Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed

woman pointing to toes with red spanking caneSo it finally came to pass. After some time working with Nessa aka The Mean Queen, she gave Joey a woodshed whuppin’ he won’t soon forget! I was there to watch it go down, but stayed in the shadows as I wanted to let Vanessa get into her own groove and style. I actually poured myself a glass of wine, sat off to the back with my feet up and enjoyed the show. And let me tell you…SHE. BEAT. HIS. ASS.

After the spanking, the three of us talked about it and decided we’d all contribute to this post, to share our own perspectives as it went down. So, I’ll go first…

Pre-Spanking – I had pretty much already “made my peace” about Nessa spanking Joey, and was 99% sure I would be fine with it, once it was underway. The one thing that I thought of, is that I didn’t really want Joey to be walking around with his lower half, fully exposed in her view, before, during or after the spanking. So I bought him some underwear that just has a pocket for his “stuff”, but his bare butt would be fully exposed and ready to accept the full sting of all the implements Nessa and I had planned for him. When he saw them, he said, “I’m not wearing that.” So I told him, that he’d either wear them, or I’d go get the Wicked Switch and hand it over to Nessa to include in this spanking. Funny…he immediately changed his mind and decided to wear them. 😅

As I was watching Nessa and even though she shared on numerous occasions, how excited and eager she was to give him a spanking. I wondered if now that the moment of truth was here, if her attitude and enthusiasm would waver. Or if after starting the spanking, she would totally back off after a couple of good swats, and hearing his pained reaction to them.

When it came time to set up the woodshed with tripods, cameras, lights, etc., I helped a little, but for the most part, Joey and Nessa did most of it. Those two were still kind of teasing each other, and I was just shaking my head thinking…what are you THINKING messing with her right now Joseph? You KNOW she is moments away from spanking you.

Then his “brightest” moment came when he bent over the makeshift spanking bench to check it’s height, and she walked by and gave him a light swat on his butt. He told her, “You hit like a girl.” O.M.G. the look on her face told me that he had just bought the farm.

In our previous video recordings of actual DD punishment spankings, it is always an interesting moment, when set up is done, and then the Wicked Queen comes forth, and the REAL trip to the woodshed begins. As this becomes apparent, Joey goes from a “work mode” mindset, to a realization that it is now…TIME – and you can see and sense the nervousness he is obviously feeling, knowing what he’s about to go through. Gotta’ be an ominous moment for him, for sure. But this time around he looked even more nervous than usual. Nessa on the other hand, looked extremely excited, confident and…well…mean.

woman spanking man with black flip flopSpanking Time – As I turned on the lights and the cameras, Nessa took great joy in telling Joey, “It’s time for you to assume the position.” in a very authoritative voice. When I asked her if she was ready, and her cold response…”I was BORN ready.” told me she was in the mindset to give a very real, very harsh spanking.

I enjoyed watching him get his comeuppance, but was also impressed with his ability to take the punishment that Nessa was meting out. I was also proud of Nessa, as I had giving her some pointers, but we didn’t get as much time to work on spanking tips due to some work trips she had. But I was able to give her enough, and then watched her as she developed into her own spanking style. One thing is for certain…she can spank HARD. And she didn’t waver in the least during the spanking.

But what was even better, was that she was still kept her calm, cool, smartass way about her, during the spanking. I found it interesting that Joey hadn’t cried out as much as he has with me in past spankings. But if you watch the video, you’ll know it is not from Nessa not spanking hard. I think that Joey was doing his best to not give her the satisfaction of breaking him. Or, perhaps, he was showing off. When he set up the make shift spanking bench and bent over it to test it’s height, she walked by and swatted him on the butt, to which he replied, “You hit like a girl.” Doh! That’s my Joey…going down in a blaze of glory. And yes, Nessa took note, and it came back to bite him “on the butt” during the spanking. 😅

Watching Nessa spank is impressive, given this was her first time spanking. She’s a much quicker study than I was when first learning, and watching her change angles and positions, looking for the most leverage and “best” way to spank was awesome. And then when she found a position she liked, she’d light him up with some rapid fire swats. There were a little more pauses here and there between some swats, but she made up for it with hard and fast swats soon thereafter. She was the least comfortable with the belt, and was trying to find the best way to swing it. But after a few moments, she managed to do it well, and I have no doubt that she is going to be an expert in ALL implements, in a very, VERY short time. BTW – Joey has been tasked with finding HER an Italian leather belt similar to mine. Sorry Joseph.

I’m going to work with Nessa a little on belting, but to be honest, I think she’ll have that figured out quite quickly and is on track to swing the belt as good or probably even better than me. You go girl! Poor Joey.

Best quote of the night was IMMEDIATELY after she was finished spanking him and walked off towards me and excitedly asked, “When’s the next  video?!” This girl is a natural born disciplinarian!

