Joey Spanks Nessa

So if you’ve been reading the last couple of blog posts, including some of the comments…OR, have been following our posts and comments on our Facebook page, you may have seen something about ME spanking Nessa! šŸ˜Š INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE…Mwhahahahaha…

If you haven’t, sit back ladies and gentlemen, while I tell you the very true tale of Joey the GREAT, spanking Nessa the tender-tushy on one fine winter’s eve…

Once upon a time, there was a mean, MEAN woman named Vanessa, but those that understood her meanness the most, called her Nessa the Meanie-Face. She was always being troublesome for this very kind, innocent, handsome and VERY well behaved gentleman named Joey.

Well, one night, this mean, mean Nessa woman, took the innocent Joey to the woodshed and spanked him harshly with various sandals, her mean leather belt, a paddle and the Red Cane of Pain. Onlookers shuddered as she happily proceeded to spank poor Joseph with over 300 swats or lashes! šŸ˜² But our hero, Joey the Great, took it like a champ!

woman spanking man with her sandal

woman spanking man with a belt

woman spanking man with a red cane

When she was done. She cold-hardheartedly threatened him with more, but in his beaten-state, he knew it would be best to be agreeable, as he’d live to battle another day. And someday…just maybe…maybe get his revenge.

Note: I’m having a little too much fun with this!

So as most of you know, I was perhaps not COMPLETELY innocent and maybe I HAD earned that trip to the woodshed. And boy was it quite the memorable whuppin’! That woman is strong.

Anyway, afterwards, as we were talking about the spanking. Nessa mentioned to Jess that she would like to feel the sting of some of the spanking implements. BUT in a FUN spanking way. Jess said that initially she thought about providing that spanking to Nessa, but then thought, if she had me do it, we could record it and can share with our viewers. So when Jess suggested that to the both of us…it was MY turn to be overly excited and jump at the chance. Nessa on the other hand kept stammering and yammering on about, “I’m not afraid, but I agree to a FUN spanking Joey…do you understand? A FUN spanking!” Or something like that, I stopped paying attention to her after a while. šŸ¤£

Now…back to our story…

So it came to pass, where our hero would find himself holding the swinging end of the spanking implements, rather than being on the receiving end of them. And when he saw Nessa bent over the end of the bed…a smile of revenge came over his face as she began her pleas of making sure it was going to be a fun spanking.

Wife on throne holding a spanking caneFortunately for Nessa, Jess was sitting off to the corner to all but ensure that I kept this a “fun” spanking for Nessa aka The Big Baby Tender Tushy.

So in the interest of keeping it bearable for Nessa, our hero would start the spanking with his hand. And before he started to spank her, he shared just how eager he was to give her this spanking. To which she replied, “I’m not afraid.”

After just 5 swats with his hand, and Nessa telling him to spank harder, I hero decides to take her own sandal to her butt. And their challenging/teasing banter between the two ensued…

Joey: Maybe I’ll go ham like somebody did, 100 times.

Nessa: NO, the f*ck you won’t.

Joey: OH, look…somebody got serious right now.

After taking a few more swats with her own sandal, her bratti-tude shines through:

Nessa: Should a take a nap as your spanking?

So our hero kicks it up a notch and hilarity ensues. After some more fun back about forth, and Joey the Great adding a little more oomph to the swats, Jess (off camera), and Nessa have to remind him to take it easy. Nessa even calls out…”It’s called a fun spanking…it’s called a fun spanking.”

And after a couple of well placed swats, Nessa even says…”I’ll behave…I’ll behave.”

Haha…Queue Johnny Drama, “VICTORY!”

woman getting spanking by a sandal

man spanking woman with a punishment strap

After she eggs him on some more, he amps it up again. And she instantly regrets it. Soon thereafter, she reminds him (without a hint of arrogance),”It’s supposed to be a fun spanking.” To which he replies, “It IS a fun spanking…fun for me.”

To which she responds, “OOo, I’m going to have fun on the next one.”

Shortly after that, our hero teases her with little pats of her sandal on her bottom, and asking if that is too much. To which, our antagonist, Nessa the meanie-face, flips him the bird! šŸ˜²šŸ˜‚

Shortly thereafter, he takes her shorts down and continues spanking her with her sandal, then he decides it’s time for HIS belt to come into play. He even asks her, “Are you ready for the belt?” and to her credit (unwise as it may have been), she replied, “Yeah, bring it on.”

Without continuing the play by play, they went back and forth, with our gentlemanly hero respecting her limits, yet bringing the heat on occasion as she egged him on, wanting to test some of HER boundaries.

Hand – Sandal – Belt – and a big finish with the Wicked Strap. Only 5 with it, but boy did it leave its mark on her in the end…or should I say on HER end? šŸ¤”šŸ˜…

man spanking woman with a punishment strap

woman getting spanked with a punishment strap

woman's pretty bottom after a spanking

This fun and entertaining spanking of Nessa is now available – Joey’s Revenge (Nessa Gets Spanked)

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I think Jessica should give Nessa a real spanking with the leather belt. That would be a best seller video


One line really stood out for me, Joey: Note: Iā€™m having a little too much fun with this! That was definitely my thought, too! But then you went back to the fun! he he he… I very much enjoyed reading your blog post, Joey. But it won’t surprise me if Nessa uses every bit of that fun as motivation to REALLY lay it on you fiercely the next time She uses those heavy-duty implements on your butt. Looking forward to that video, for sure! To be honest, i thought she did deserve some of those harder swats you gave her for topping from the bottom so much, but since it WAS a first spanking and meant to be a fun spanking, i guess it was only natural for Her to, um, coach you a bit on how exactly to lay down the swats. Keep up the good work, Joey, even though some of that work just might get your bottom blistered the next time it’s Nessa’s turn to have some fun of Her own!

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