can make the machine move around. But i think those who are intrigued with getting the spanking machine will see that it can work to deliver punishment, but like almost anything in life, you have to practice, practice, practice. And the final close-up of Nessa’s bottom proves that it can be severe if desired. They clearly have fun together using the machine, that’s for sure!

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