Pre-Company Spankings

sitting on the bed holding a beltAs some of our readers may already know, I gave my husband quite the belt whuppin’ a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t see it already, here’s his account of that domestic discipline spanking over the coffee table. He still has some marks and bruising from that spanking, along with a good attitude and good behavior. After a harsh spanking like that, he’ll generally behave himself for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes a little longer. Around that point, I can almost count on some orneriness to start creeping back in and it quickly spirals downward. But, for these upcoming weeks, I’m going to enjoy the fruits of my handy work with the belt and he’ll enjoy a good disposition and not getting himself into trouble or spanked during this time. So with said, I thought I’d share a tip I like to use sometimes before we have company stay with us.

Pre-Company Spankings

My husband and I generally host company several times a year as we both have family out of state who come to visit. We enjoy these visits but, for obvious reasons, they can interfere with me meting out any punishments my husband earns immediately before or during the visits. Plus, as men tend to do, sometimes he gets a little extra machismo when he has an audience. A bunch of boys get together and it’s like they just can’t help themselves! LOL While I do enjoy SOME playfulness and wouldn’t want to squelch that entirely, I’ve found that a good pre-company spanking does WONDERS for my husband’s attitude, demeanor and eagerness to assist with getting the house ready for company, as well as his behavior while company is here. For my lady friends out there who spank their husbands, here are some tips that I hope can help you out as well.

woodshed with strapTrip To The Woodshed

As I’ve mentioned, I end up giving my husband a woodshed whuppin’ about every other month. He also gets attitude adjustments here and there but when I really tear his backside up during what we call a trip to the woodshed, he is so well balanced, behaved, and eager to please. So with that said, when company is going to be coming over for a stay, it is not too hard to time out his next spanking accordingly. Oftentimes, it’s just a matter of postponing a spanking a week or two. On one hand, I have to put up with his arrogant behavior a little longer, but on the other hand, he just digs himself into deeper trouble earning even a more severe spanking than what he would’ve gotten. Often times it is worth the trade off.


bent over chairYou might think that spanking your husband right before your company arrives is the way to go, but I’ve learned from experience that one week before is the perfect time for a pre-company spanking. The reason being, is that right after a woodshed whuppin’, he is a whupped pup. Very subservient, very eager to please and very subdued. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why and appreciate that part of the process. I enjoy the daily kisses to my foot, the impromptu foot and back massages and other tantalizing things he does to me. BUT…when we are having company, I like him to have a little of that “puppy” back in him that our friends and family recognize. A week after a real whuppin’, he is still well behaved and still eager to please but is more like himself. Just very balanced and still very well behaved.

Helping Hand

couple cookingAs I mentioned before, our FLR situation is a bit modified. I do generally get what I want but we are still very much a partnership and loving couple. We just have real discipline/accountability for him added into the mix. My point is that I don’t ~want~ my husband to be my whipping boy or servant. And as is the case, I don’t try to command him to do everything around the house in preparation for company. We both take roles in that preparation. He has his list of chores he needs to do (that he usually comes up with himself), and I have my list of chores I need to do before company comes. But when I blister his backside a week before company arrives, he is ALL OVER his list. Very motivated to get everything done and in great fashion. Prior to these pre-company spankings, it wasn’t uncommon for 1 or 2 items from his list to not get done. Sometimes those things were not a big deal but sometimes there were things that WERE a big deal and caused me some frustration that it didn’t get done. After incorporating this practice, there is a certain “pep in his step” in doing the things he needs to do, and the added benefit of not having to keep reminding (OK nagging) him about the items on his list.

The Spanking

Like I’ve said, I almost always time this out so that it is a woodshed whuppin’ level spanking. There are several posts about how those go down on our blog. But when it is also a pre-company spanking, I do talk a little more. After the initial part of the spanking, I’ll ask in between swats if he’s is going to behave during company. I’ll also remind him that if he misbehaves while company is here, that I WILL find the time and the place to take the Wicked Switch to him. (It is silent and extremely effective.)

Reminders On My Feet & Around My Waist

For the most part, I can rely on the whuppin’ itself (and his sore bottom) to remind him to behave but it helps to have little reminders as well. Here is another case for “sandal associations for spankings”. For instance, and as many readers already know…the meanest belt in our house, is my Italian leather belt that has been oiled and conditioned through the years. It is dense, pliable, and heavy. It is my go-to belt when I decide on belting him for a spanking as it is very effective in blistering and bruising his backside.

