Nessa Spanks Joey OTK

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110 Total HARD Swats OTK!

66 HARD Swats with her Black Toe Ring sandal
44 HARD Swats with her Mean Rubber Red Hand
110 Total Swats Over The Knee

And this is just PART 1 of Joey’s full woodshed whuppin’

In Part 2 she takes her belt to him, her new London Tanners Leather Paddle, and her favorite, The Wicked Strap!

See: Joey’s List Part 2 – Belt and Punishment Straps

Total runtime of the video is 10 minutes, 40 seconds.

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As you know, both Nessa and myself prefer to stand when spanking Joey, because we can spank much harder in the standing position, thus giving a much more “effective” spanking. BUT…many of you have asked for an Over The Knee spanking video and so as a small token of our appreciation, I asked Nessa to start Joey’s next spanking with an OTK.

Of course Nessa is always ready to take Joey to the woodshed, and so she immediately agreed.

So…here is Nessa’s first OTK she’s given and as you might guess, she does it quite well.

Shot from two camera angles, watch as Nessa addresses some transgression with her toe ring sandal, and her Mean Rubber Red Hand.

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1 review for Nessa Spanks Joey OTK

  1. jackbrat (verified owner)

    So, first, THAT MASK! Nessa has found the perfect accessory to Her “Mean Queen” outfit. It is captivating and mesmerizing. i then wondered if the mask would muffle Her voice, but i’m happy to say that the sound quality of the video is excellent to hear Nessa’s voice, Joey’s voice, and (of course) the spanks. And both voices are full of the right emotion for each in the position they are in. Speaking of positions, i am among those who strongly urged The Wicked Queen, The Mean Queen, and the Lucky Guy to do a video in which Joey was over Nessa’s knee. And here we get to see it– THREE TIMES! The first view is well-framed and displays Joey’s bottom perfectly as Nessa spanks him thoroughly and at times leg-locks him to hold him in place due to his squirming. She has to admonish him a couple of times to BEND OVER (certainly catching MY attention!) due to his struggles to keep proper position. The second view shows more of just how much the spanking compels Joey to squirm and try to rise up, making for an even better display of what he is going through. Which is a lot, since Nessa likes to spank repeatedly on the same place a few times before going back and forth again! The third is (for me) just the right amount of slow-motion, which not only looks great visually but draws out Joey’s groans and moans so that they transform from pain to agony. Naturally, greedy guy that i am, i do wish it could have been a longer spanking, and to see Nessa begin with just Her hand would have emphasized the personal type of spanking over the knee can be. To me, OTK displays the strongest bond between Spanker and spankee, while having the spankee bent over something for straps, paddles, and other implements presents a more-judicial-style punishment. Both well-worth watching, though! Finally, my favorite moment in the whole video is at the end when The Mean Queen leans forward with Her head tilted upward and raises her hands up to point with both index fingers to Her mask. It’s an exquisite moment, one in which you can almost hear Nessa telling Joey, “You know what it means when you see this? It means you are about to get a GOOD Woodshed Whuppin’!” Many thanks for providing us OTK fans with this video, and i hope more will follow!

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