Introducing…The Mean Queen

Boy do we have some news for YOU!

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So, for a variety of reasons, I have decided that I don’t want to be on video during our spanking sessions anymore. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

Truth be told…I’ve been a little weary of recording more videos for a little while now. Not too long ago, my sister made a comment that I ~think~ veiled that she stumbled upon our site, which was very unnerving for me. While we don’t show our faces, our voices and the rooms in which we’ve shot are, for the most part, unfiltered. And as I keep seeing our viewing numbers grow, I’m realizing that the more “famous” we get, the more our exposure becomes.

Joey, on the other hand, isn’t concerned, or perhaps “as concerned” about still being spanked on video, but is respecting my wishes and being very supportive. Granted, there was some back and forth as we discussed it, but in the end, like I said, he respected my decision and is being cool about it.

Now, make no mistake about it…Joey WILL continue to get spanked as needed.

dd fm paddle spanking

Initially, I was just planning on doing it off camera. In other words, I would take him to the woodshed like I would normally do and take care of his attitude and backside, then take pictures of his wrecked backside, and then he or I would do a blog post about the event, like we’ve done in the past.

But then…


A few weeks ago, I saw a question on one of the FetLife groups I belong to, asking something to the effect of, “Would you watch a friend of yours spank your husband?”

When I saw that comment that day, I immediately had the thought of a good friend of ours, Vanessa, with whom I could actually see myself allowing her to spank Joey in my presence. The thought actually kind of surprised me as it came to me out of the blue. I suspect it is in part due to my recent reluctance to allow Joey to record our punishment spanking sessions.

So I approached Joey and asked if he still wanted to share his spanking with our readers. Of course he said that he did, and then I asked him what he thought about our friend “Vanessa” giving him the spanking.

post spanking f/m

For the first time in a long time, Joey was speechless, but I could see his wheels spinning. After a moment, he kind of grimacedโ€”and with good reason, as Vanessa and Joey go at each other all the time. They have a love-hate relationship akin to that of a brother and sister. And here’s the kicker: She has more of a mean streak in her than I do. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ OUCH. But of course, I wouldn’t let her get TOO carried away.

I told him he didn’t have to answer right away, but the bottom line of it all was that if he preferred ~ME~ to spank him, then it would not be recorded on video. So, if he really wanted a video of it, then Vanessa would be the one doing the punishment spanking. Again, he grimaced at the thought but simply said, “Ok. I’ll think about it.”

I hadn’t even reached out to Vanessa yet, but I was pretty sure she’d be down with it, as it would give her an excuse to literally beat Joey’s ass. Which is a phrase I’ve heard her say to him MANY times over the years. LOL, so yes, I was pretty sure that Vanessa would jump at the chance.

Later that night, when we were getting ready for bed, Joey told me that he’d give it a try, at least once. But he shared that he was a little concerned regarding spanking safety. This is a valid point. If you’re an inexperienced spanker and just start swinging a belt like a maniac, unintended damage could occur. None of us would want that. So I told him that I would train her first hand on his heavy bag and make sure she had her technique down before swinging ANYthing at his backside.

Then I gave him a wicked little grin and told him, “But paddles are easy to control.” And there came the grimace to his face again as he thought about Vanessa spanking him with a paddle. But soon thereafter, he chuckled about me training her on his heavy bag. “We’ll have to play the Rocky theme song while you’re training her.” ๐Ÿ˜…

So, I reached out to Vanessa, and after some hemming and hawing, I finally broached the subject with her, and she gave me an emphatic YES before I even fully finished asking the question. She has spent quite some time with us over the years and had already suspected that something like that was going on, so it wasn’t weird for her at all. As it turned out, she likes a nice spanking now and then too. But more “funishment” instead of punishment. I’m not sure if we’ll do anything with that or not, but my main point is that she is not new to the spanking game.

mean queen holding a paddle

Vanessa is a little younger than us and a bit of a wild child. She’s also in pretty good shape, and I think Joey may regret his decision to accept a spanking from her because I imagine it is going to be harsh. But I’ve always said that a good hard spanking is an EFFECTIVE spanking.

As most of our readers know and all parties here understand, his spankings are not of a sexual nature. They are indeed a punishment, a deterrent, and an attitude adjustment.

So, with that…

Ladies and Gentlemen…I’d like to introduce to you Vanessa, aka “The Mean Queen.”.

Let the training begin!

Betcha’ didn’t see THAT coming. ๐Ÿ˜‰

UPDATE: Here’s my blog post about the first time “Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed“.

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Can’t wait !! Sooo many possibilities…


I think this could be a very interesting dynamic for Joey and you.


Will the nose to toes command after be to her toes, yours, or both?


I absolutely love this concept! A third party paddler for Todd, younger and stronger than me, she sees Todd peel off all his clothes. Todd submissively assumes the position and smells my feet as I nod and โ€œLisaโ€ administers a good hard paddling to his bare behind, his arousal stolen by the severity of the pain, the sound of wood whacking his bare buns, the crying. Oh Iโ€™m going to think about this, I know Lisa would love the opportunity or so would my sister Tina!


