Jingle Belts

With Christmas around the corner, I had a little fun and created this song for our readers.

Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”

Jingle Belts

Jingle belts, whuppin’ welts…In the wood-shed.

The Wicked Queen, can be so mean, When I’m bent over her be-hed!

Jingle belts, whuppin’ welts…These spankings I do fear.

Her belt starts flying, and I start crying, this whuppin’ is severe.


She’s thrashing my backside, with her leather belt.

The pain is so intense, like none I’d ever felt.

I start to cry out, “Please, I’m sorry ‘bout last week!”

She belts me yet again and says, “Did I tell you, you could speak?”


Oh…Jingle belts, whuppin’ welts…In the wood-shed.

Now she’s grabbed the razor strap, that I also dre-ead.

Jingle belts, whuppin’ welts…The switch now in her hand.

New welts rise, tears in my eyes. Each lash feels like a brand.


Kneeling at her feet. After I’ve been whupped.

I take her sandal off, and gently kiss her foot.

She caresses my hair, and says, “Your spanking’s over dear.”

My Wicked Queen can be so mean but she’s also just and fair!


Oh…Jingle belts, whuppin’ welts…Now I’m not so brave.

My bruised behind, does remind me, that I should beha-ave!

Jingle belts, whuppin’ welts…Now I’m not a jerk.

I’ve got a sore behind, but my Queen is kind.

Wood-shed whuppin’s work!

jingle belts hero


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Very well done, Joey, And the words do tell a true story. I have been with my Dominant Mistress about 12 years and have always received a Christmas Spanking. Perhaps this year it will be delivered with a Jingle Belt…..lol

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