Joey’s Take

woman spanking a man with a sandalPre-Spanking – So yeah, it took me a minute to be OK with the concept of Nessa beating my ass for real. But, I do trust her, and as I once told Jess once upon a time…”If I can talk the talk, I can walk the walk.” as it pertained to me getting real spankings for my transgressions.

And Jess and I had started recording some good video content with the occasional spankings I get, and I did/do want to continue to do that, so I figured, OK…let’s give it a go, and see what happens.

But I will admit…as we got closer to the spanking date, I got more and more nervous and I know Nessa can hit hard – she’s punched me in the arm or leg on numerous occasions (totally messing around/horseplay), but I knew for a fact coming into this, that she hits hard. And, while she is a very sweet and giving person, she also can be very no-nonsense about certain things. So yeah…I was nervous.

Yeah, I don’t know what got into me when I told Nessa that she hits like a girl. Just my/our habitual banter. But seeing the almost evil smile on her face, led to almost immediate regret for saying it. Knowing she was going to make a point on that comment. Which she did.

woman spanking man with a belt

Spanking Time – So, they had gotten the spanking implements out during set up, so at that time, I knew the implements coming for my backside. But I had no idea of how many swats with each, save for the red cane.

I was the one that did the photoshoot with Nessa for that red cane and I remember she kept commenting how she really likes it. So I wasn’t surprised see it out and going to be part of the spanking. But I overheard Jess tell her to use that for the final count with either 5 or 10 to end the spanking. (Of course Nessa picked 10 🤨), but I was still a little relieved in knowing that she wasn’t going to be using that for 20, 30, 40+ lashes. I am most certain, with how hard she spanked me with it, that I would’ve broken down and cried.

So when I bent over and I heard her smacking one of her sandals against her hand or leg, I was like…well…here we go. As she started spanking, I could feel she was trying to spank HARD. There wasn’t any holding back. She was just trying to find the angle and position to give the most sting. And so I was able to get a much welcomed reprieve on occasion, as she would change her grip or position. But they were short lived, and once she did find her position, she would go off, like Jess said, with rapid fire swats. Once she can lock into position like Jess can, and just spank one after another…I am in a WORLD OF HURT.

woman spanking man with a brown paddleAnyway, when she was spanking with her black, rubber soled sandal/flip flop, and said something about trying it from the other side…I made some comment about “working with amateurs”. Yeah, I know…I’m real smart like that. 🥴 And that seemed to charge her up even more. And just when I thought she couldn’t spank harder…there it was! But I was doing my best to not let her “break me”. I didn’t go into this spanking actually thinking that, but once in it, it became a challenge for me, as this is also my “adversary”. I couldn’t let her break me. I’m JOEY got-dammit! 😅

I also was surprised at how many swats I was getting. As I’ve mentioned in the past, it is hard for me to count during a full on spanking as my mind is racing and oftentimes in self-preservation mode, but I could tell, I was getting it longer than I anticipated. After watching the video, I counted 66 swats with her first sandal!

Then 42 with the next sandal, 35 with the next sandal, and then the worst…Jess’s leather t-strap sandal. That thing is just plain MEAN. I saw Nessa wearing them throughout the day, (an old Jess trick to warm them up and keep them as pliable as possible), so I figured I was going to get it with them too. And boy did I! She lit into with a total of 81 swats! I think somewhere within that 81, is where the beginning of my end had started.

woman spanking man with a red caneThen she went to her belt and gave me 31, then the brown wenge paddle for 36, and then her favorite…the Red Cane of Pain. I think I actually said, “I’m scared.” shortly before she started spanking me with it.

And you can hear it in my voice, how painful it is, as I’m trying to get out the words, “One! Thank you!”…”TWO! Thank you! That thing STINGS. As most of you know…I hate all “rod” type implements, and this one is no different for me. It’s also troubling for me that this is her favorite, and she’s already talking about breaking me with it in the next video. 😬

Here’s a testament to her “meanness”…on the 7th lash of the cane, she hits just a little high (not out of spanking zone), but just a little higher than she was aiming, and immediately says, “Oops sorry.” But do you think she stopped or even slowed down the spanking? NO. 🤨 She just kept on bringing the lashes down hard and fast to complete the 10. To be honest…I was on the ropes as far as crying. And while I didn’t cry, I DID learn my lesson, and was glad the spanking was over. She put the cane down and came over to me and put her hands on my back, and said, “It’s over for now. K?” to which I quickly responded, “Yes ma’am, thank you.” She simply replied, “Mmhm, behave.” And then her “mean” switch turned back on and she sternly said, “Are you going to behave now, or do you need more?” I couldn’t respond fast enough, “No, I’m going to behave.” Then she asked, “Do I still hit like a girl?” “No you don’t, no ma’am, no ma’am, no ma’am…I’m sorry.” And then she walked off, saying, “Uh-huh, you should be.”

woman walking away after spanking a manPost-Spanking – After catching my breath, I turned around to see Nessa standing next to Jess who was still sitting with a glass of wine in her hand. Nessa was looking at me, with a look that was challenging me to say something out of line. Which there was no way I was going to. And Jess had a look on her face with a slight grin, like well…you got what you deserved.

