My Wife, Her Sandals & Pretty Feet

Black flower thong sandalsWhile this blog is primarily about our F/m domestic discipline relationship and lifestyle, this post is going to be about my appreciation for my Wife’s feet (read: foot fetish). This should come as no surprise to many of you as you may have been directed to our DD blog from our Tumblr blog: sandalsandspankings.

We’ve also received a few requests for more pictures of my wife wearing sandals and so I thought a post like this might be appreciated. Over the years, I have literally taken hundreds of pictures of my wife’s feet. These have been for my own collection but I’m going to share a few here.

Living in the southwest, our weather is pretty decent almost year round. As such, she wears sandals pretty much year round.

As you now know, sandals are more to her than just comfortable footwear. They are perfect, little, incognito spanking paddles, readily accessible on her pretty feet.

These Burberry Jelly Sandals are just plain evil. A lot of jelly sandals on the market today have a fairly thin sole. Don’t get me wrong, they can still sting like hell. But these sandals have a thicker jelly sole and really bring the sting up to new levels. I am extra careful to not get myself into trouble that day/night if I see her wearing these sandals.

jelly sandals on pretty feet

They also have a rough patterned sole that really chafes the butt pretty quickly. And, if she spanks me with the heel…yeah, tears are forthcoming pretty quickly if not full on crying. It hurts that bad.

In the picture with her wearing them you can see the rough patterned bottoms even better. Great for traction and not slipping when walking around but not great for your backside if you’re on the receiving end of them.

Thankfully she doesn’t wear these that often anymore but I still see them in our closet, sitting there on one of her shoe racks, just waiting. Just because she doesn’t wear them, doesn’t mean she won’t go grab one just to spank me with it. I actually bought her these sandals and while I love the look of them on her feet, I have regretted that purchase on more than one occasion.

Fortunately for fellow “spankees”, they don’t make these sandals any more. They do have a t-strap version of jelly sandals, but again, they have a much thinner sole. So unless your wife or gf already has a pair, consider yourself lucky that you’ve never gotten to experience the sting of them.

Toe Ring Sandals – She has several pairs of these as well but here are a few.

black toe ring sandals

Brown toe ring sandals

Leather toe ring lace up sandals

The soles of these toe ring sandals are all leather, but they are a thinner leather and consequently aren’t capable of delivering a harsh spanking. Even with my Queen’s “spanking with the heel” trick, the sting is increased but not woodshed whuppin’ worthy. That’s why she created her sandal associations with more severe spanking implements. Ah, the creativity of my Queen!

For example, she’s associated the top black pair of toe ring sandals with a thick black leather punishment strap with holes in it.

Black leather punishment strap with holes

Glad I haven’t seen/felt that strap in a while. Let me tell you, it is quite terrible to get spanked with.

The next two pairs are associated with her Wicked Belt aka the Italian leather belt she fancies so much.

Thong Sandals – Jess LOVES wearing thongs. She is probably in thong sandals more than any other type of shoe. Her favorites are probably Rainbow leather thongs, Aerosoles, and Born sandals but she has a plethora of them! Here are just a few…

Aerosoles flower thong sandal

black t-strap thong sandal

olukai thong sandals

Of course some of you may recall, the first pair of sandals shown above are the sandals she wears when she is spanking me with the Wicked Switch, or “reminding/threatening me” that the Switch may come out. Needless to say, I even know the sound they make when clicking on her feet and instantly pay more attention to what I’m doing to try and avoid a visit from the Wicked Switch.

The second pair shown are just a nice black leather t-strap sandal that she associated with that black leather punishment strap pictured above. And the last pair of sandals are associated again with the infamous Italian leather belt.

T-Strap Sandals – I think there is something sexy about traditional style t-strap sandals.

brown t-strap sandals on pretty feet

tan t-strap sandals on french pedicured feet

leather t-strap sandals on pretty feet

The first pair pictured are brown Sam Edelman sandals. She liked them so much, she bought three different colors of them. They are associated with her Italian leather belt. (Ya’ think she likes spanking with that belt or what? LOL)

The second pair are tan Sam Edelman t-straps that she has associated with a tan leather punishment strap.

And last but not least, her leather Ralph Lauren t-strap sandals. These sandals are associated with themselves, because that dense leather sole can wreck a backside, all by itself.

There are plans to record an upcoming spanking OTK, with her leather t-strap sandal pictured above (third picture of the t-strap sandals). We’ve had a lot of requests for an OTK spanking and as of now, these leather sandals are on deck.

Here are a new pair of Birkenstock-style sandals that she really likes and has been wearing a lot lately:

birk style sandals with toe marks

pretty feet birk sandals in background

birk style thong sandals with toe prints

She wasn’t too sure about me posting these sandals with her toe prints in them, but I have a feeling that some of you may enjoy that.

Lucky me…she’s associated these sandals with the spanking paddle.

