Nessa Teaches Joey a Harsh Lesson

woman wearing sandals and holding a leather punishment strapAs some of you now know, I recently earned another woodshed whuppin’. Sh*t! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…either he likes it, or he’s an idiot. Well I can assure you that I DON’T like it. And if you’ve seen the most recent videos where Nessa tears up my backside, you’ll know that’s the truth. As to the idiot part…well, maybe.

What happens is that I sometimes fall back into my old bantering ways with Nessa – Keep in mind, we’ve been bantering with each other like that for 15+ years and so it is often a knee-jerk reaction with how I respond to her. But with this new arrangement of her being Jess’s “right hand” for discipline, my bantering ways can cause me problems later on.

Add to that…since we’re working together on a couple of projects, she’s over here often. In fact, we even started calling the guest room, “Nessa’s room” as she’ll often spend the night. So…there are a LOT of opportunities for her and I to “go at it”.

woman pointing to toes with red spanking caneWell, one night last week…I wasn’t drunk, but I had two or three bourbons and perhaps feeling a little of my infamous bravado, that gets me into trouble sometimes. So we started off with our playful banter, but somewhere along the line, I missed where she turned into Nessa The Mean Queen, and I continued pushing her buttons. Buttons I know she doesn’t like. It IS my fault, and I take responsibility for it, because she even warned me to not do it again. But I continued (liquid courage/stupidity…ok idiot), and she immediately told Jess that she felt that was disrespectful, and that even after warning me, I continued to not respect her boundaries. She then said she thought that was reason for a woodshed whuppin’. And Jess immediately agreed then told me, “I guess you’re just going to have to learn the hard way, eh Joseph.” To which Nessa sternly replied, “Oh, he’s going to learn alright.” and she walked out of the room.

For the record, I DID feel bad, and walked after her and apologized, but she just cooly replied, “We’ll talk about it in the woodshed.” Sh*t. Now, not only did I feel bad, but now I had that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. With good reason…the previous time she spanked me (See: Nessa Breaks Joey), she broke me. And if you have seen any of her spanking videos, you’ll know that…1 – She spanks REALLY hard. 2 – She LOVES to go after the upper backs of the legs. 3 – She loves to give several/multiple swats/lashes in the same spot. And 4 – She continues to work on and improve her spanking capability on her own, (I literally walked in on her practicing with the Wicked Strap on a pillow), and with Jess, who continues to give her tips on how to spank. Yay Me! πŸ₯΄

So…here’s how it went down…

After setting up the Woodshed, Jess got her now traditional glass of wine and assumed HER position in her throne in the back of the room, as I was told to assume my position. πŸ™

f/m sandal spankingNormally I give a blow by blow account of what happened, but I need to get this post up, and Nessa just came into my office with the Wicked White Shower Brush, and told me that Jess said I need to get this post up sooner rather than later. Then walked out. But…message received!

I DO remember her walking in and hearing her tell me, “Well we meet again.” And then she addressed what I did, and immediately thereafter took off her sandal and started WAILING on my butt! I had heard a lot about Havaianas sandals being good for spanking, and they were certainly more capable than any foam type flip flop I’d been spanked with before. But what really was a little frightening was how hard she was spanking. It was clear that she was really out to teach me a lesson. And kept spanking HARD. One hard swat after another. And then asked if I had “lost count”. 😲 I didn’t know I was supposed to keep count. So she kept spanking. After later watching and counting from the video, I believe it was 93 swats with that sandal!

Then she reminded me again why I was getting spanked, as she took off her black leather belt, doubled it over and then started spanking again. I had been spanked with this belt before, and it hurt worse than her brown belt, but I had oiled this belt, and man, what a difference that little bit of extra weight an density can do for making a leather belt more painful.

woman taking her belt off

f/m belt spanking

f/m belt spanking backhand

Even though the belting seemed like it was longer, upon watching and counting later…it was only 28 swats/lashes with her belt. I say “only” because in the previous spanking, she spanked me almost 50 times with her belt. But it hurt a lot worse than before.

And then…The Red Cane of Pain came out to play…

fm red cane spanking

fm red acrylic cane spanking

woman holding red acrylic cane

This is where the beginning of my breaking down started. While the belt was teaching quite the lesson itself, the cane started to bring forth searing pain with each hard lash. And man she was spanking HARD. When she lashed me on the upper backs of my thighs, OMG, the pain buckled my knees and I cried out in pain. My resolve was all but gone. I was just hanging in there, hoping the spanking was almost over. She continued to question me as to why I was getting spanked, followed by hard lash after hard lash. Near the end of the caning is when I started to cry a bit.

When she was done caning me, she put it away and then said, “That was it for that. But you still have 25 penalty swats.” To which I meekly answered, “Yes ma’am. Then she rubbed my back for a brief moment and said, “Ok? Are you alright?” to which I think I answered yes to. Then she said, “You better be.” as she walked to get her next spanking implement.

