Jess’s Feet & Sandal Dangling Series

For a while now we’ve heard from many of our readers, that they like it when they can see Jess’ feet (and sandals), in our pictures or videos. So after a little convincing, I got Jess to agree to letting me video record her wearing and dangling her sandals, as she often does when just sitting at home relaxing. Not gonna’ lie, I find it sexy AF myself, and for me, it has even deeper levels of meaning thanks to her “Sandal Associations“.

Don’t know if we’ll do any more after this, but we shot video of her wearing and dangling four different pairs of sandals. Her all leather t-strap sandals, her clear jelly thong sandals, her black thong sandals & her Birk-style thong sandals. For added fun, they were shot to provide a point of view, of the viewer kneeling to the side, or kneeling in front of her, (all videos have both views), and just looking at her feet and sandals. Awaiting her to decide when it is time for your imminent spanking. As she has stated several times, she only spanks her husband, so this is as close to getting spanked by the Wicked Queen as you can get. Add a self-spanking after watching, or buy the Spanking Machine to get spanked after watching one of these videos.

Here’s a quick overview of the sandals and videos we just released.

Ralph Lauren All Leather T-Strap Sandals Dangling Video

leather thong t-strap sandal top

These are the sandals she wore before taking one off and giving me almost 60 HARD swats over her knee in the Reader’s Choice Spanking Video. They are all leather, save for the stitching and small buckle, and are a dense and very painful sandal to get spanked by.

Here are some stills from this dangling video…

leather thong sandal dangle

leather thong sandal dangle

leather thong sandal dangle

At the end of this video, you get to see her reach down and take off her right sandal, (the one she spanks with), and put it in spanking position. You are now just moments away from the harsh sting of that leather sandal.

Melissa Clear Jelly Thong Sandals Dangle Video

While I haven’t yet gotten a full on spanking with these, she has given me some swats with it and let me tell you, they are the most painful jelly sandals I have ever felt. She’s been wearing them on pool days lately, and I notice and keep my shenanigans to a minimum, because I know a woodshed whuppin’ with this is going to be terrible.

woman putting on clear thong jelly sandals

see through jelly sandal on pretty foot

dangling jelly thong sandal on pretty foot

Birk-Styled Thong Sandals Dangle Video

These sandals have been a favorite of hers as of late. Unfortunately for me, she’s “associated them” with this wooden paddle.

This is the paddle that was featured in both the Readers Choice spanking video, and the Joey Gets Wrecked spanking video. It is currently her favorite paddle. So when I see her walking around in them, I often am reminded of the last paddling I got from her while she wore these sandals…and wore my ass out. It was quite the punishment spanking, as you can see below. My butt hurts just looking at these pics again. LOL

f/m paddle spanking progression

Anyway…here are some stills from the Birk-style sandal dangle video…

birk style thong sandal dangle

pretty feet and birk sandals

woman holding a paddle by her feet in sandals

Aerosoles Black Flower Thong Sandals Dangle Video

These are the sandals I hate to see her wearing. Because they are associated with the Wicked Switch, which I despise. Before the association with the Wicked Switch, I actually loved these sandals on her. They are quite sexy, and she loves them because they are comfortable. In fact, I think this is like the third pair I’ve bought for her.

wicked switch and matching sandals

But, my affinity for them has diminished quite a bit, as you can imagine. Honestly, they are still very sexy on her, but I generally get a sense of fear when I see or even HEAR them clicking around on her feet. YES…I know the SOUND of these sandals. That’s what kind of impression they’ve made on me. So when I see her wearing these, my mind quickly races to try and remember what I did, or perhaps what I’m doing, that might call for the Wicked Switch. Sometimes she just wears them “just because”. LOL. But the fringe benefit for her, is that I’m usually well behaved when I notice them on her feet.

pretty feet dangling black thong sandal

black thong sandal dangle on pretty foot

woman holding black switch between her toes

So…here’s your chance to be at The Wicked Queen’s feet. We’re also running a quantity special on these in case you want to get more than just one video. Note: The Birk Style video is just over 9 minutes, the other three are around 10 minutes.

1 video = $9.95
2 videos = $7.50/ea – $15 total – USE Coupon Code: ATHERFEET2
3 videos = $6.00/ea – $18 total – USE Coupon Code: ATHERFEET3
4 videos = $5.00/ea – $20 total – USE Coupon Code: ATHERFEET4

Jess aka The Wicked Queen’s Feet & Dangling Sandals Videos

Thanks for all the requests, and as always we appreciate your support!

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Oh I absolutely love this! My Todd has a thing for smelly female feet, he gets super excited even rubbing my bare feet each evening, and smelling my feet makes him breathe hard and works like viagra! I love seeing him naked on his knees kissing underneath my smelly toes and sometimes he kisses my underarms.

However sometimes I catch him staring at another woman’s feet in sandals, open toe, or bare foot in public. When that happens he gets a rather severe paddling. I tell him it’s coming later, and let him think all day about the impending punishment. Then he strips completely nude, I am topless and barefoot to remind him a female is his executioner, then I am rather merciless when he needs corporal punishment. I don’t stop until he’s in tears and hyperventilating.

Ironically, Todd is completely sickened by foot odor! It only turns him on when he’s horny. So of course when he really needs punishment I make him “take care of himself” first, so the paddling will feel much more severe and I can humiliate him with words as he smells my feet afterward.

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