Nessa Breaks Joey

woman wearing birkenstock like thongs holding a leather strapBoth Jess and Nessa have decided that I should be the one to write this blog post to share the account of my trip to the Woodshed last week. Prior to said spanking, I had read in Jess’s blog post that Nessa was talking about using the Wicked Strap, the Red Cane of Pain, AND the Wicked Switch during the same spanking which had me losing sleep. But I think they were just messing with me, as when I walked into the Woodshed, I only saw sandals on Nessa and Jess’s feet, Nessa’s black leather belt (that she was wearing), the Brown Wooden Paddle and the Wicked Strap.

And while I was glad to NOT see the cane or switch, those are fairly easy to hide and so I knew they were still a possibility. But then my mind was like…hey Jackass, just worry about that heavy leather punishment strap that Nessa is looking forward to spanking you with. And yep…there’s was that feeling of fear right back in the pit of my stomach.

After we set up the cameras and lights, I was told to go wait outside the “woodshed” room. I could hear them talking inside but I couldn’t really hear what was being said. Nonetheless, it was an ominous moment for me as I was sure they were plotting my poor backside’s demise. And then I heard Nessa’s voice call almost gleefully, “It’s time to assume the position Joseph.”

woman taking off her leather sandal to spankI came in almost expecting to see those two “other” implements, but was relieved when they weren’t there. I assumed the position without being told again, as I did not want to give Nessa any more reasons to add swats to this spanking. And shortly after I was bent over, it began as I heard her say, “Well look who we find in the Woodshed again.”

Then she asked me about what I learned about texting and driving, and told me it is a really stupid thing to do. And while being bent over the spanking bench, about to get wrecked, I couldn’t help myself and I told her, “Well you didn’t have to rat on me though.” She pretty much ignored that, and said, “Well let’s see…what should I use first.” She decided on the black thick leather soled sandals she was wearing, and I felt her hand on my back as she slid it off her foot.

woman spanking man with her sandalI pretty much knew this sandal was going to be part of my spanking as I noticed her wearing them all day long. And soon thereafter, I felt the first sting, followed by another, and another. When Jess spanks me with her sandals, she has a back and forth technique between two spots on my butt, and goes ham on them, back and forth. Nessa, likes to spank THE SAME SPOT, over and over again. Which I’ve come to learn is worse, (no offense Jess). I also noticed that her technique has improved to Jess levels in just her second spanking! From the very first sting of the sandal on my bare butt, I knew I was in for a very harsh whuppin’.

Nessa also like to spank from both sides with, so far, EVERY implement, and has a wicked backhand which shines through in the video. She also picked up a “neat” little trick from one of our readers, about going after the “tender sit spots”, which she incorporated into the spanking as well. 🤨

After re-watching the video this morning, I counted 83 hard swats with her leather sandal, before she broke out the brown paddle. This is the same paddle she used on me in the “Nessa Wrecks Joey – Part 2” spanking video, but again, her technique has improved immensely. Apparently, she’s been working with Jess AND practicing her spanking technique. I only hope and pray that she doesn’t “improve” her spanking abilities any more. Because when she started spanking with the brown paddle, it hurt MUCH worse than I remember it hurting the first time. And just like with the sandal, she spanks over and over in the same spot, and had my knees buckling early on!

woman using a paddle on a man

woman using a paddle on a man

woman paddling a man

After 56 hards swats with her paddle, she decided it was time for “the belt”, and I could hear the distinct slither sound as she pulled it out from her belt loops, and then doubled it over. She’s apparently a fan of her backhand swing, and so that’s where the belt lashes first started attacking from. Her relentless belting was continuing to wear me down.

