Nessa’s “Spicy” Spanking

Well, as many of you are aware, it was my turn to experience a spanking recently. While I’m still navigating this new realm, I must say, I quite enjoyed my inaugural “fun” spanking administered by Joey last month. However, it would be an understatement to say that after that initial experience, I became rather curious about ramping up the intensity for the next one. Just to be clear – I have no desire whatsoever for a “real” punishment spanking for myself. I prefer to be the one delivering them, and in Joey’s case, I’m thoroughly relishing dishing them out.

When I approached Joey and Jess about “ramping it up”, I have to confess there was a hint of hesitation, but it wasn’t because I feared a more intense spanking… In fact, I was quite thrilled at the prospect.

woman holding leather strap looking at her manSurely everyone is aware of the joking satire and banter between the two of us. Before my introduction to Domestic Discipline, my friendship with Joey has always been like a constant verbal sparring match where the goal was to win😁. That friendly competition had always added an extra layer of fun to our prior shenanigans between old friends (and I do mean old Joey😝). Especially with the ever constant unspoken challenge to outwit each other! It is also more than evident that we both can take it JUST as much as we can dish it out!

With all that in mind, no matter the topic, a challenge inevitably arises between us—a friendly competition, if you will. Type A personalities much? (Well, not me, but definitely Joey.) Anyway, digressions aside, while it’s always highly entertaining when this happens in our everyday friendship, I believe it’s now spilled over into this new dynamic “spanking” friendship among all three of us.

M/f OTK hand spankingSo, while I eagerly welcome it, as it’s added a whole new dimension of fun to all our friendships, my slight hesitation stemmed from the suspicion that Joey would raise the bar, bait me, and push my limits. And if you haven’t caught on yet, that only fuels my determination to push my own limits just to prove I can. I never claimed to be smart, just competitive😉. And, of course, that’s exactly what happened… While Joey will likely have his own predictable comments to share (yawn🥱), I’m thrilled to introduce my own twist on what I’ve dubbed my personalized “Spicy Spanking.” It’s my unique take on a “fun” spanking, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting your comments.

For the first round (OTK with hand) – After several suggestions, requests and general feedback from everyone, I decided it was time for an OTK spanking, beginning with the hand. Being my first time experiencing this I wasn’t sure what to expect and was curious, but more to see if that technique would live up to what I was hearing. And okay, to be honest, I wasn’t super impressed (boring😏…I should have brought my phone to keep me entertained). Though probably because I had hyped it up in my head AND to his credit, Joey was most likely being respectful as beforehand we discussed the ‘loose’ rules for my “Spicy Spanking”. That or he was terrified KNOWING what I would do to him if he went overboard!! Either way, Joseph, you have my permission to add more “spice” to the next OTK with hand.

M/f OTK spanking with sandalOn to the second round (OTK with sandal) – After the initial spanking with his hand, I really wasn’t apprehensive at all about getting spanked OTK with my leather sandal. I bent over with too much confidence on that one! It definitely had a mean bite that “woke” me up. Just a little. I also found out very quickly, I do NOT like my sit spots spanked!! (Thank you to one of our readers for that wonderful suggestion! 👿😈). Though once I got into my “groove”, I again have to be honest and admit I did like it, JUST a little. Those sit spots (I now refer to as Spicy spots), definitely provide fiery surprise bursts of wicked bliss. So far, this trumps an OTK spanking by hand any day in my book. Well done Joey!

M/f belt spankingOn to the third round (Bent over with the belt) – Another moment for some honesty – I wasn’t scared, but I absolutely wasn’t as cocky as I was when I bent over for that leather sandal. I was undeniably bracing myself for the belt as I knew what that feels like now.

Well, Joey, that initial swat might have been a bit of a cheap shot (don’t forget about your Woodshed upcoming trip)!! But I must admit, the belt does have a certain nostalgic appeal for me. Growing up as, of course, the favorite and the baby of the family🥰, I often watched as my siblings faced the wrath of Pops’ belt—undoubtedly for offenses that most likely were often mine. So, let’s just say I have a unique appreciation for this particular form of discipline.

Initially I was expecting to feel a little more intensity with the belt. I craved it. Then of course I had to pop off about how his “back hand” wasn’t up to par… he definitely proved he had been holding back quite a bit. Definitely have to give credit where credit is due, good job Joey. He definitely introduced the “spicy” side of that belt to my backside, and it was indeed fiery!

M/f backhand belting

M/f backhand belting reaction

Now that you proved you can step it up, let’s see what else you got…

On to the third round (Bent over with The Wicked Strap) – Say hello to my (not so) little friend. She is still one of my favorite implements to use to mete out a “real” punishment, but she scares my backside now. Or rather, I have a healthy fear and respect for my Wicked Strap. But as I specifically do not like to be talked down to, nor be told what do… when Joey ATTEMPTED to have ME do “the final count” say “Thank You” after each count of my Wicked Strap swats. He clearly did not succeed. But I unequivocally paid the price for my back talk with my backside (and rightly so, as it was well-deserved). Apparently I never learn, as I even opted for a few extra swats from my favorite friend The Belt.

M/f punishment strap

M/f punishment strap reaction foot up

M/f punishment strap backhand

So where are all my Team Nessa friends?! Looking forward to your comments and suggestions for future spankings. Especially Joey’s next Woodshed trip…he has been unusually feisty (and to be honest, not too smart as he is usually within striking distance when popping off to me). So due to a number of other reasons as well…Joseph’s time is coming up soon.

Tick tock Joseph…tick tock.

Spank you later ~ Nessa

Oh, and if you want to buy the full version of my “spicy spanking” – get it here: Nessa’s 2nd Spanking – Expanding Her Limits

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Very strong spanking with the back of the sandal, with the heel, his ass will burn


Another good “research” spanking for Nessa that we get to enjoy! As She is clearly the one in charge of the implements and intensity, it’s a different type of spanking video, for sure. i’m looking forward to other “experiments” of both Joey and Nessa giving and taking spankings. Birthdays for both at some point will come up, so those could be fun to administer, receive, and for us to watch. Perhaps some “field trips” out in the woods to collect and use switches when Joey deserves discipline and punishment. Sports bets in which the winner spanks the loser could take things to an intense level, too! Keep it up, you two!

The Wicked Queen

Agreed! She is actually going to take the spanking machine out for a spin next. Joey will be the one who sets it up and changes out implements on it. Should be interesting!


i’m thinking that when Nessa tells the spanking machine “No” and “Not there,” the machine will turn a deaf ear to Her and just keep on spanking, spanking, spanking! Just how quickly will Joey make adjustments when She tells him to? Perhaps he will just have a case of fumble fingers “trying” to turn it to easier settings and “accidentally” yank it up full force! he he he…

The Wicked Queen

😅 Are you TRYING to get Joey broken again? 🫣


Who, lil ole innocent me??? Gee, the thought never crossed my mind!! 😇


Have you thought about going over Joe’s lap for a traditional bare bottom hand spanking ?
Just being in that humbling position and having your bottom bare adds to the dynamic.
Of course you can always do the same to Joey when it’s his turn….albeit with a hairbrush or paddle!
BTW I love your long legs and those cute lace undies.

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