Printable Punishment Spanking Rules

We’ve gotten a lot of requests ever since we posted my “Punishment Spanking Rules“, for a printable version that you could print out at home. Some also asked for a version that we would send, but this is a much easier and cheaper way for you to get it.

But as you can see, the details on that post are very expanded and don’t lend themselves to a single sheet. So, inspired by those rules, I came up with the core and printable punishment spanking rules. Here’s a smaller preview…

punishment spanking rules preview

If you want it and buy it, the file will come in PDF form, and will print on the standard 8 1/2″ x 11 sheet of paper. But we would suggest getting some fancy paper to print it on, frame it, and put it in your spanking room, woodshed or spanking chambers.

Thanks for the suggestions and the support!

Here you go: Printable Punishment Spanking Rules.

And if you still are looking for that special someone to GIVE you a punishment spanking…Click on the banner below…

find your wicked queen banner

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ummm wow…

Don Edwards

Oh, WOW! This is a more generic of a rule of punishment that I created last year. This one I like better, and me thinks that if I try very hard and present it properly I just may get my just desserts to start off the new year. However it is second in line for purchase. I’m determined to get that puzzle and once my excessive Christmas purchases are behind me (ahem!) I will be inline waving my credit card for all I’m worth. Cheers, Don

Don Edwards

Hey Jess! Seems I cannot go anywhere these days and NOT be reminded of you and your WICKEDNESS! Just looked at the box and got shivers down my spine. Had to Share!

Wicked Awesome #2.jpg

The most difficult thing is definitely the part that you have to maintain position, no moving, no hand hiding the bottom. Nothing the like. How often does it happen that you have to administer some extra punishment? One thing you’ll be that you Video the punishment session in order to find out whether you really didn’t move


Dear Queen , I’ve gotten the worst of spankings when my wife said she was too tired to spank but did any way. Have you ever been too tired to spank? Disgraziato


Her thoughts on a spanking machine controlled by an app on her phone. From her phone she would punch in the number of swats that I would receive, while she did housework. or lay down in the sun with a Gin & Tonic..For woodshed whipping she would use her phone to give me 20 swats then wait 20 minutes press the spank button again and casually increase the strokes to 30 then later to 40. “Without breaking a sweat” 🙄

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