With that, I’ll close with just some random sandal and feet pics of Jess from my private collection.

brown leather rainbow sandals on pretty feet

studded jelly sandal dangle

bass sharon sandal on pretty foot

flower thong sandal on pretty foot

t-strap vionic sandal on pretty foot

vionic thong sandal on pretty foot

red jelly sandal on pretty foot

sensi thong sandal on pretty foot

leather t-strap sandal on pretty foot

brown rainbow sandals on pretty feet

black vionic sandals on pretty feet

black leather thong sandals on pretty feet

black leather thong sandals on pretty feet

yoga mat t-strap sandals on pretty feet

burgundy thong sandal on pretty foot

yoga mat thong sandals on pretty feet

thick leather thong sandal on pretty foot

brown rainbow sandal on pretty foot

And last but not least, if there are any bare foot lovers out there…

woman's sole and sandal dangle

pretty feet reclining

sole of a pretty foot

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as ~I~ enjoyed creating it. Jess and I appreciate all our readers out there and we’re working on getting more consistent with our content again.

Update: Jess’s Feet & Sandal Dangle Videos are now available!

And for those of you more into the spanking blog side of things. Fret not. This was a one off post (at least for a bit). We’ll now resume our normal programming of modified FLR with emphasis on domestic discipline spankings.

fm belt spanking

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Thanks for sharing these photos of your wife’s very pretty feet. I don’t know where it started, but somewhere in life my obsession with disciplinary spanking began to include a woman’s feet. Somehow the association of a strict disciplinarian and her feet is quite powerful. Some people might prefer boots, heels, or shoes that are an image of power or high fashion, but I love barefoot or similar. I like how your wife’s sandals play a role in your DD relationship. Despite, or maybe because of, the connection between footwear and dreaded punishment, for me, that makes the dynamic more exciting.

Last edited 2 years ago by brett

Hi Joey, my wife has used several instruments to turn my butt ruby red. Needless to say I was broken and tears were flowing. Then she wrote “Bad Boy “with her finger nail on my sunburned butt! And very quickly used her cell to snap a photo of her creation. She then sent the photo to our 4 color printer and printed a 8 1/2 x 11 color page. The “Bad Boy“ really showed up well against the flaming red background! It’s taped to a wall in our bedroom as a reminder for me. She said her goal is to get a darker shade of red for more more “CONTRAST“ next time ! 😳


I feel humiliation is a key ingredient in domestic discipline, therefore we use Todds own fetishes against him!

1. Immediately before DD Todd must forfeit all his semen. On the floor. No help from me. These are the only orgasms he is allowed, and post-orgasm he is much more sensitive to the paddle.

2. Todd is completely nude, while I remain clothed

3. My sister often observed our DD, she and Todd do not see eye to eye, I feel her grins as he is nude and in tears sends a good message that women rule his world

4. The true discipline does not begin until Todds tears are flowing. This has become much easier to accomplish since I “broke” Todd years ago

5. My bare feet add to his humiliation. Yes it’s strange, but making my man kiss and smell my feet, while his blistered red ass still aches just makes me highly aroused and in charge. Mmmm yes.


I share your love of beautiful feet as being such an attractive trait in a woman, and I give my wife’s feet lots of attention which she loves. She also shares Jess’s love of sandals and has quite a collection, but thankfully she does not use them as a spanking implement!

I noticed Jess also has a leather band on her wrist and wonder what the story is on that….it looks great by the way.
Great to hear from you again


Just curious if any curious friends ask where she got it ?
Great that she is actually wearing a symbol of her authority to blister your butt!


Not really a foot fetish in my list of kinks, but your wife does have a beautiful pair.


Thanks for the post, I love flat sandals and being spanked with them, by far my most preferred implement.

The Wicked Queen

You’re welcome and thanks for the comment. 🙂


Hello Wicked Queen. You have absolutely beautiful feet. Toes and sandals! I love that you match your sandals with paddles, belts, straps and your wicked switch. I look forward to seeing you give your hubby an over the knee long hard bare bottom spanking with a sandal taken off of your beautiful foot.

The Wicked Queen

Thank you Kai. I appreciate the kind words, and yes, we will be doing an OTK very soon.


I love those pics. Your wife’s feet are indeed beautiful. I have a real foot fetish and love to incorporate it into my spankings. For a regular spanking (for minor misdeeds) she will turn me over her knee and spank me with her sandal. Hard and fast until I can’t stand it any more. My butt will be red and some bruising will occur where she hit me with the heel. Then to reward me for taking my spanking like a good boy she will let me lick and kiss her feet and toes while I please myself.


