Clear Jelly Sandal Dangle Video

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This is the fourth dangle video from “The Wicked Queen’s Feet & Sandals Series”, and it is a sexy one! And like the other sandal dangle videos, this one was also shot from an…

*On Your Knees Point of View*

As you watch this video, imagine being told to just kneel there and that you’re ONLY allowed to look at her feet and/or sandals, as you await for your forthcoming punishment spanking over her knee with this mean jelly sandal.

Note: Images above are stills from the video. Video is in High Definition.

At the very beginning of the video, there are 7 close up pictures of these sandals, right before the live video of Jess wearing them starts. And at the end of the video, there is a short sound bite of Joey’s bare butt getting a sandal spanking. Of course, you can imagine that it is YOUR butt getting the spanking.

Total runtime: 10 minutes, 18 seconds

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In the blog post, A Regrettable Response, there was a part where Jess made me kneel at her feet while she surfed on her phone. Then she instructed me to ONLY look at her feet or sandals until she decided to get up and blister my butt. It was an agonizing wait as I knew my punishment was going to be happening at any moment.

This video is shot from a similar perspective of being on your knees and only being allowed to look at her feet and sandals, as you await the harsh sting of this dense, flexible jelly sandal at any moment. This POV video allows you to pretend you’re actually going to get by the Wicked Queen herself!

In fact, if you REALLY want to make it more realistic – you can buy these jelly sandals here – Melissa Jelly Sandals. Then when you get to the end of the video, you can administer a hard spanking to yourself, as you imagine the Wicked Queen would do.

This video is complete with toe crawls back into her sandals, dangles and more!

Watch as she slides out of each sandal, and shows you the sole of her foot and the underside of her toes. The sole that you’ll be kissing with tears streaming down your face, and the toes which you’ll be smelling as you HOPE she doesn’t tell you to bend back over for more.

Two separate shoots. One video shot from the front, and then a second shoot shot from the side and ending with Jess taking off her right sandal and holding it in the “spanking position”, as the spanking time is now upon you.

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