That’s when Nessa asked, “When’s the next video?” Even with my sore backside, I couldn’t help but laugh at her eagerness to beat my ass again.

Jess pointed to her feet and I immediately kissed them and apologized for being a jerk. She smiled and handed me a low ball with bourbon, and simply said, “Just imagine if she kept going with that cane?” Like I said, that’s a scary thought. And I’m all but sure, that’s on deck for my and my poor backside. Jess got up and started downstairs with Nessa, who turned and sternly told me, “Pick all this up. Now.” I knew better than to say anything other than, “Yes ma’am.”

Words from The Mean Queen

woman sitting, wearing sandals and holding a brown paddleHmmm…after much anticipation (and to be honest a little anxiety if I could deliver…being new to the DD spankings, unlike my fun spankings) Jess told me it was TIME. She gave me incredible insight in educating me on how to hold the implements, some angles to try, with the key being steady, consistent swats and lashes.

I have to admit, even though I was anxious about my delivery and knowing I need to hone my skills (as Joey clearly stated he can’t work with amateurs… bwahahahahaha – I may be an amateur in spankings but I def can hit hard! 😈)  I thoroughly enjoyed meting out the punishment for Jess, while she enjoyed the show and relaxed with her wine. Afterwards, we shared a laugh when seeing Joey grimace as he went to sit down. 😅

Pre-Spanking – As I mentioned, I was a bit anxious – but more excited than anything. Though I didn’t get a lot of actual physical “practice” in, Jess & I had several very in-depth convos on how to approach this. Especially with how it relates to our lifelong friendship (Jess & Joey have been “family” for more than 2 decades).

But once it was all set up and ready to go, so was I… though I don’t enjoy physically harming anyone – I love this DD concept. Had I been introduced to this before, maybe I wouldn’t be divorced. Ha. And seeing Joey in his BRAVE undies, I forgot ALL about keeping count. I just wanted to practice on some flesh instead of a pillow.

woman sitting and holding a red spanking caneSo. Much. More. Satisfying. Especially with his idiotic pokes about hitting like a girl… (my mind was screaming “I’ll show you how a WOMAN hits”).

Spanking Time – Joey kept popping off while we were setting up – so even though Jess gave some recommendations regarding the number of swats with each implement…with the extra prodding from Joey, I definitely “lost” count. SEVERAL times. Oops!

As I said early, I was anxious because I didn’t NOT want to deliver. And I didn’t want to hear “amateur” out of Joey’s mouth again. I definitely had to get comfortable holding different implements, how it felt in my hand, in my swing, and obviously the landing spot I was going for.

Went a little (hehe) balls to the wall with each of the sandals. I was nervous knowing my form wasn’t right, but really just wanted to hone in what my best angle & consistent swats were. Though, after Joey’s back talk – all counts went out the window. And in regards to testing them on myself – I definitely wanted to feel the weight, how I held it in my hand and try to solidify my swing and intensity.

My Flojo’s (black rubber soled sandal), though somewhat effective, wasn’t doing the job. Apparently even after losing count and he got 66 with it. To be honest the rest of the sandals were a blur because after my initial anxiety about not being able to deliver, I just got into the “punishment” groove rather naturally.

Hafta admit, those leather t-straps were F U N. But I was definitely looking forward to upgrading the implements from sandals to something harsher, to see if I could hold up to the expectation of this DD punishment spanking.

leather thong t-strap sandal top

Though I was very much anticipating using the belt on his backside, I learned I definitely need to work on my forehand swing. My backhand is MUCH better, though still needs work. Sorry (not sorry) Joey.

woman spanking man with a belt using a backhand swing

I love the paddle, but I am going to have to practice more with that, as it was hard to grip, (though that may have been the slight sweat on my hand from the excitement of the spanking)…I can’t wait to try the Spencer paddle. 😁

Okay…so let’s talk about the Red Cane. She is gorgeous and SO effective. I cannot WAIT to try the Wicked Strap and the Wicked Switch. (IF Jess with allow it, and/or if Joey acts out of turn and needs it). Jess did inform me how devilish the cane can be…but damn when the cane swings…she SINGS (while heading towards Joey’s backside), and her sweet sound is just delectable. *chef’s kiss* It’s a good thing Joey kept count because I definitely would have kept going. 😈

After the last lash, Joey apologized and assured me over and over – that I do NOT, in fact, “hit like a girl”.

woman consoling man after a spankingAnd while he is dreading his next punishment from me, I am excited and can’t wait to spank him again. Which was obvious when I asked, “When’s the next video?”

