Nessa Teaches Joey A Harsh Lesson

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93 HARD Swats with Dense Havaianas Sandal
28 HARD Swats with her Black Leather Belt
26 HARD Lashes with The Red Cane of Pain
5 HARSH Swats with The Wicked Strap
31 EXCRUCIATING Swats with The Wicked White Shower Brush

183 Total Swats/Lashes

The ONLY video to date ending with Joey actually SOBBING

Total runtime of the video is 13 minutes, 6 seconds.

Discreet Billing Charge will show as “S&S Images”.


In only her third time taking Joey to the Woodshed, Nessa The Mean Queen puts her “no-nonsense disciplinarian style” on full display, and has Joey reeling and struggling to maintain position like we’ve never seen before.

Nessa consoling Joey post spankingHere’s another chance for you to watch a consensual, but very REAL life punishment spanking as Nessa once again, reduces Joey not only to tears, but has him sobbing by the end.

Yet, in a very touching moment immediately following the punishment spanking. Nessa comforts him and rubs his back, asking him if he’s OK, and even telling him, “I’m sorry…I may have hurt you…a bit.”

Upgraded Audio: We shot this video with microphones in front of Joey, attached to Nessa, and an ambient mic to better capture dialog AND the swats/lashes. This approach brought forth our best audio of any video we’ve recorded. 🙂

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2 reviews for Nessa Teaches Joey A Harsh Lesson

  1. jackbrat

    You’re SORRY?!?!?!? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. When a naughty boy is SO naughty that he earns that amount of paddling, strapping, and caning, he GETS it to teach him a lesson! Hearing You tell him at the end that You were sorry caught me by surprise. Yes, You “hurt” Joey. It’s a spanking! It’s supposed to hurt! But i don’t think You injured him (other than whatever marks might have developed from it, but that comes with the territory of a good punishment spanking). OK, that said, in no way was i disappointed in getting this video. Nessa really does deliver good punishment strokes to punish naughty Joey, and i do believe from his reaction that he was truly sorry for his behavior that earned him this trip to the woodshed. She is very adept with the belt and cane and the bath brush. Sandals still giving You some issues, Nessa? *smiles* You manage to still make them work. Good verbal throughout by Nessa to make Her points about why Joey was getting this punishment, which i always appreciate. Now that Joey has reached this level of woodshed whuppin’s (and i’m not going to get on his good side here), Nessa needs to reinforce that if he moves, She starts over. And then does so. Joey understandably moves a LOT in this one, but Nessa clearly wanted him to stand still and assume the position and TAKE his punishment. The threat of starting over becoming a reality, i believe, makes any naughty boy try MUCH harder to stay still as the Lady wishes when he is being punished. So i look forward to future videos in which he is really terrified to learn that his spanking IS going to start over again to reinforce Her demands that he stay in proper position for his punishment! Overall, good job, both of you. Oh, and finally, GREAT addition for using the new microphones! The sound in this video was really great to hear!

  2. sm (verified owner)

    The increasing severity & especially concluding audio are really what made the entire clip for me ~ definitely endearing & humanized them greatly.

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