Well now, it seems that you and my little hubby share the same fetish. What is it about you naughty little boys and feet? Anyway, this post earned my little hubby a nice spanking (for me anyway). We always read the posts here together and I noticed he was a bit uncomfortable reading this one with me. I had a suspicion he’d revisit it without me, and I was right. When he thought I had gone, I gave him just enough time to get comfortable then I doubled back and caught him looking at this article by himself, “holding himself”. He knows that I do not allow self pleasuring unless I say he can, but he chose to break the rules and took matters into his own hands. So…. Since this post was about sandals and feet, he first went over my knee and got it from my sandal until my arm got tired, then across the bed with the belt (a position I know you’re familiar with). I put my sandals in front of his face, but it didn’t take long until he couldn’t see them for the tears. When I finished, he got a long stern lecture about grown married men that act like teenagers in this way, that really made him ashamed. He finished the punishment with one hour of corner time while holding a sandal in each hand.
Your Queen is a lovely woman and has lovely feet, but my husband has to learn that he is to control himself at all times. 😉

The Wicked Queen

LOL. Glad to hear you caught and punished your man for that. I would’ve done the same thing with Joey, only with the Wicked Switch!


G.T., I love your style, I believe we have similar husbands (submissive foot lovers) and similar outlooks on relationship discipline (little mercy until the lesson is learned)! I’d love to take you to lunch if I could, as our darling husbands sit under the table rubbing our feet of course!


Colleen I do believe that we do have a lot in common. I would love to chat further about it. That is an excellent idea!


I’d love to chat with you G.T. Our guys won’t know what hit them once you and I chat and share ideas, tips, butt reddening discipline, and we use our mens secrets and turn ons to control their behavior! Mmmmm, our husbands are similar, you and I are similar, I absolutely love it! Let’s chat!


lol! My little hubby is in big trouble now! 😉

The Wicked Queen

Glad you two are connecting. If you do wish to chat to each other. Use the contact form on this page:

And let us know in the message field, that you wish us to share your contact email address with the other.


I personally love the sandal pictures…I see why you want to worship her feet. They are exquisite and her sandals just enhance the photo. Would not break my heart at all if you posted more posts like this one. Thanks

The Wicked Queen

Hi flatworm00, Thanks for the comment and kind words. 🙂


With all due respect (and with no intention of crossing any boundaries here), i must say that i could write pages and pages about your Wife’s feet. Beautiful toes, beautifully trimmed toenails, perfect choice of nail polish (and i am sure Her feet must look equally beautiful without any nail polish)… And of course, the long second toe, which to me always looks very dominant in a Woman. i also love how Y/your rituals involve kissing of Her feet at the end of a punishment session. My compliments! And thank you very much for sharing with us!


That was great and specially like the Birkenstick thong sandals, I wished your wife had a pair of the Re Dr. Scholl wooden sandals, those would be like a paddle on her feet 🙂

The Wicked Queen

Thank you Christopher. Those wooden Dr. Scholl sandals have quite the reputation for spanking, but I’ve never liked the look, and so I never got a pair. Maybe I’ll look into it just for the sole purpose of spanking Joey. 🙂


Thanks for your post. It’s great for subs and feet/sandal lovers like me. Doesn’t your wife use some wooden sandals, like the classic Dr. Scholls, at home and in your spanking ‘meetings’?
I’ve experienced some of them and I can assure they’re really severe. I usually get spankings over the knee and most times I misbehave even then. On a ladies lap, I get like a crazy excited boy, but those sandals really teach me a lesson, every time they get used.


We both knew that a “woodshed whoopin’ for me was long overdue. We were very busy, making sure our home was secure & packing for a vacation as we were leaving in the morning to fly to NC. My suitcase was open when Jen casually came out of the shower and picked up my frat paddle, her favorite spanking hairbrush, her favorite cane & leeringly smiled at me as she placed all of those implements in my suit case. She then kissed me on the cheek & whispered in my ear, “Something for you to think about honey on our plane ride.” Long story short, later that night I tearfully slept on my stomach in our NC hotel.

The Wicked Queen

I like her style. On a couple occasions, I’ve shown Joey the belt and sandals I was packing for our trip. With “that look” and a wicked little smile. On other occasions, I’ll spank him BEFORE the trip, and enjoy the fruits of my efforts, all vacation long. 🙂


Lovely feet, Thank you for sharing.

The Wicked Queen

Why thank you! 😊


My husband has a foot fetish which really helped me take control sexually early in our marriage and helps me stay in charge! He tried to deny loving my feet, but I always knew! I used my little size 6s as weapons, ask him to rub my feet, told him “I hope my feet don’t smell” knowing full well they are sweaty and it makes Todd insanely aroused. Soon he was nearly “high” with arousal every time he rubbed my feet, and he confessed ALL his dirty little secret fantasies. Turns out he’s also ticklish……. Gimme a ticklish man who loves feet and I will own him. The domestic discipline corporal punishment came soon thereafter, and now my highly educated Fortune 500 big muscular hubby is often busy smelling my feet with tears streaming down his face after I paddle his bare buttocks nice and red for staying out too late, or drinking too much, or being rude to my sister.

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