There were absolutely no thoughts of being a smart ass during the belting, or hell, at ANY time during this spanking. I was just hanging on as best as I could, as the punishment spanking continued. She was really targeting the upper backs of my thighs quite a bit throughout this spanking, which caused me to buckle my knees at several points. And at one point during the belting, the pain caused me to move slightly and I heard her very sternly say, “Don’t move.” To which I quickly responded, “I’m sorry.” Only to get the reply, “Do you want more? Do you want more?” Of course I responded, “No ma’am. No ma’am.” And heard her warn one last time, “Don’t move.” And then she landed a couple more hard swats, with the second one landing on the upper back of my leg, causing my knees to buckle again.

woman belting man

woman spanking man with her belt

woman about to spank a man with her belt

I immediately apologized and heard her say, “You already moved.” And then she continued tearing into my backside, as I desperately tried to maintain position. She then switched back to her backhand, and started spanking again with the belt. Again, I was hanging in there as best I could. And while I was doing well keeping my position with my lower end, apparently my head came up, and she calmly but sternly said, “Keep your head down.”  The second swat landed, and apparently my head started coming up again. “Head down.” she again commanded. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I quickly uttered, not wanting to incur any additional wrath from her.

woman belting manFinally the belting was over, and I was relieved for a moment, but knew the strap was coming. And when I heard her say, “So…did you learn your lesson?” I knew the worst was yet to come. As she picked up the leather strap, I heard the two leather pieces clap together, and I felt that fear in the pit of my stomach, as I was genuinely nervous as to how bad it was going to hurt. Especially since she was spanking so hard, and everything was hurting a lot more than the first time she spanked me.

I felt her brush the heavy strap against my already very sore butt, and my fear of it went to new heights, I knew, just KNEW it was going to be the most excruciating strapping I’ve ever had.

She got into her favorite backhand position and asked me what else I was apologetic for, “besides texting and driving, and popping off.” My mind was racing as I didn’t know the answer she was looking for, and so I quickly said, “For being bad.” And as soon as the words left my mouth, the heavy strap landed on the upper back of my left leg. SEARING waves of pain shot through my backside and a pained cry out noise came out of me as my legs uncontrollably buckled. Then without any time for additional thought, the second lash from the strap landed and the pained cycle started over, but with increased, accumulative pain. Then the third landed which all but did me in. She then switched to her forehand side, and began questioning me as she meted out 3 more VERY harsh, lashes. Unbeknownst to me, after this 6 lashes which had me reeling, I would end up receiving another 24 hard lashes with that wicked strap. The most I’ve ever gotten from it before. Sometime within that I broke down and started to cry. I had no choice. I didn’t want to break for Nessa but the pain was just so overwhelming, and her demeanor was just so stern, strict, yet matter of fact. But most of all, it was NO NONSENSE and very unforgiving. woman spanking man with a punishment strapAt one point, she checked with Jess to see if she thought she should keep going, and apparently Jess gave her the nod, because the Wicked Strap, resumed wrecking my backside.

And shortly after another onslaught from the strap, I heard the words come out of my mouth, “Hold me please. Hold me please.” As I started to break down and cry. I was truly broken. I didn’t know what else to say, I just wanted the pain to stop. In watching the video of this moment, Nessa was a little amused by this and she kind of chuckles. Then much to my dismay, says, “We’re not even into your penalty swats yet.”

I was physically worn out, and mentally those words were crushing.

She lined up to continue the backhand swats with the strap, and I meekly said it again, “Hold me.” And then in a moment of empathy, she reached over and patted and rubbed my back and calmly told me, “Breathe…breathe…breathe. I’ll give you a few breaths, before you get another one.” And then just as fast as the empathy showed up, it was gone and she was back into Mean Queen mode as she stepped back into position and brought that heavy strap down across my backside again, and again, and again, six more times, while I cried.

And then she stopped, rubbed my back and said, “Alright, you’ve been good.” Which were glorious words to hear at that point. I actually thought the spanking was finally over. But then heard her say something about giving me my punishment swats/lashes. But then said, “Well, SOME of your punishment spankings.” Then she said, “You just get 10 for tonight.”

woman holding leather strap looking at her manAnd as she was still holding that Wicked Strap, there was a moment of terror in my brain, that the 10 more were coming from that thing, which I knew would make me a bawling mess. But thankfully, I heard the beautiful words, “I think I’m going to use my belt though.” I never thought I’d be happy to get the belt from her, but I knew it was better than getting 10 more with that strap.