And another one of her favorites…The Wicked Strap – Isn’t it fun how her favorites also happen to be the most HARSH implements? πŸ€”πŸ€¨

Then she said, “Again, just so we understand our boundries…respect…me. I respect you. Correct? And as soon as the words, “Yes Ma’am.” left my lips, I heard and felt the hard swat from the Wicked Strap…

woman wearing sandals holding a leather strap

fm punishment strapping

f/m punishment strapping

I was on the ropes, and fortunately for me, she only spanked me 5 times with it. 2 from her forehand, and 3 from her backhand. But ALL were EXTREMELY painful and all kept my tears coming.

And then she picked up her new and recent “favorite” The Wicked White Shower Brush.

Not going to lie…when I felt her put the shower brush on my backside and I knew what was coming…I was scared. I had only received a few swats here and there from it over my pants, and it stung like hell. I already had tears going and somewhat crying, but just knew this was going to be worse. And I was right.

She then sternly said, “Assume the position please.” Which threw me for a loop, because I thought I was already in position. I didn’t know if I should say something or not, when the first swat landed…HARD…SMACK! And I heard my voice actually wail in pain, then heard her even more sternly, command, “ASSUME the position. Bend down…Bend down.” Again, my mind was racing because I WAS bent over, but apparently I was not doing it as she wanted. And at that moment…all I wanted to do, was what she was wanted me to do. So I simply was able to say, “I’m am, sorry.” When the second one landed…SMACK! This one landed just below my butt…yes, the upper back of my left leg, and not only did I cry out and wail in pain, my knees buckled like never before. Then SMACK after SMACK after SMACK. It was the most searing, stinging pain I think I’ve ever felt. I think this is right up there with the Wicked Switch.

fm shower brush spanking

fm shower brush spanking

f/m spanking with shower brush

She switch sides and continued to spank with the brush hard. I was struggling to stay in position, which did not please her. From her backhand, she continued the spanking, and then she does this thing which I will now refer to as the upside down overhead hammer swing (pictured above). And then she went ham on my butt and backs of my legs. A total of 31 EXCRUCIATING swats with that wicked brush. I was completely broken, and sobbing.

spanked bottomThen I heard her say, “Do you need more?” and through broken breath, I managed to get out, “No, please.” And then I heard her say, “No you don’t.”

At this point, I didn’t know the spanking was over, and so I didn’t want to move or get up, or do ANYTHING to upset her at all. So I just stayed bent over. Expecting her to spank some more, or get another implement. But unbeknownst to me, she was done spanking me.

She came over to me and rubbed my back, and I heard her say, “I’m sorry, I may have hurt you…a bit.” And I meekly asked, “Is my spanking over?” and then she said the words I was hoping to hear. “Your spanking is over…that is correct.”

As you all know, and I hear it often, I can take a pretty good punishment. But holy sh*t that plastic brush is freaking BRUTAL. And I’ll tell you something else. Nessa and I still kid around but I am MUCH more mindful of what I say, and I NEVER intend to push her buttons again, or be so disrespectful. Lesson learned!

If you’ve ever wanted to see a real HARSH spanking…this one doesn’t disappoint. Check it out – Nessa Teaches Joey A Harsh Lesson

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Yes, Joey, it was clear from the video that this was a particularly excruciating punishment spanking that you had to endure. And that it was one you truly earned and that Nessa was not shy to deliver. I sympathize with you about the years of bantering that is now in a very serious transition for you that you have to recognize when enough is enough. It’s my belief that though it may be a while before it happens again, you will earn another harsh trip to the woodshed and another and on until you finally DO figure out and learn how far you can go without crossing the line. i also believe Nessa will have no problem continuing to make each one tougher yet and not get fed up having to punish you this way. So i do hope it is not too many more times before the woodshed whuppin’s for disrespect and too much “banter” are enough. But fear not, Joey, we all can easily see that Nessa will only look to discover other things to punish you for, since She clearly enjoys this role you and Jess created for Her to experience! And yes, just to let you know, Joey, i do still envy you!


i am one who definitely wants to order one as soon as you and Nessa are able to make some more! πŸ‘

Corvette Dog

Well Joey, you took one helleva whipping. I am sure there will be more in the future, but that one was brutal. Bring her coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, kiss her feet or do whatever it takes not to get another one like that! The real problem is, I think she enjoys giving them and I think Jess enjoys watching,,,that is 2 strikes against you. Now you have to be twice as good. Hope you heal soon.


Sounds like you are getting to that point: regularly getting what you know you really need (and asked for in the beginning) but really REALLY not WANTING it now! And thus true discipline and punishment to hold you accountable occurs. A case of the old Chinese curse: Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it! (And in your case, get it GOOD!) i’m betting both Jess and Nessa won’t ever let you down in providing what you need.

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