Nessa Isn’t Impressed…

Apparently Joey’s sad cries for attention in his previous post “Joey Spanks Nessa” have somewhat worked. BUT alas…they won’t help him. Just know that by the end of his next punishment this week… I will have HIM questioning whether he is so “GREAT”. 😈

So one fated day through a dear friend of mine (Jess), I met her rather simple minded husband. Aptly named Joseph😝. Turns out he has struggled with discipline his entire life and needed spankings like no other. Whether it was because he just couldn’t seem to behave, keep his mouth shut or because he was just being JOEY…he never seemed to learn his lesson. And because Jess was so exasperated with his behavior, demands AND needed a break – she recruited me to mete out what would be my first real punishment spanking.

I know, I know…amateur right? As Joey looooves to razz me with. Well, I know I am not a professional YET, but trust me when I say it won’t be long. And just a reminder for JOEY, by the end of said first spanking you did submit and say you would behave. Being such a newbie as myself, the additional swats shouldn’t have hurt too bad right? Ha…you may have tried to play them off, but I know you really felt them. You will feel them more next time.

woman wearing sandals and holding a leather punishment strapSo…obviously I need to step up my game. Be warned, as you know…Jess & I have planned quite the punishment for you Joseph.

Now…in response to MY “fun” spanking. As I also am new to this…most should know by now I have had minimum (or shall I be so bold to say AMATEUR) experiences previously. But I was all in to try this out; if I can dish it, I should be able to take it. But of course, within my consensual agreement to a “fun” spanking. Considering all that, I think I took it rather well regardless of Joey’s adorable attempts at his mind games that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. BRING IT.

In fact, the first half was a little tedious 🥱 (better step it up Joey). He finally brought a little heat at the end…I guess.  While I do not particularly like to be bruised – I bruise myself enough in my travels & outdoors excursions – I DO like to feel the sting, the pain. Joey did alright but if HE is going to hone his own skills in “fun” spanking – he better get it right because if not, penalties….

And speaking of penalties…since Joey’s last punishment, he has accumulated 30 swats IN ADDITION to his next punishment. That is coming up this week. 😈 I am having a hard time splitting the penalties with so many wonderful implementations at my disposal…ooooh the possibilities. Any suggestions?

woman holding a thick leather punishment strap

Until next time…when I update you on exactly how successful Joey’s next punishment turned out. Knowing him, he will downplay it…so I am here to keep him honest and you all informed of the truth. His backside WILL be properly wrecked.

Tick tock Joseph…tick tock…⏳

Tag, you’re it ~ Nessa

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Simple minded?🤨 I know you’re trying to bait me Miss “Tag you’re it”. But I’m going to pass from any smart-ass response, as I’m already hearing the bells toll for my backside. Perhaps just hours away. Meanie.


All in all Joey, like you’ve decided, I think it’s wise to avoid the bait and simply submit to what’s coming. We live and learn within the confines we allow ourselves to be placed in. I’m sure Miss Nessa will be very thorough and I’m not rooting for one or the other. I just hope that the lifestyle you’ve choosen will continue to be fruitful and bear (bare) results from the consequences of your actions. At times, we all do the crimes and payment comes due.


😢 Wrecked 😢


Dang.. I bet there is zero exaggeration in your response. I fear she most likely rearranged your backside permanently.


I would love to see the sole of the sandal clearly marked on the legs.




i’m starting to really get the sense of the intensity of the verbal dynamic between You and Joey! Very interesting to watch this spanking relationship be born and see it grow. Though i get the feeling that it will be JOEY who will mostly pay the price for wisecracks and/or smart-ass comments, i have to wonder just what may go the other way in the times when he wields the sandal, paddle, or strap on You, Nessa. At some point the two of you might be able to refer to each other as “Bruise Buddies”. i think i will be enjoying it all! *smiles*


All I know is right now, I just want to be nice to her and listen to what she says. Man, she spanks so freaking hard. But yes, at some point, my brain will stop working (or remembering) and I’ll once again be ready to spar with her verbally. But that’s “later later”, not “right now right now”. 😉

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