She took off her belt again, and ended up giving me 13, or as she cited…”A baker’s dozen.” I counted them off and managed to get through the last 13 swats. And then my punishment spanking was over.

It was quite the punishment spanking. The worst one I can recall. In fact, I slept on my stomach for 2-3 days afterward. I still have bruises and some soreness on my backside, and I’m also not messing with Nessa like I used to. As I mentioned in Jess’s post, “The New Nessa Dynamic“, Nessa is pretty strict with me these days. We still have our moments of fun, but the harsher banter I used to give her is not worth the extra penalty swats/lashes that she is apparently going to add onto my future spankings. Not to mention the impromptu spankings she’ll give me for “popping off” at any given time.

So…tip of the hat to The Mean Queen. She is one hard spanking disciplinarian. And all I know, is that I don’t want to see that strap in her hands, anytime soon.

Anyway, here’s a free preview of the spanking:

And if you want to watch the entire woodshed whuppin’ (230+ Total HARD Swats/Lashes), you can get it here – Nessa Breaks Joey. We appreciate your support!

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I never realized when I made that strap what a feared “weapon of ass destruction” it would be in y’all’s household. I’d probably apologize for it if it wasn’t for the fact that The Wicked Switch we got from y’all is even more feared here than that same strap!


A fine piece of writing, Joey! As i read it, i envisioned the video (which i had already seen), and your play-by-play made the vision all the more impressive. i very much appreciate reading your thoughts and feelings of how it all went for you, from before it started until afterward. you certainly did get punished and punished well, and i’m glad to see that it has been effective for you. i find the evolution of your dynamic with Nessa to be fascinating and am looking forward to watching it develop, not just the spankings themselves, but the behavior towards each other as She is more and more a Disciplinarian for you.

i have to mention, my friend, that while i DID take the usual pleasure in observing you getting the spanking and it not being me (he he he he), i also took a lot of satisfaction in learning that you were getting severely punished for texting while driving. Distracted driving and driving under the influence are pet peeves of mine, since that behavior is incredibly dangerous to not only the driver but others in their car or in other cars. So seeing someone actually getting severely punished for the offense of texting while driving gave me some measure of satisfaction that at least SOMEBODY got their ass whipped good for doing so. i’m betting that this thorough punishment you received, Joey, will reduce by at least one the number of people doing this incredibly foolish and reckless act.

Sorry, i know that was a soapbox moment there. I’ll be curious to see how long it is now before you get another trip to the Woodshed (knowing that Nessa saved up 20 penalty swats, too). We all can be sure that in the meantime, Nessa will keep on practicing while She waits for you to misbehave enough to earn the trip, Joey!


To paraphrase an old Robert Palmer hit song, “Might as well face it, She’s addicted to whuppin’!” Have you (and Jess) created a monster? 😜


Ohhh, i like yours MUCH better! he he he he he

Corvette Dog

Joey!!! When will you learn? LOL, you are more hard headed than I am…next time she wears you out like that drop to your knees and kiss her feet, then crawl to Jess kiss her feet and thank her for being such a wonderful wife!!!

Corvette Dog

Well, you have a wife that will lay the leather where it counts and means business. It is appearing that Vanessa is going to be the same way! Your wife is beautiful and very amazing…you have one tough butt. I am interested in seeing how this all works out in the long run. I had the same problem you have for years…now I am too old to take a whipping like that! I think my butt would break and fall off! Of course I don’t have a lot of butt left after 55 years of marriage!!!

Naughty Boy

It seems that Nessa has taken to the WQ’s training very well. I think that you will have a problem if you manage to earn yourself a punishment from both of them. It might turn into a contest to see who can give you the more effective punishment.
Good luck to you and your bottom

Corvette Dog

LOL…this thought had crossed my mind as well!

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