My wife has always delivered punishment spankings to me. Most times I end up in tears or at least being very sore for a few days. One day I got into a very lively discussion with a friend of ours and I ended up hurting her feelings. After she left, my wife said that I was in for the hairbrushing of my life and she delivered. I was a blubbering mess after 5 minutes of a spanking that lasted 15. The next morning at the breakfast table, she told me that she had already spoken to this friend and asked her if she would like chance to adjust my attitude. She said she would like that very much and asked how. My wife then explained how she does it. Our friend always knew we were not a very conventional couple and had suspected activity like this. Long story short she came over that afternoon, and delivered a very harsh spanking to an already sore bottom. She had me in tears in a short time, but for some reason, this was a total turn on for me, having someone other than my wife punish me was exciting and I was not able to hide it. My wife and her friend took notice. My wife then marched me to the bathroom and made me relieve my excitement, then brought me back out to our friend and let her do it again. This time was pure punishment. This woman is now a regular stand in for my wife as she actually likes to watch. Now I always have to relieve myself before a session with this woman. I hope Joey doesnโ€™t have an involuntary reaction to another woman like I did.


WOW! you are one very lucky naughty boy! To have a Wife to take such control for such a thorough (and deserved) punishment is amazing. Great start that She spanked you well. Better yet that She felt comfortable to talk to the friend openly and offer Her the chance to punish you as well. And best yet that She took steps to make sure you got no pleasure from the spanking and then made sure it continued as deserved. THAT was take-charge discipline and punishment that is a great example of what we naughty boys should get when we have it coming! i am so impressed by Her and envious of you!


LOL, I don’t know if I feel “lucky”, Nessa has mentioned to me on several occasions that she’s SO looking forward to it. A little too much if you ask me. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜…

I’ll also say it is a quite unnerving to walk by the room where my heavy bag is, and hear them hitting it with a belt as Jess is giving her pointers. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Naughty Boy

This will be interesting. I am sure that it is going to make it interesting for you as the observer. I will be very interested in how you will feel watch her spank Joey and if you will feel that she is using the technique and severity that you would like.

Naughty Boy

At least you are able to influence how she does things by teaching her what you want her to do. I will be very interested in seeing if the experiment goes well. So far it seems like the situation will work


What a thought! The whole idea has me excited, and wondering.


Frankly I was surprised how open and transparent you and Joe were about your DD arrangement, as it’s only a matter of time that people figure it out.
It’s too bad to hear your paddling career is over , at least from a video perspective .
You are both very fortunate to have someone like Vanessa to step up .
You’ll make a good coach !


It will be very interesting considering you mention that Vanessa and Joe battle it out verbally now.
I suppose their disagreements will be settled now with a good paddling!


I have the same sort of relationship with one of my wife’s friends and she even got me spanked a couple of times when my wife felt I was being a bit too aggressive with her.
One of those times she even came over the next day with a ‘peace offering’ to apologize for getting me into trouble with my wife.
If only she knew that I was still feeling the effects of a good hairbrushing from my wife not long before.
I have to admit , getting a spanking from her would appeal to me.


I am very curious, when you say they have been going at it verbally, in what sense? Is this, the “I can take more than you can give any day” kind of banter? Or something more?


Uh oh, a mean streak could be even worse for Joey. I am getting the impression she could be more Top than Joey might want. Your advice of ” Be careful what you ask for” comes to mind. Good luck Joey!!


So I just watched the woodshed spanking from Vanessa. Wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Along those lines, I noticed Joey was in a thong? Can you elaborate on that? I ask because normally heโ€™s completely bare when getting spanked by you.


Thatโ€™s what I kinda assumed! Which makes sense! Thank you for the clarification and insight. I look forward to your explanation in the future blog post.

Christopher githens

I just watched your new video of Nessa take Joey to woodshed Part 1 with all the sandals. I was wondering if these were her own sandals or your sandals from your collection she used on Joey bare bottom? I love seeing her slip the thong sandal off her lovely size 10 or 11 foot and spank away on Joey semi bare bottom. This reminds me of my next door neighbor that wears thong sandals on her feet during the weekend , when she wears on her feet alot. One day I am going ask my neighbor to spank my own bare bottom with her thong sandals. So hot.

Little kai

Hello Wicked Queen. No serious offense to Vanessa but please teach her how to give a GOOD HARD spanking, paddling and whipping.


I watched the preview videos on spankingtube and agree that Vanessa is a natural spanker.
There were a few ‘thuddy’ shots but that had to be expected but the got in some real beauties and by Joe’s reaction he was genuinely hurting.
I like the way Vanessa was really enjoying herself as she walked him.
Will she be doing some Otk , or is that too intimate , even with Joe in his cute little thong?
Are you at all worried that Joe might get ‘excited about being Spanked by another woman who is as attractive as you are?


At a party I had a 2nd drink at J gave me the look. So I reached for a 3rd drink and she raised 3 fingers. This meant she was going to use 3 implements when spanking my butt. I still drank it and sure enough that night I received a thorough punishment spanking with 3 of her worst implements. The next morning my butt was still pulsating in pain at breakfast. At the breakfast table, she passionately kissed me & whispered in my ear in exasperation, โ€œWill you ever learn?โ€

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