Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed Pt. 1

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The Mean Queen Has Arrived! And gives Joey…

66 Swats with her rubber soled Sandals.
42 Swats with her T-strap Aerosoles Sandals.
35 Swats with her T-strap Rainbow Sandals.
81 Swats with Jess’s leather soled Sandals. – Probably the highlight as she goes off with several rapid fire swats, as hard as she can.

224 total Swats – AND THIS IS just Part 1 of the full spanking!!

Shot from two different cameras, and both FULL spankings are included in this video. In other words…224 x 2 = 448 painful swats contained in this video!

Watch as Nessa channels her Mean Queen and works over Joey’s backside in a calm, but still stern manner. She is a natural spanker!

Total runtime of the video is 16 minutes, 38 seconds.

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Joey’s first domestic discipline spanking from Nessa aka The Mean Queen has just taken place. And the cameras were rolling to capture it!

Watch as Nessa spanks Joey with 4 different pairs of sandals, and let me tell you…she is swinging for the fences!

Nessa is calm, cool but a bit of a smartass. Joey does everything in his power to not let her break him. Will he succeed?

The banter between the two is entertaining as well. Apparently, before the spanking started, Joey told Nessa that…”she hits like a girl”. To which she takes note, and then reminds him of that phrase several times throughout the spanking.

According to Jess aka The Wicked Queen – Nessa is a natural spanker and a quick study…learning how to spank at a faster rate then Jess did, back in the day. 😲

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2 reviews for Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed Pt. 1

  1. jackbrat (verified owner)

    i wasted no time in downloading and watching this much-anticipated video as soon as i saw it was available. And i’m glad it is in two parts, because i’m all the more anxious to get Part 2 as well! This was a great start for Vanessa on video, i feel. Very good paddling with the sandals while making me believe that She will only get better with each punishment She delivers. What could have been jitters about how She felt about Her positioning at the beginning or how She was delivering each swat moved well towards gaining confidence in Her delivering the spanking. i had to laugh at the beginning when The Wicked Queen asked The Mean Queen if She was ready and the reply was, “I was born ready.” It made me flash on the scene in Ocean’s 13 when Danny asks Terry the same question and he gives the same answer before walking away, and Terry does not see the HUGE eye roll that Danny delivers to the camera. i pictured Joey making that same eye roll but safely unobserved doing it (which would have earned more punishment, for sure!).

    i do have to say that the selection of sandals seemed to give Vanessa some challenges in holding them to deliver spanks. Perhaps another selection of them would fit Her hand better, or maybe it just takes some time to naturally get the grip in order to spank expertly with them. i suppose part of the answer to that is “Practice, practice, practice” (sorry, Joey). But Vanessa determinedly set about to try different stroke patterns, backhand and forehand, and made it a thorough spanking. i also believe that this first spanking of Joey’s backside by Vanessa (at least on video) was a bit “looser” than a usual Woodshed Whuppin’. Joey uttered at least a dozen “F bombs” and at least one “S” word, which if i remember correctly would earn him additional punishment from The Wicked Queen. i’m betting things get more intense and with higher protocol with each Woodshed Whuppin’ that Vanessa conducts. And i look forward to seeing all of them when they are produced. Joey, your bottom may say differently, but i will continue to say as i have so many other times: you are one LUCKY guy, all the more now to have TWO Ladies to punish you; one for those private times between You and the Wicked Queen (since i know She will ALWAYS punish you firmly when you have it coming), and one to make sure that you don’t get away with having your spanked bottom put on video for us not-so-fortunate naughty boys to witness! Great job!

  2. Tom (verified owner)

    I can’t wait for part 2. Part 1 was one heck of a spanking, very intense. Jess you picked a good replacement for videos, you are gonna have to step up your game when Nessa is not around. I would love to see her use your belt on Joey in a future video.

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