Nessa Spanks with Her Belt & Two Punishment Straps

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114 Total HARD Swats / Lashes

61 HARD Swats with her Doubled-Over Black Leather Belt
33 HARD Swats with her London Tanner’s Black Leather Paddle/Strap
20 HARD Swats with The Infamous Wicked Strap

This is PART 2 of Joey’s full woodshed whuppin’

In Part 1 she puts him over her knee and spanks him with her toe ring sandal, followed by her red rubber hand!

See: Nessa Spanks Joey OTK

Total runtime of this video is 18 minutes, 35 seconds.

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This is Part 2 of Joey’s List punishment spanking. Where I had jotted down a couple of items that Joey did (or forgot to do), and gave it to Nessa to “take care of business”.

In Part 1, Nessa put Joey over her knee in her first ever OTK Spanking – Nessa Spanks Joey OTK

But in this video, she takes him to our homemade woodshed, and takes off her belt and gives him her best belting to date. Afterwards, Joey even told her, “Great…you’re an expert with the belt now too.”

Nessa then tries out her new London Tanner’s leather punishment paddle / strap, which leaves an impression, but nothing like the Wicked Strap does, which she uses to finish off his spanking, and bringing him to tears.

As usual…a consensual but very real punishment spanking – from our home to yours.

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1 review for Nessa Spanks with Her Belt & Two Punishment Straps

  1. jackbrat (verified owner)

    Having watched Part 1 and seeing the teaser for Part 2, i immediately watched this video after the first one. Again, very pleased with the result here! First off, i write this on July 4th, which seems appropriate, because by the end of the video (having already been spanked thoroughly in Part 1) Joey is definitely white, with a red bottom, and his demeanor is blue! So the patriotic colors are in their own way displayed here. What struck me most (no pun intended, since, sadly, i was NOT the one being punished here) was the tone of Nessa’s voice as She discussed Joey’s transgressions with him. She was firm and serious and calm, but i also detected a touch of (for lack of a better word) hurt that he had repeated the same offenses for which She had punished him before in the Woodshed. Namely, “popping off” and not respecting Her personal time. In the past videos, Nessa’s voice had a sound of “evil pleasure” being taken by getting to have Joey take pain and punishment. Here, The Mean Queen is continuing to grow as a Disciplinarian, not only making Joey’s backside hurt but getting into his soul, too, for how his misbehavior affected Her. She asks him a great question: Why does he keep doing this when he knows She does not want him to and that She will spank him for it. Joey answers that he did so very well for a long time. To me, the reason has to do with Joey’s overall nature, his need for accountability and punishment when he knows he deserves it, and the unconscious (or maybe sometimes conscious) knowledge that these triggers will get under Nessa’s skin to where She will VERY much want to take him to the Woodshed for a very long, hard whuppin’. And we get to benefit from his naughty behavior and Her desire to punish him well. During their conversation, i especially liked when Nessa said, “…over and over and over…” as She strapped him hard on each “over”. And when She used Her belt or strap on the tops of the backs of his thighs, he REALLY reacts to it! Finally, it’s clear The Mean Queen just about takes Joey past the amount he can take, as he near the end says he is “dizzy”. i feel ya, Joey! i’ve been there, and doses of heavy straps and belts used hard really do elevate the blood pressure, shortens the breath intake, and raises the anxiety from the pain, and that dizziness can be almost overwhelming. Kudos to you for taking your punishment, and i can understand how hard it was for you to keep proper position. “STRAIGHTEN UP!”, Nessa commanded, and to me it meant not only to stand up in correct position but to LEARN from this punishment and behave yourself better! We all know you will end up back over Nessa’s knee and the bench to be punished in time, but my belief is The Mean Queen will only get stronger and harder with all the more strokes, and She will get to the point where if you get out of position, She will begin your whuppin” ALL OVER AGAIN! Hmmmm…. do you really want that? i don’t think so! Straighten up, young man!

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