He’ll feel the after effects of that belt every time he leans against a counter or sits down for about a week after I spank him with it. It also happens to be one of my favorite belts. I like to wear it during company visits and he’s told me that just the sight of it causes him to pause and check himself to make sure he’s not messing up. The same thing can be said for what sandals I wear on my feet. I have a certain pair of tan sandals that I always wear before, during, and after I spank him with the water soaked cane. In addition, I have another pair of black sandals that I always wear when he gets it with the Wicked Switch. Another pair for the razor strap, another pair for a punishment strap, etc. By doing this, he associates each pair of those sandals with a very painful implement.

domestic discipline slide

None of these sandals in and of themselves would be capable of teaching him a harsh lesson but he knows what each one represents and corresponds to, and pays mind to it. There have been times where he starts going off track just a bit and I can simply go sit by him for a spell, cross my legs, and casually dangle the sandal on my foot. Without saying a word, he’ll notice my sandal, be reminded of what it means, and quickly get himself back on track. See the power, ladies? I’ll generally then put my hand on his leg, lean in for a kiss and then excuse myself to go mingle some more. These tactics not only help keep him in line, they (not gonna lie) make me feel powerful and sexy. In addition, for us at least, they make us feel closer as a couple. It’s our little inside joke hiding in plain sight with no one the wiser.

So…my spanking wives and girlfriends out there. I highly encourage you to try this approach next time you have company coming into town. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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Janice the quiet dominance

I notice one of the illustrations is of a black wooden rod. Naturally, a wise woman knows the importance of using a cane. And my husband certainly gets it frequently, although he only gets a really severe session occasionally.
You picture the cane, but I have not seen much discussion on your blog of what i consider a necessary part of a DD marriage.


Hi Wicked Queen – (Although you don’t seem that wicked to me…more interesting [and intelligent and exciting] 🙂 )Wow, I just found your site. Love it! Been trying to introduce my wife into FLR for some time, but not 100% sure how to ease her into it where she is genuinely interested. (been married for over 20 yrs) You provide some great insights though. Thanks for that. By the way, is that a picture of you holding the bath brush with the bass sandals? (above) The reason I ask is…I grew up in the 80s and bass sandals were so popular. I can remember being paddled by my teacher out in the hall in 9th grade (group up in the South) while she wore bass sandals. Just like you wrote about associating sandals to spankings…it is so true. She paddled me twice and both times she was wearing bass sandals like the ones in the picture. I think that point on I have always associated those sandals with getting paddled. Just the sound of the smacking noise when you walk makes me think of it. You can only imagine my reaction..and how my heart started to race…when I first saw that picture. Oh my! If that is your pic, I sure would love it if you would grace us with more especially wearing those as you say “whuppin’ sandals” Thanks so much, Peak! 🙂


When we are having company, I do both of the punishments you describe: Several days beforehand, so I know that everything on his honey-do list will be done, and also right before their arrival, so he will behave himself in his interactions with them. My husband has very different political views than my relatives, for instance, and he definitely needs a reminder to bite his tongue when one of my brothers makes a comment. I don’t want him like a puppy when they are here; I want him to be a topnotch host who is engaged with his guests and serving their needs, whether it’s bringing them a drink, or setting up some game so the kids are out of our hair, or joining in conversation with RESPECT.

To make sure of this, I spank him right before their arrival. Sometimes he is still pulling himself together in the shed when they pull into the driveway! He comes out with a red face and has to make some excuse of what he was just doing exerting himself that gave him a red face and a “sore back.” Which brings a smile to my face!


Hi Antonio

Interesting aspect!
I never thought of giving Stef a spanking BEFORE the arrival of guests – or else: before leaving to see friends or family at their places
Stef only “gets it” when he effectively has been trespassing.
Sitting on my packed suitcases for taking off on holidays tomorrow I wonder whether this time again I will have to do some “attitude adjustment” over the next weeks – just as I had to do all too often during past holidays. It appears to be a “standard holiday itch” that hubbies tend to get cheeky after a few days on holidays.
So it would be great if he rembered well what’s in stock for him if he disbehaves. Now: My hubby has not given me any reason to give him a good thrashing lately, and I never know how far back his memory will go…
Based on your lines I am seriously considering to introduce “before departure” spankings. Another idea I am contemplating is to introduce “maintenance spankings” (like a short but memorable caning every two weeks at a set time).
I wonder what other strict Ladies think about that and would welcome comments.

