Nessa Breaks Joey

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Nessa Breaks Joey

83 HARD Swats with her Black Leather-soled Sandal
56 HARD Swats with the Brown Wooden Paddle
49 HARD Swats with her Black Leather Belt
30 EXCRUCIATING Swats with The Wicked Strap
13 HARD Swats with her Black Leather Belt

231 Total Swats/Lashes in Joey’s WORST spanking EVER captured on Video!

Joey literally breaks down and cries a bit in this video, during the very harsh spanking with the Wicked Strap.

Total runtime of the video is 15 minutes, 2 seconds.

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In this consensual but very REAL punishment spanking, Joey learns a VERY harsh lesson from Nessa aka The Wicked Queen, while Jess watches in the wings (off camera). In the past, Jess has warned Joey that if he ever texted while driving again, that he’d receive a SEVERE punishment spanking for it. Well, Nessa takes that to heart and delivers the worst punishment spanking given to Joey, ever captured on video.

Witness this real life punishment spanking as Nessa displays her new found prowess in the art of disciplinarian spankings, to Joey’s unfortunate backside.

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1 review for Nessa Breaks Joey

  1. jackbrat

    Clearly Nessa is getting more comfortable in handling the implements, delivering the swats, and admonishing Joey. I was very pleased that during the very severe punishment she told Joey sternly not to move. It was something i was thinking when earlier when he was bopping around due to the pain of the belt and the paddle. So while it may have come a bit later than i would expect, i was very glad to hear Nessa make it clear he needed to stay still for his punishment. As far as the video overall, i don’t know if it was my computer i played it on or the video itself, but it hiccupped a few times and sometimes was ahead of the audio. And there was some in and out of focus that i had not seen before. However, despite that, it was a tremendous punishment administered to Joey’s bare bottom, and very appropriate for his offense of texting while driving. Shame on you, Joey! i hope you learned your lesson about how important it is NOT to do that. i was surprised that Nessa let Joey off “easy” by saving 20 of the penalty swats, but in its own way that was punishment, too, as Joey will have to think about them still coming. Perhaps next time when Nessa spanks Joey, he will get those penalty swats after a very thorough spanking. And i also hope that Nessa gets a pair of sandals that fit well in Her hand so She can really maximize the spanks with them. So far the ones She has used have had some slippage issues. Oh, by the way, Nessa: Nice mask! Spanking Joey must be its own special kind of Mardi Gras for You! And Joey, as always, even though i cringed at times as You took Your punishment, i am still very envious that You have Nessa to punish you on video and Jess to punish you in private.

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