In the meanwhile…think I may have to try out some fun spanking myself. While I can dish it, I don’t necessarily need a REAL spanking. I DO occasionally like it spicy, but no one tells Nessa what to do! Especially JOEY! So…take this as notice…that a M/f FUN spanking is on deck.

Post-Spanking – Either I need to start doing more cardio, or just calm TF down a bit while meting out the punishment. But I clearly needed to catch my breath. We left Joey to catch his own breath (and try not to cry 🥴), and pick up the “woodshed” set. Jess had her wine and said she enjoyed every second. She gave me some excellent constructive criticism to help me improve for the next SEVERAL videos. Though unfortunately we will have to wait for Joey to heal. (Let’s get the violin out for him….🤣).

So…Joseph…hurry up and heal!

~Love & Lashes,

Nessa aka The Mean Queen

Parts 1 & 2 are now available for immediate download!

woman ready to spank a man with her sandal
Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed Pt. 1
woman spanking man with a belt
Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed Pt. 2
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i will be brief (i know: oh, REALLY??) An amazing post, and all three of you did a great job of contributing. LANDMARK blog post! Thank You, You, and you for posting it. i look forward so much for more to come!


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say. Hmmm… will Nessa’s goose get cooked? It’s a certainty that Her rump will be roasted at least a bit!


That sounds interesting! Long time lurker first time poster. Do you ever see a world where you spank Nessa?


Nice job Nessa! You gave Joe quite the butt roasting!
Some of those implements can be a little hard to handle and no doubt you’ll become more comfortable with practice.
I liked the way you talked to him throughout the spanking , making it clear that you were the one in charge.
I’m curious what you meant by your comment about fun m/f spanking?
Who would spank you?
Looking forward to the next one.

Naughty Boy

Well, done, Nessa, I think that Joey made a big mistake by taunting you, and being a general brat before and during his spanking. His ass certainly paid for it. It seems like Nessa is a reasonably accomplished spanker. And I think the wicked queen did a very good job preparing her for her role. anyway, I do find it interesting that she will try being on the receiving end as well, but I think she made her point well made by blistering his ass. I am a bit jealous since I know I would benefit from a Spanking like that. I’ve already gotten myself into trouble by irritating, a very strict lady, who I sometimes chat with. I certainly didn’t intend to be rude or irritate her, but the result is the same. Unfortunately, she is not able to deal with me herself. It’s one of those things.

Nessa Gray

Why thank you! And yes…Joey made a HUGE mistake. He may not backtalk so much after his next punishment, though I doubt it – we’ve all known each other for over 20+ yrs. So while I know Joey can take a good ass whuppin’- though inexperienced I am going to do my best to deliver an even better one next time (hopefully next week *crossing fingers*). Loving every minute. And MY receiving end is only reserved for fun spankings. Joey delivered a bit more of a spicy one that I am used to. So I may have to add some penalty spankings AFTER his next punishment. I hope you have a great weekend.. 🙂

Naughty Boy

Thank you Nessa, I think that this is opened up a whole new chapter in Joey and the wicked queens experiences. Just based on what I’ve seen from the sample clips and the description I think that you are quite capable of giving him an ass blistering that is the equal of what the wicked queen can dish out. I suspect that it is up to her as to how far she will let you go down that path. After all, you don’t have the same amount invested, and you could be quite a bit more free in delivering a really severe spanking.

I know that I would not make a move like that to encourage you to spank even harder or longer but then I don’t have that kind of history with you. And I am not truly a brat. Just a very naughty boy.


You’ve produced such artistic inspiration and I can’t thank you enough. I’d like to share one of my digital paintings with you before I found this post. If I had seen the shot of Vanessa removing her sandal, this would have been so much better! Keep up the great work 🙂


2pm was the time for my “punishment spanking” .So I came home from the hardware store and I was right on time. But “J “ was on the phone talking. Holding the phone she gestured for me to get into position. So I lowered my trousers and underwear and lay across the arm of the leather couch in the living room . She casually said into the phone” Liz I almost forgot to do something and I’ll call you back in 15 minutes.” So she went into one corner and picked up a couple of canes and walked over to me and whispered into my ear. “ Honey, why do you insist on pushing the envelope? Tsk tsk You’ve earned 60 of the best.” Needless to say , 15 minutes later I was sobbing painfully in tears . She then gently put ointment on the many welts she put on my butt .
Then And Kissed me on the cheek. Then walked me to the nearest corner for me to stand , saying “ 30 minutes my dear” She then kissed me again passionately on the lips . Hmmph “ too bad , no hanky panky for you tonight my bad boy !” Then she returned the phone call to “ Liz” and casually said : “ As I was saying.”

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