Well, for these holidays the wooden bath-brush and a number of very whacky leather slides are already packed..



I am very big on “before departure” and “pre-company” spankings. My husband needs these reminders before we are with people I care about. He has embarrassed me too many times to not get a thrashing ahead of time. When he can still feel the sting at a party, he behaves much better. The sting reminds him to think before he speaks.
We don’t do scheduled maintenance spankings, but I certainly understand why they would work for some. I don’t like being on a schedule. He would like it because he finds the idea so erotic. But i think it’s more effective in terms of discipline to surprise him. When I see an inkling of attitude, he gets threatened. If there’s a second inkling, he gets a trip to the shed.


Hi Antonia
Many thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate your comments very much.
I will definitely consider your method, though I still have some hesitations to spank Stef – quasi out of the blue – right before meeting friends or relations.
However, I am fully with you regarding your statement “..has embarrassed me too many times to not get a thrashing ahead of time”. That really brings it down to the point. I have had that also far too often..
Maybe I will see clearer after having thought it over during our holidays.

Kind regards,


We were having a pool party at our home! And once again I drank too much. She was wearing a very sexy bikini and came up to me and kissed me passionately. She then whispered in my ear “Go to our bedroom bring out my canes & assume the position with bathing your suit at your ankles.” She smiled (but inside I could tell she was seething with anger) then she gently kissed me again. Long story short. I received 30 strokes with her thickest cane! Many landed on my thighs, leaving many welts, forcing me to put on long pants! As i served drinks I was the only one not wearing a bathing suit!

johnny chatterly

I enjoyed Your account of pre-company spankings and how effective they can be. i also took note of the visual clues of the belt and especially the sandals to remind him to behave and get his chores done. It reminded me of a story i wrote many years ago and sold to CF Productions called “Corner My Sandals”. In the story, the No Nonsense Lady had a code phrase to tell her husband when he was going to get a spanking. She would leave him a message either written out or left on an answering machine, telling him to “Corner my sandals”, and when he got home, he was to stand in the corner with his hands behind his back, holding Her special hard-soled sandals that She liked to use to spank him thoroughly. i always thought the phrase was one that a Lady could use in any situation, because it would not really reveal Her intention and would possibly only make people think “What?” And of course, having heard Her say it or reading Her message, it would be on his mind all the way until he could get home to get into his proper position and wait to be spanked.

Christopher t Githens

I do remember the bass sandals. My my teacher threaten me with her 80’s thick foam thongs that you would call flip fops today and she tole me she would use on my bare bottom after school if I didn’t shape up and bring in my home work. I also associate sandals with spanking


I truly like your explanation of
1) your relationship and how it is Equal but not! My Wife handles the finances and inside the house and I do the outside! Although I am doing more of both as I am retired! I also do a large portion of the cooking! “FF”+ I love to cook its the cleaning I don’t like so much!
2) Your private way of letting him know the Little boy in him is showing so you warn him of where he stands at anytime! He just has to look at your feet to see “Careful Buddy your walking on Ice or Quicksand!
3) Having a Calendeer with times and or meeting to discuss how things are going as a couple and individually!
4) That at some point you both took on a roll of HOH/Disciplinarian and
Loving Partner/Bottom!
5)I can tell you both know that there is disagreements in things and also an open form to discuss and or agree on things! “A new Car, What to make for dinner, the Budget!
To be honest I firmly believe a Woman should hold the Belt in the home!
Her Husband is a Boy wrapped up in Mens Clothing and sometimes he need that structure that Mom brought to the family and Home!
Don’t get me wrong here there needs to be a balance of power and a Men are more adapted at things that some woman are not and Vise a Versa!
But any wise and mature Man know when he had better just shut his mouth and lick his wounds! “When the Sweetheart is not happy no one is happy”
I hope I am not sending to many thought’s! I am ADHD and Love discussing things and learning from others and their perspectives!

