Joey’s Revenge

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Nessa’s Spanking From Joey

5 Swats with his hand.
55+ Swats with her sandal (there were more than that, but lots of condescending swats as Joey was teasing her)
25 Swats with Joey’s leather belt
5 Swats with The Wicked Strap

90 total Swats (at least) which at one point, even had Nessa telling Joey that she’ll behave.

Shot from two different cameras, and both FULL spankings are included in this video. In other words…90 x 2 = 180 fun(?) swats/lashes contained in this video.

Total runtime of the video is 16 minutes, 5 seconds.


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Nessa mentioned that she wanted to feel the sting of a FUN spanking. And Joey was all too happy to oblige.

The spanking he gave her was in fact a “fun spanking”, and he DID respect her boundaries, BUT…the banter between these two, was priceless. They really like to go at each other, which is especially entertaining when one of them is holding a spanking implement. That said, Nessa may have bitten off more than she was prepared for, when she requested to taste the Wicked Strap. And while Joey spanked her lightly with it, it WRECKED her cute little bottom.

Unfortunately for Joey, it also has inspired her to incorporate the Wicked Strap into Joey’s next Woodshed Whuppin’.

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1 review for Joey’s Revenge

  1. jackbrat (verified owner)

    Well, THAT was fun! First of all, to state the obvious: NICE BOTTOM, NESSA! i was very happy to see those shorts get pulled down for most of Your spanking. Joey, i think you did an excellent job of conducting a first fun spanking for Nessa, and i kept telling myself that ohhh, yes, in time She will get REALLY spanked as She gets used to the idea. But this WAS a first and fun spanking, so the amount given and how they were delivered seemed just right. And some pretty marks as a souvenir by the end of it, too, showing that Joey can really land the implements (and that maybe Nessa’s bottom is, indeed, new to such spankings). Finally, the chatter between both of you was a lot of fun to listen to. On one hand, Nessa was only digging herself a deeper hole to get more and harder spanks. On the other hand, Joey was only digging himself a deeper hole for what HE will get the next time. The dynamic between these two is really good, and I can see it progressing to where either can get serious but fun spankings (such as whichever loses a bet of some kind) or either could get REALLY SERIOUS punishment spankings when either one earns it. Looking forward to more from all of you, and thanks for sharing!

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