John Hopkins

before we go out to play cards or other games with our friends my wife spanks my bare bottom because I have proven in the past to be a sore loser.

She finds that very embarrassing and she knows that sitting on a sore bottom will remind me to be a good sport.

John Hopkins

And also when I am not going somewhere with her.

I might be going to the football game or just to work and I will get a good spanking from her.

She also uses leather sandals a lot and she has those wicked wooden exercise sandals. The last are only for punishing me though as I cry like a baby whenever she uses one on me or even when she removes it while scolding me.

John Hopkins

The first time she took that wooden sandal to me I came out of character, got really mad, and did not speak to her for a while.


I used to be one to spank just prior to company. I am also quite capable of administering a good sound beating whenever it’s needed (or just time for one) so I decided to try your method. It worked! Our company wasn’t staying but I want him in hand and behaved especially if alcohol will be present.
I also use it if I we’ve pre-planned a long shopping trip and may try it before leaving on vacation. Since he’s still feeling it somewhat, if a spanking is needed it shouldn’t have to be too long, loud or severe to reset him.
The last time my husband received a darn good ass whipping with my belt for his behavior we had friends who happened to invite us out a couple of days later. Prior to going out that evening I offered my husband a quick trip over my knee using my hand just as a precaution. He was warned that if he did anything that would need addressing that night it would be a paddling or my strap again. He promised to behave and he did. I also wore “My belt” as a constant reminder as you’ve written.
Regarding sandals, We have a store named Gabes near us that I found a pair of rubbery plastic sandals that are so firm they hardly bend. I cant wear them but they were cheap and I wanted to experiment. They practically screamed “Use for Paddling!” they are now one of the most dreaded implements I have and have brought tears to my husbands eyes after only a brief spanking. He’s begged me not to use them when I’ve reached for one.
I too enjoy the occasional squeal when he sits down around others or squirms while sitting. He also uses the “hurt his back” reason but when I have been able to respond first I simply say “He’s still sore from the other day.” If I can leave it there and quickly change the subject I do, if not I joke that he’s not getting out of his chores that easily.
Love your blog!


My wife spanked me one time before company came because I left a mess in the garage. She was furious. The worst part was she spanked me right up until the doorbell rang! I was sure they heard me getting spanked. My wife had taken me well past my limits, and so they had to have heard my hollering and begging for her to stop. She immediately went to answer the door. I was left scurrying around to find my undies and pants. I just got them on and came out of the bedroom red faced. Then to to my embarrassment she handed me their coats and the paddle she had spanked me with.


Dear Wicked Queen – I’m a male 45 yrs of age. I’ve recently come to terms with my own submissive nature within the past few years. It all led up to finding a very special Alpha Woman with strong feminine energy that was my arrest warrant. There was no resisting arrest, not with her. Your site played a part in helping me to understand through all the storied accounts posted that I am a submissive. I’m becoming more meek in attitude and I’m working on my behavior with the help of my very strong Alpha Female Love. The strongest love that I’ve ever experienced in my life. A very special love. I’ve committed and submitted to her. I’ve never been more freer in my life. I salute all amazing Alpha Women.


Most men hate but can handle the silent treatment when they make their wives angry. My silent treatment is the cane, creating 20 welts on my butt.


When I need to be reminded to behave, I’m spanked an hour or even minutes before our expected guests, so my bottom is nice and red and sore as they enter. It’s quite effective as right after my spanking, I’m sent to the corner with my pants down and only allowed out JUST as company arrives! Thanks for your wonderful website.


I am Sue from the UK. I first met paul my future husband over 40 years ago. He lived with his mum, Pam, and younger brother who was 16 at the time. I soon found out that Pam was a spanker when paul’s brother was quite rude to her, and she gave him a serious spanking across her lap until he was crying, while both paul and I sat watching. A few weeks later paul and I had an argument and I got a bit upset. Unbeknownst to me Pam found out and gave me a call and asked me to visit her. The following night I went to see her and we had a good long chat about paul and his behaviour. At the time I was not aware that paul was upstairs in his room. The up shot was that Pam called him down and he ended up across her lap as she used a large wooden clothes brush until he was crying and sobbing. This was the start of a life long disciplinary life for paul.

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